Watercooling Fluid Shootout

There's no doubt that watercooling looks ace, and that it can cool better than air can under higher-heat circumstances. But there's also a lot of risk and a bit of fiddling with any loop. What if it leaks? What if there is an algae build up? How about corrosion?

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THESWAT3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

my and 5600+ x2 dosnt get cooled by the liquid cooling but it makes the liquid hot, lol its a opposite effect

Fezthebest3687d ago

thats the job of the liquid, to absorb the heat from CPU,GPU etc(aka get hot) and then expel it out of the system

funkeystu3687d ago

yeah, high school physics tells me that for the water to heat up it needs to get energy from somewhere (ie the CPU), there is effectively a transfer of energy form CPU->water coolant