More than two billion hours spent playing on Xbox LIVE

Microsoft revealed today that players of Xbox 360 has surpassed the threshold of two billion hours spent playing in the company's online service.

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TheLyonKing2011d ago

Thats pretty impressive from the xbox community.

I don't really play on live as when I was student I bought a ps3 choosing free online over paying.

When I did get my xbox there was no need to play online as the 360 had such a huge library of games that to this day I am still playing great offline games.

But wow two billion it a looooong time :D

EVILDEAD3602011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Been on Live since the ol' giant black box...I can't even imagine what owning a 360 all these year without Gold would be like.

I rembember when Halo 2 connected all of us in ways no one could believe at the time. We played H2 from our 360s until H3 dropped.

I loved that launch 360 year..Call of Duty 2, Burnout Revenge, and GRAW ran my world. Then you had gems like the original Rainbow Six: Vegas etc..

Arcade had sleepers that many forget to include even early gems like Bomberman, Poker, Uno, Spades, etc. that sucked time in between the big releases.

Then it becomes a blur as living on Live just was a way of life after Gears of War, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Grand Theft Auty IV, etc.all the way till today

Live was never about the money for core 36 gamers, it was about all of those experiences that kept us connected with a great group of friends and family that kept us hooked for years.

I've had close friends who I havent seen in years, but feel like we never lost a beat because of Xbox Live.

This isnt even a knock at any other of the big boys who have Online services to include PC gaming. I'm simply saying that Microsoft got it right and still does and IMO as I've said for years, it was Xbox Live with it's yearly pricetag and all that was the 360s killer app all these years.

What would be interesting to find out is the percentage of those Billions of hours play are attributed to HUGE games like Halo 3 and Call of duty: MW 2


Rhythmattic2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )


Are you a PR or marketing guy for MS ?

Edit: it was a serious question due to your very well written post.

gedapeleda2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Man you sound like you're brainwashed by MS.
LOL ... Live was never about the money...

Rhythmattic2011d ago

Opps, looked at your post history.... my bad.

JellyJelly2011d ago Show
andibandit2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )


way to take that sentence out of context....

XBL was never about the money -->for Core 360 gamers<--........of course it was about money for MS.
Thats what most companies do, earn money. A concept that a certain other company seems to have neglected.

Rob Hornecker2011d ago

Never mind the trolls! Your post speaks volumes! Like you, I came to the 360 from the BIG black box days.I have been a video/PC gamer for over 30 years and can't imagine games not being a huge part of my life.

As fate may happen to some of you younger folks some day,I had to leave a job of 16 years and take care of parent with sever dementia. My job was a 24/7/365 of a don't get out of the house for more than 15 mins kind of life.Needless to say I forgot what a social life was.

One of the few things that saved me from jail or the nut house was my xbox,XBL,and ALL the great friends that I met through XBL. 70% of which are still great friends today!

BTW,I also have a PS3.but I still will be a fan of the xbox way of life.

So heres to the 2 billion hours logged and to the next 2 billion into the next gen Xbox!!!!


DiRtY2011d ago

I remember my first XBL experience, I played Moto GP in 2003. I had to use the credit card of my mom to do so. She was and is not a friend of the Internet. She actually read every word of the terms and conditions, before giving me her credit card. Now you see a twelve year old guys teabag you and cursing like crazy.

I am in my 9th year right now and I don't want to miss a single second of of it.

By the way, the number can't be correct. Quoting Microsoft's press release after the gigantic Halo 4 launch:

“Halo 4” also shattered the record for the largest number of players in the history of the “Halo” franchise, with over 4 million players in the first five days. Users spent a total of 31.4 million hours playing “Halo 4,” pushing the total number of gameplay hours across the “Halo” franchise well beyond the five billion mark.

So Halo alone did 5 billion hours and most of it was online. Add Fifa, CoD, Madden, Forza, Gears of War, Fable, GTA and you get an idea of how big the number really is.

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ApolloTheBoss2011d ago

How much is that converted into days or years?

FarCryLover1822011d ago

333333333.33 Days

or 913242.01 years

Ron_Danger2011d ago

Troll comment for the day:

That's a lot of netflix...

But seriously, congrats for MS being that successful with their online service. Hopefully they'll remember with their next Xbox that it was games and not services that got people using it originally. I hope all next gen systems succeed. Without competition, there's no need for game developers to innovate and improve

Picnic2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

2 billion hours pumping money in to Microsoft's subscriptions. 2 billion hours watching loads of pixels arrange and rearrange on a screen. Maybe some of you did something distinctly creative in that time, as is possible elsewhere in Little Big Planet. Maybe you created a great vehicle in Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and bolts. Or maybe you blasted strangers in the face with an imaginary gun and solved a few puzzles to your great pleasure. And if you hadn't done that maybe you'd just have watched a soap opera instead. But whatever the case, never forget - online gaming is the cherry on the cake at best. It is not the cake. Unless you're Quake 3 : Arena or Motorstorm Apocalypse- they're online classics that are exempt from having to have a great single player game attached to them.

Tonester9252011d ago

Man I have everything Xbox Live has on my computer, my iPod Touch, my PS3, my TV and I don't pay monthly for none of that.

Seems like someone has a lot of game.

KMCROC2011d ago

Good for you, now be on your way cause your trolling.

Tonester9252011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

How by stating the truth?


So if I paid a MONTHLY INTERNET BILL why would anyone pay to have ONLINE ACCESS when everything else has it for free. When I pay a MONTHLY INTERNET BILL I get ONLINE ACCESS to my Ipod, Laptop, PS3, and "Smart TV"

"Looks to me you had to pay MORE just to try and get access to everything the 360 offers you"

Lol because you can get on XBOX Live without having to pay MONTHLY INTERNET BILL

"You don't pay for the itunes you DL?
you don't pay for PS+? " Nope and Nope

Little Bo Peep has lost her Xbox Players

Lvl_up_gamer2011d ago

"Lol because you can get on XBOX Live without having to pay MONTHLY INTERNET BILL"

Do you play World Of Warcraft for free?

MMO's have monthly subscriptions. Yet you still pay for Internet.

I don't think you are fully understanding your comments and the realities of what XBL offers.

Again, you still had to name 4 platforms in which you paid an initial cost for as well as possible other monthly costs for certain platforms you named in order to have all the same functions and features that a single xbox 360 offers you.

I think you are just a confused individual trying to troll and hate on MS/360

Lvl_up_gamer2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

You don't pay a monthly internet bill?
You don't pay a monthly cable bill?
You don't pay for the itunes you DL?
you don't pay for PS+?

Funny how you had to name 4 separate platforms which all cost $$$ in order to equal what is on the 360.

Looks to me you had to pay MORE just to try and get access to everything the 360 offers you.

KMCROC2011d ago

Thank you for understanding what he typed & for providing a brilliant response.

Ben_Grimm2011d ago

But you don't pay monthly for Xbox Live.

You do pay monthly for your internet access.
You do pay monthly for your cable/dish service for your tv
You do pay monthly for services on iPod Touch

You pay one year fee for the services provided by MS. The same way you would pay any other company offering services they provide.

This is what Lvl up gamer tried to explain to you and what you failed to grasp in your weak attempt at comedy.