Play Wii U Games Off An SD Card

YT user Shokio discovered that if you pop your SD card into one of these readers and then insert it into the Wii U USB port, the system will treat it as a standard USB thumb drive, and allow you to move and play software from it.

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Shok1948d ago

Oh shit that's me lol.

Smashbro291946d ago

Why was this worth making a video of again?

sloth33951948d ago

i think they mean real games not the store only games

WPX1948d ago

how come the download-only games are 'less' real? 0_ó

Nevers0ft1947d ago

Of course it works if you use a USB adapter, that's the whole point of those adapters, it makes it look like "normal" storage. The same drawbacks that apply to USB flash drives (which Nintendo recommend against) apply to these - they're prone to corruption during writing, so they're best avoided as Wii U storage.

What next, an article about the "revelation" that the Wii U also works with 3.5" drive caddies? O_o