Wii U Day One Update is Only 1GB, Can be Downloaded in Background

Tynan Muddle at writes: Oh, the internet. What was once a beautiful land of forgotten dreams has now turned into a cesspool of propaganda and unfounded rage, like the recent air around the Wii U launch in North America.

Here’s what happened: some journalist in America went out and bought a Wii U at midnight launch. He got home and saw the console asked him to perform a system update after he connected to WiFi. And so he sat, looking at the screen for a whole 15 minutes before getting bored and yanking the power cable out of the wall.

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dazzrazz1983d ago

I never heard about ability to brick shit while downloading update ! Applying update yes but downloading ??? 0_o

Neonridr1983d ago

I know. People overreact so much.

darthv721982d ago

when you perpetuate something you have no solid information on. Its like that old game of telephone.

you tell something to one person, that person tells it to another and then so on and so on but during the game, the info gets a bit out of place and by the time it makes it all the way back to the originator....

what started out as a wii-u died has turned into somebodies dog died and they are setting up a mcdonalds on the moon.

Deku-Johnny1982d ago

The system gets bricked if you turn the system off while it's updating, it's simple really just don't turn the system off til it's done.

Abdou231982d ago

SO people who got the 8 GB version actually only get 3 ?!!
and same case with 32 ?!

DivineAssault 1982d ago

Who in the right mind would yank a cord out while downloading something? Purposely looking for a way to eff it up? Well its good to know that it wont brick in case of a power outage.. The media is out to destroy nintendo & it might actually work.. Sure its mostly sold out at retailers but it can be found if u look hard enough w/o over paying on ebay.. The wii was gone instantly but this is still around just like when gamecube launched (just not as much)

ronin4life1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

What does that have to do with anything?

?_ .

He/she didn't seem critical to me though... not with this comment anyway.

Gr811982d ago

But I figured I'd add as much to this news report as Divine.

His critiques are only limited to Nintendo products.

Gr811982d ago

Give it time, brother, give it time.

Read between the lines and Divine is insisting that Wii U isn't selling as well as the gaming media would lead us to believe. You see its not really sold out, just Nintendo manipulating shipments.

Meanwhile Vita is trending behind the Dreamcast, yet its the greatest handheld of all time.

I'm not making this up, he's said these things. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it does seem silly when someone shows up into EVERY SINGLE Nintendo discussion and makes critiques that could be applied to other console makers as well, but you won't hear that from his dude.

I've no sacred cows, I'm critical of Nintendo as well. But the hypocrisy kills me.

Hicken1982d ago

Actually, according to my store, we were only sold out of the larger bundles; the 8GB weren't selling at all.

That aside, it's amazing to see you jump in being a troll again, Arius. You were asking DivineAssault, but if he's got P4G like I do, then his Vita's doing just fine. And that's outside of all the other games I have, and the stuff I'm about to grab from PS+ just getting implemented on Vita.

Yeah, I'd say, even without firsthand experience, that his Vita is doing well, indeed.

How's yours?

1982d ago
1982d ago
1982d ago
Gr811982d ago

Good to see you buddy!

Yeah nah I'm like the majority of the human population that doesn't give a damn about Vita.

But other than that I'm good. Hope alls well!

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Janitor1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

@Divine-Its not hard to find at all, I was at two different walmarts today looking for a different gift for my son and both of them had Wii U in stock. Just to prove I'm not trolling check the site for in-store availability for zip code 40229.

jmc88881982d ago

I know, who turns off the console while it's updating? Seriously, it doesn't matter what device it is, you simply don't do it.

I mean, because it's slow? Ya think during a console launch?

See that's what's funny, people are trolling so hard, they think (like idiots) that if you can find one, it's not selling well.

Nintendo has been saying for awhile they will have regular deliveries. Besides, I picked up a 360 three days after launch xmas, and a PS3 two days after a launch xmas. At Target and Wal*Mart in the Phx area (which is ~4 million people, so yeah, not a small area).

Lots of people are blowing launch issues way out of proportion, it's hilarious. It's a new network, things were going to be iffy. It's been a great launch, unless people were unrealistic. Some by disappointment, some because they want to hate. Both completely unrealistic.

Why are journalists these days the stupidest guys in any room?

dkgshiz1982d ago

I think a big reason to this was lack of advertising. I know many people who didn't have a clue it was coming out on the 18th.

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V0LT1982d ago

That 1GB seemd like 10gb

SuperShyGuy1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Well an unprepared Nintendo and server overload would do that.

kesvalk1982d ago

you mean to tell me that all this uproar was because a imbecile decided to not do his job and give us half assed news?

his whole job is to search for factual info and give it to us!!!

this guy needs to lose his job.

ExPresident1982d ago

The problem is a lot of them are just ppl blogging from home, they just happen to do it on a website that might make them look credible. There is hardly any real journalism in gaming.

MegaLagann1982d ago

I've learned this a long time ago; gaming and respectable journalism don't mix. You either spread misinformation or crack unfunny jokes when you're suppose to be a professional.

SpiralTear1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

When I downloaded the update, I knew it couldn't be 5gb. 5gb even on a solid connection would take much longer than what it took for me, which was about 1 1/2 hours tops. I downloaded Alan Wake on my 360 and it took upwards to 5 hours to finish downloading.

But if this info is true, and the fact stands that the "bricked" consoles were downloading the update instead of malfunctioning, That changes quite a bit.

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