Black Ops 2 Nuketown 2025 Map Relegated To Special Events: Is It Right To Givith and Taketh Away?


"Is it fair to entice people to pre-order a game with an extra DLC multiplayer level and then to take it away?

This is a precedent that worries me, and so feel it should be discussed among gamers. Here’s a closer look at the issue."

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BadCircuit2094d ago

That's just stupid. If you give it away as a pre-order item, it should be the gamer's to keep.

Relientk772094d ago

^ This

I actually pre-ordered because you got the Nuketown 2025 map free with it. So yeah, not happy with them.

2094d ago
brish2094d ago

Did you read the article?

Players don't lose access to the map. It was removed from normal multiplayer matchmaking.

If you got it as part of the pre-order you can still create a custom game and use it.

gaminoz2094d ago

Apparently you can use it locally, but not online.

What could possibly be the purpose of this?

BadCircuit2094d ago

I'm sure it has something to do with....MONEY

gaminoz2094d ago

I know it sounds a bit entitled, but really if you are given something (especially as an incentive to buy something) there should be no way they can just limit how you use it.

Aren't they sick enough of the Call of Duty hate?

NYC_Gamer2094d ago

This move is real bull shit to take away pre order content

gaminoz2094d ago

They sell so many millions in one day, one week, so they can do whatever, right?

BadCircuit2094d ago

They will argue it was free so they can do whatever, but this is ridiculous if others start copying it. The idea is to encourage pre-orders = great day 1 sales.

But now they don't need us anymore, so...limit it to sell later in a DLC pack. Reeks.

BadCircuit2094d ago

Shouldn't they have to say: "the following free pre-order DLC is for when we allow you to use it" before selling you the pre-order copy of Black Ops 2?

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The story is too old to be commented.