PSXExtreme: Just Cause 2 Preview

PSXExtreme's Ben Dutka writes: When you have a solid concept, the rest depends entirely on the effort and skill of the developer involved. The original Just Cause had a fantastic concept, but due to several severe gameplay and technical shortcomings, it turned out to be a merely average game that fell short of expectations. While one might be able to categorize the game as a "sandbox style" approach – traveling with a parachute and being able to jack vehicles GTA-style – there was still a linear path to follow. It was a fun game, but Avalanche Studios has some cleaning up to do with the sequel, and thankfully, early details point towards a variety of gameplay improvements.

This one is coming some time later this year for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and if the team comes through on the technicals and controls, that excellent concept will carry the day. The first step to creating an awesome interactive experience is the idea; the foundation of the project. They've already got it, so now they just need to add the required polish and refinement.

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Lookin good, them screenshots are lookin awesome