Persona 4 Golden RPGFan Review

RPGFan's domestic review of Persona 4 Golden.

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NewMonday1978d ago

as good as an RPG can get.

G20WLY1978d ago

I like RPGs (Japanese or not), but I've never played Persona before.

With comments like, "Persona 4 Golden is one of the best games I have ever played in my life.", coming from an RPG specialist site I may just have to give it a go :)

Should make the train a bit more bearable!

Protagonist1977d ago

Start with Persona 3 Portable.

G20WLY1977d ago

I just looked it up on the PSP part of the Vita store and will grab it as it's going cheap!

The new firmware update I just downloaded gives increased functionality for things like button mapping apparently, so should be even better on Vita!

Thanks for help +bubble