PlayStation Mobile Developer Program Launches, Download the SDK

"Hi PlayStation.Blog readers! I’m one of several members of the team leading our new platform, PlayStation Mobile, working to get you fun, engaging titles on a multitude of PlayStation-Certified smartphones and tablets.

Since we launched PlayStation Mobile on October 3rd, we’ve been receiving a steady stream of positive responses from both developers and consumers. All of your feedback is crucial to the success of PlayStation Mobile, and we’ve been working diligently these last few weeks to bring more titles to the newest PlayStation platform."

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jujubee881982d ago

This is gunna be sweet!

jon12341982d ago

its not really homebrew, i mean sony is giving the sdk

jujubee881982d ago

What are you talking about?

jon12341982d ago

im just referring to the fact that jujubee telling homebrew developers to get ready, when in fact they arent going to be homebrew developers, theyre just going to be developers since they are using official sdk

alien6261982d ago

awesome registered and downloading now :)

ABizzel11982d ago

Step 1 to getting Vita on track to being the success it deserves to be.

Now get more PS1, PSP, and PSmini support for the Vita and offer them as PS+ games, and the Vita will have the library it needs by March 2013 (aka a new year for Sony).

After that it's time to get apps and widgets, drop the price to $199 bundle permanently, start a new marketing campaign, release some big titles for the year, and make an audience for the Vita.

Smartphones are for everyone, tablets are laptop replacements, the 3DS is for kids, and Nintendo fans, so far the Vita is only for the most hardcore of PlayStation fans. That image needs to be fixed and marketed for gamers.

Call of Duty Vita, and Assassin's Creed were great ideas, just bad timing and unfortunately suffered from rushed developer projects (they should have launched early 2013 IMO, to stop them from drowning in the sea of huge console releases, and pick up all those sales from people using gift cards they got for the holiday).

tubers1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Man.. I wish I could make an app to modify the unlock screen.

I want a chick and when I unlock it or even "tease" unlock it, i'd see the sexy undies instead of just a quick blue screen that then proceeds unto ur main wall paper.