Mass Effect Producer Asks Fans: “Should The Next Game Be A Prequel?”

In the latest of a series of attempts to gauge fan opinion on the future direction of the Mass Effect series, BioWare’s Casey Hudson has taken to Twitter to see whether gamers would prefer the next game to be a sequel or a prequel.

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bicfitness1797d ago

No. Prequels are the lazy-writer's copout. "I can't think of new material, so I'll just show you some stuff that you already know is gonna happen! But I'll add a few peripheral characters and cameos for the lore hounds. Best part, is that I don't even need to write an ending, cause, you know..."

NewMonday1797d ago

if they do different timelines like Star Wars then it could work, maybe the time of first contact with aliens.

lociefer1797d ago

maybe they could try focusing on leviathans and do a story about them trying to regroup and claim their place in the galaxy or smthng

thorstein1797d ago

Why not just a different story in the ME universe? Different characters etc... What might be awesome: the main character is a privateer and missions and storyline follow the more "seedier" side of ME.

There are countless options if we just go with a different story. It doesn't have to be a "Save the universe" sci fi story. Just a great story with great gameplay.

Elit3Nick1797d ago

@thorstein I have also thought about a mercenary or something similar. Will you have a conscience? Will you take any contract? Also you obtain weapons by either scavenging them from a fight, or spend hard earned money on more exotic and powerful guns, armor, maybe ship upgrades or something. That would definitely be a great concept :)

jony_dols1797d ago

I wouldn't mind a Vita prequel; involving one of Shepherd's crew as the protagonist.

Maybe a storyline based around Garrus's time in C-Sec & later on as Archangel.

How about pulling off assassinations as Thane?

Or pulling off elaborate heists as Kasumi!

Unreal Engine 3 runs well on the handheld, so it's definitely doable!

XxWalksOfShamexX1796d ago

That could actually work. I can imagine there was alot of tension during that war, would help understand why turians and humans were a little bitter towards each other in the past three games.

gaffyh1796d ago


We want to know what happens to Shepard, or at least what happens AFTER Shepard. Nobody cares about prequels.

crxss1796d ago

after the craptastic ending to the trilogy they should ABSOLUTELY not do a prequel.

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Gamer19821797d ago

Why does there have to be a next one? Why cant a developer be happy with a trilogy and then move on? There nothing wrong with making a new series in the same game world with a different name perhaps but developers are getting lazy these days and milking games too much and its why crap like IAP etc are getting more power in the market as people are losing interest.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1797d ago

what about a story showing how the reapers came to be, when the world was overcome by synthetics

BitbyDeath1797d ago

Not all prequals are bad.
MGS3 for example was brilliant.

shempo1796d ago

the difference with mgs3 is that we didnt know the story-outcome....unlike ME,you know what happened so its pointless playing something u know how it will finish + the choices would be pointless too

Mounce1796d ago

They should make a side-story involving Garrus and the fun he had inbetween Mass Effect 1 and 2 when he was 'Archangel'.

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DanJenkoFMV1797d ago

I'm not sure how it can anything but a prequel. Say what you want about Mass Effect 3's ending, but it was very conclusive.

TrendyGamers1797d ago

A prequel would make a little more sense in the grand scheme of things.

kesvalk1797d ago

just make a new threat, something coming from another galaxy, or something coming from a newly opened gate.

it's not that difficult.

Lucreto1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Except there are 3 different ME3 endings they need to deal with.

kesvalk1797d ago

make it WAY into the future of the series, when reapers are just relics of old, with completely new species and everything.

just use the same universe.

RivetCityGhoul1797d ago

why not make a new series. why must we feel the need to create more sequels to series that has plenty. let Mass Effect breath a bit and make a new series. then you can come back to it.

JackRipper1797d ago

No prequel. I think, as much as I like Mass Effect, BioWare should move on to something new.

modesign1797d ago

bioware is making another ME game after ME3 fiasco

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