Capcom trademarks "Fighters of Capcom", another All-Stars: Battle Royal counterpart ?

Capcom has trademarked 'Fighters of Capcom', a possible counterpart of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royal and Smash. Bros.

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miyamoto2041d ago

Sega should really be making Fighter's Megamix sequel of course with me and Blaze on it!!!

Mocat2041d ago

Why is Kazuya in the front pic.?

ApolloTheBoss2041d ago

Goddamn Capcom, those greedy bastards. Project X wasn't enough for them?!

Tetsujin2041d ago

I remember early 2003-6 they made some Capcom Fighting All-Stars, this is probably the sequel to it.

HarryMasonHerpderp2041d ago

I would be excited for this if I knew if wouldn't be ruined with DLC bull***t

Knight_Crawler2041d ago

I would like to see Capcom make an All Star game with pure third part characters.

If Sony can get the license for third party characters I do not see why Capcom cant.

GTRrocker6662041d ago

What a stupid title.... will sell millions

LightSamus2041d ago

So... Marvel Vs. Capcom without the Marvel? Sounds great...

DarkHeroZX2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

expect there to only be 5 charaters at launch with the other 40 as DLC. I'm guessing 5 bucks per character or bundled all together for the "low" price of $199.99 for all 40 lol.

Tetsujin2041d ago

Don't forget .99 Cents per skin color and another $2.99 per stage beyond the initial 3.

Simon_Brezhnev2041d ago

Your probably right. I still wont touch it. I"m not purchasing another capcom game this generation.

They will have like 10 dlc characters at launch.

Vandamme212041d ago

dude u come to every single articles about capcom..always talking about oh I'm never purcahsing another capcom game again..if u don't care..then don't comment.

Simon_Brezhnev2041d ago

So now you stalking me. I guess you dont like people talking about your beloved company.

Sevir2041d ago

It's call "Capcom Fighting Jam. It was all of there characters. It didn't do well at retail or reviews.

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The story is too old to be commented.