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Submitted by Valay 1174d ago | news

Not even Nintendo customer support can transfer Nintendo Network IDs

It’s true that the Nintendo Network ID you create on your Wii U can only be accessed on the original console. Heck, not even Nintendo customer support can transfer it over to a new unit. (Wii U)

MariaHelFutura  +   1174d ago
dark-hollow  +   1174d ago
The good ol Nintendo.
Once you think they get ahead with times, they move one step forward, three steps back.

The f**k is this???
keabrown79  +   1174d ago
Wow, remind me NOT to buy any digital purchases with my Wii U.. physical or bust I suppose. I hope it is something they can fix.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1174d ago
WHAT?? Guess I won't be buying any games digitally...
keabrown79  +   1174d ago
awesome pic ElectricKaibutsu.. SoM is my #1 game of all time!
Starbucks_Fan  +   1174d ago
Wow really?!
Griffin4871  +   1174d ago
Oh hell no. They need to fix this or I ain't supporting the use of eShop. This is something Nintendo should have had precautions about. PLEASE change this.
keabrown79  +   1174d ago
Ya this does seem to be a HUGE oversight.. I really don't know how they missed this... :/
killerhog  +   1174d ago
it was probably done on purpose to fight privacy and gamesharing.
rainslacker  +   1174d ago
I hope this is something they fix real soon. I suspected that Nintendo probably wouldn't push the DD route, and this isn't going to win a lot of supporters to the cause. If anything it will only highlight the downsides of DD to more people and turn them off from it.
ZoyosJD  +   1174d ago
Dang...I thought for sure customer support would be able to handle this little peeve.

And if the console fail...what then? New account and re-add friends?

Hopefully this and some other elusive issues will be addressed soon.

I know this is Nintendo's first true foray into the digital realm, but these slip ups are going to make indecisive core players that much more hesitant.

BrianC6234  +   1174d ago
If this is true it's beyond stupid. Who in their right mind would create a system like that? It makes no sense.
joeorc  +   1174d ago
"If this is true it's beyond stupid. Who in their right mind would create a system like that? It makes no sense."

well since the system launched right out the gate, had a firmware update, i doubt very much this would not be unable to be fixed. The system network system may be having problems but since its most likely server side at this point , and the fact Nintendo knows the firmware can be updated, i doubt they have enabled the function yet due to the network is not set ready for switching accounts in a service related problem that the net structure is not finished without more tweaks needed.
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BrianC6234  +   1174d ago
I don't think that's it. Nintendo did this to stop things like piracy and used games and it's going to cause major problems. It seems like an issue that would need a whole new OS. This is something you have working way before you release the console. It seems like someone at Nintendo wasn't thinking about things like what if the Wii U dies and the customer needs a new console.
joeorc  +   1174d ago
wait a min
"This is something you have working way before you release the console. It seems like someone at Nintendo wasn't thinking about things like what if the Wii U dies and the customer needs a new console."

just because its not active at the moment , does not mean it cannot be active later. security as you stated is a prime investment with security ISS'S AND ONE OF ENCRYPTION IS A PRIORITY. but on the same token making sure they fix path's to as many exploitable areas of the software is key into making sure, there is less chance of there being one more point of entry for exploits in the software, and cutting off as many online exploits to their network servers is a prime example of that.

the very first firmware for the WiiU is how big again , think about that for a sec. i doubt very much this could not be a fixable problem, and more the case its not ready yet to be opened to the public for consumer use just yet. even Nintendo has already stated many times that their network is going though some growing pains.
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TemplarDante  +   1174d ago
So.. seeming as there isnt trophies/achievments, its just a matter of digitally bought content, but what happens if your Wii U needs repairs and they cant fix it? You lose all your content?
BrianC6234  +   1174d ago
If this story is right, yes.
ziggurcat  +   1174d ago
oh lol...
strigoi814  +   1174d ago
Oh my its just starting..hates are coming fast
killerhog  +   1174d ago
Oh okay, so informing people of Nintendo restriction to one account being tied to your console (which can scew those who buy digital media over) is hating and trolling? Okay got'cha.
ScubaSteve1  +   1174d ago
So I guess the wii u deluxe promotion won't be getting anything from me
nikrel  +   1174d ago
I this was my first thought earlier in the day when I saw news about the nentendo id not transferable. i said to my wife " we will not be buying a single piece of digital content for the wiiu ".

once this its the major news the eshop will take a dive.

i expect that nintendo will have some solution for this, maybe it will be linked to the nintendo club account.?
SonyNGP  +   1174d ago
tweet75  +   1174d ago
if nintendo with do like sony put large amounts of memory and allow purchased eshop games to be playable on users portable and home consoles (like ps3 and vita) the wii u would almost be a perfect system. Because of a lack of these thing it falls short
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Pathosverdes3  +   1174d ago
Ok so what happens if the next 5gb update bricks another million units? All that stuff people bought is lost forever?
MaximusMagna  +   1174d ago
Plain stupid, all these WiiU news just makes you wonder, with all those Nintendo direct they never mention any of this....
Heavenly King  +   1174d ago

we are in 2012 and nintendo can not do something other companies did in 2005? DAFAQ?!
BananaEatingSquid  +   1174d ago
... What?! D: This is bad news for sure... hopefully they can find a way to fix this problem.
knocknock  +   1174d ago
Sweet and one on my main reason to get a wiiu was to replay classic games, not a chance I'll be investing alot in a system I can't back up. It makes no sense I can literally swap my gamer tag between consoles in like five minutes?! What's the deal nintendo, I want to love you I really do but I'm inches from cancelling my preorder...

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