GTA V's three-character system: "We're only getting it working for the first time" says Dan Houser

It's not often Dan Houser of Rockstar Games gives an interview. But he's been speaking to The Guardian and allowed a few insights to come forth from the company's point of view. Most importantly for us, he got to talking about the three-character system that will play out in GTA V. He said:

"This game, if we get it right, will be a step toward some kind of organic living soap opera. You have these three characters and they're all living when you're not with them. What that means, we don't really know yet, we're only getting it working for the first time. But it feels to us something powerful."

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claud31982d ago

Always good to start an old series fresh

Stuart57561982d ago

Is that you in the pic there Claud?

claud31982d ago

Three is not a crowd... it's better with three in the bed

Sketchy_Galore1982d ago

True but throw a woman in there too and it's even better.

seanpitt231981d ago

Where's nicko from "behind enemy lines"

ame221981d ago

No matter how hard they try I don't think anyone is going to be a fan of the three characters system. When they get their hands on the game they will say "Yup, San Andreas was a better game." The GTA title carries weight and that's where most of the problem lies.