Blu-ray the winner of the DVD war on Main Street

NEW YORK/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Toshiba may not have officially given up on its HD DVD format for high definition DVDs, but the word on the street on Sunday was that rival Sony's Blu-ray had won the war.

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xplosneer3714d ago

That really, even though Toshiba hasn't annouced anything, they are pretty much dead anyways because mainstream people are reading this on site like Yahoo etc.

eLiNeS3713d ago

One customer says "Blu-ray won. It's fantastic and I trust Sony," I wouldn't go so far and say I trust Sony especially given Sony’s history (cough* rootkit) but I am glad the format war is over and can't wait for these articles to stop making it onto N4G.

cloud360-13th_acount3714d ago

I want nivrsal to go blu ray just befor HD DVD announce they stop.

I would feel better. It feels so good to be on the winning side

What does MS pays china money to create XBL game tell you.

Its like they themselves think they will lose. lilttle care

feel sorry for some people

cloud360-13th_acount3713d ago

I want Universal to go blu ray...Just before Toshiba announce they will stop making them.

Would feel much better. Feels good to be on winnign side.

Hey Why does MS pay chinese companeis to make XBL games

They are beign cheap it liek they dotn care and think they have littkle chance of winiing so lets spend as little as we can

UnblessedSoul3713d ago

Blu-ray hasn't won yet, however tomorrow Toshiba are having a board meeting where they will approve of cenceading defeat and Warner, Paramount and Universal will be released from their contracts which will mean blu-ray has officially won

PirateThom3713d ago

Toshiba would be foolish not to.

I hope they don't give up on HD formats. I like Toshiba, my TV is Toshiba and I do plan on getting their TV with the Cell Processor in it depending on price, so I would like them to make a standalone Blu-ray player.

Bolts3713d ago

Not giving up the HDDVD format would be make an epic fail into a super epic fail.

RecSpec3713d ago

Approximately 50 stories on the same topic. Why?