Rumor Smash - Debunk: Revenge of Stuff's Sony Ericsson PSPhone mockup

Engadget reports the gaming community is buzzing this morning from some supposedly leaked scans of a possible PSPhone would give it a full 480 x 272 display, mini-analog stick, and drop UMD in favor of playing full PSP games via M2.

Turns out they're scans from Stuff magazine from months ago, which seems to have passed under everyone's radar (including our own, initially) because so few people seem to actually read it.

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Cyrus3653659d ago

Well so much for the that, it was only a mock-up, not a leak or real thing.

doshey3659d ago

only an idiot would believe that is a leak of the real thing(not saying you are) or even think that there is going to be one due to the fact of sony denied of such a thing

Cyrus3653659d ago

Well you be surprised how many people thought it was a leak, or atleast wish it was.

gonzopia3659d ago

Well, I have read that Sony Magazine confirmed a PSP-style phone from Sony-Ericsson, so I don't think the concept is a rumor, just the Stuff magazine mockup. Considering that Sony already has a PSP, and has their hands in the mobile phone world with their successful Sony-Ericsson line, it wouldn't be a stretch to unite the two brands.

Cyrus3653659d ago

Right, which is why after the recent rumbling, people were easily fooled to think this was the real deal, when it is a mock up.

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