Does PlayStation Mobile have a chance at competing with Apple?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Here we go. After running a trial with select developer partners, Sony has officially opened its PlayStation Mobile platform to, well, any developer who has $99."

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GamerCheese1257d ago

Apple is a giant, but no one should underplay the power of Sony!

JoGam1256d ago

Can't wait for them to add trophies. Which mean games will be link to psn.

joeorc1256d ago

"Apple is a giant, but no one should underplay the power of Sony!"

100% exactly, and what is funny

I Read comments in that thread about how the xperia line is not that popular or is not doing very well!

if selling over 7.8 million xperia smartphones per sales quarter is not doing well, than [email protected] what exactly would people say is doing well?

hell if that's the case than Microsoft in the mobile section must be doing Abysmal


strigoi8141257d ago

well developers should give it a try..i think the more the better lolz

tubers1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Just give it more time. Ofc, it does have a chance.. pretty slim though IMO.. if they meant a neck 2 neck status.

psp2roundup1257d ago

No, but its not there to compete with Apple, its there to provide a steady drip of extra games for the Vita while allowing Sony to creep into the Android market and courting newer developers to get them "on-board".

BattleAxe1256d ago

Its there to compete with Apple, get over it.

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