The Wii U Isn’t Sold Out. Here Are Some Retailers Still Selling Them.

Kotaku - The pre-release hype from outlets like GameStop led most people to believe that the Wii U was a launch-day sellout. And hey, for some retailers, it probably was. But that doesn't mean the new console is sold out.

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TheLyonKing1981d ago

Demand will probably increase during december but will not be as successful as the wii.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1981d ago

If nintendo doesn't get the casual gamers heads spinning and foaming at the mouth the wiiU won't have the success as wii. But we all know wiiU will sell lots.

V0LT1981d ago

What are you pachters assistant?

TheLyonKing1981d ago

No just a person who can see realistically where the wii u stands. The wii was an insane success and unless you are apple or call of duty it is hard to replicate such huge numbers like the wii did on the Christmas period.

It will sell well but the likely hood of it being as successful or even more successful than wii are slim.

chriski3331981d ago

Went to my walmart 2day at 9pm grabbed the last 32 gb one they had! Now do i keep it or sell it on craigslist;)?

Trunkz Jr1981d ago

The article is probably talking about the 8GB White Wii U which not many gamers want, it's the 32GB Black Wii U Deluxe that you will have a hard time finding.

meatnormous1981d ago

The Target near me is stocked with both versions. I seen them also at Best Buy and walmart.

guitarded771981d ago

Stores which didn't do in store pre-orders. When I picked mine up from GameStop they were turning away hoards of dejected looking people. Good to know they can find the console elsewhere, but the only reason they have stock is because the word was that there was a two month waiting list for those who didn't pre-order. The Wii U will be sold out before Christmas. It's sold out in my neck of the woods.

HebrewHammer1981d ago

Yep. I just called my three local Target stores in the 60614 area, they have both. Hell, one store has 15 Deluxe Editions sitting there. And this is in downtown Chicago, mind you...


OneAboveAll1981d ago

Still wish the Wii U came with New Super Mario Bros. U instead of Nintendo Land. I mean, all new Nintendo's should come with Mario.

Instead they give you Nintendo Land to help teach you how to use the pad like we are some sort of retards.

ElectricKaibutsu1981d ago

Japanese gamers don't even get a game with their Deluxe Wii U. What a rip off.

vortis1981d ago

Most casual gamers are retards.

No need for me to say "no offense"'s not like casual gamers hang around N4G.

V0LT1981d ago

Sadly those days are over.. I'm sure it has a lot to do with cost and including it free like that.. Times have changed since the NES days when Mario was included......


Moonman1981d ago

This is a great thing. Stock means more sales. 3DS did 411,000 week one (NA) I think..this should do a million at least.

KrisButtar1981d ago

you can get both models here in the Maritimes(Halifax forsure), at all EB Games as i was talking to the distict manager as i was picking up my copy of hitman

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