Not Just for Kids: 5 Great "M" Rated Gamecube Games

When the Gamecube was released, it was quickly slapped with the label "for the kiddos" by most gamers. However, there were some amazing games for the "cube" that were intended for adult audiences. Want to get your "M" rated game on while you wait for Mature titles on the Wii? Put down your Wiimote and stop playing Cooking Mama. Here are the top five "M" rated games for the Gamecube that you can pick up on the cheap while you wait for the Wii to hit puberty.

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BachelorBrit3806d ago

I feel Resident Evil 4 turned the whole idea around that The Gamecube was simply for kids. Resident Evil 4 is a real classic in my opinion despite it being different from the previous titles. Amazing graphics that really pushed The Gamecube, huge epic boss battles, such a great game that to me totally lived up to the hype the game was the main reason I got a Gamecube and it is the reason I still have one.

Marceles3806d ago

Actually I'd say that Resident Evil 1 remake did, that game still looks amazing to this day

name3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

I'm obviously a Sony supporter, but the fact that RE4 was ported to the PS2 was a huge stab in the back. I feel that RE4 was to be the perfect swan song for the Gamecube and all it had to offer. And considering the RE had been(for THAT generation) a nintendo AP you'd think capcom would have had the decency to keep it that way. But of course, we know capcom doesn't really think that way for any of their games.

ChickeyCantor3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

the creator was actually upset by this, capcom themself did apologize....but we all know its just something they did from a business sold good on the GCN so it must sell better on the Ps2.

its a shame though but it atleast gave PS2 owners the opportunity to play it too.

Skerj3806d ago

Actually RE was still all over the platforms that gen. True Gamecube got RE0, the remake to the first RE and 4, but Code Veronica came out on DC first and subsequently the PS2. Not to forget the RE:Outbreak games which I hope get another chance at success because now that we all have standard hard drives (in a PS3) then the game could REALLY be something. I will leave out Gun Survivor though. ..

Skerj3806d ago

I forgot about Geist, I still wanna play that.

mariusmal3806d ago

you need to play geist in split screen against some friends... it's hilarous because of the body hijacks :P

mariusmal3806d ago

eternal darkness and mgs twin snakes were made by silicon knights, the guys that are making too human.
i own both games and i love them.

cartman3133806d ago

Eternal Darkness was great. I love what they did with the sanity meter.

mariusmal3806d ago

yeah eternal darkness was one of the best survival horror games that i played.

Evil Zhuk3806d ago

They typoed. It should say "the 5 only m rated GC games"

Chubear3806d ago

LOL, true oh so true lol

Fux4Bux3806d ago

Yeah seriously. The Gamecube was a kiddy system by design and aside from Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness the game library. There's just no denying it.

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