Gamesradar: Bully: Scholarship Edition - hands-on

Gamesradar's Paul Ryan writes: Bully was released near the tail end of the PS2's prime, so maybe you didn't have a chance to play the game back in 2006 - like, if you sent your PS2 off to Antarctica on a ceremonial burning raft on PS3 launch day. Whether you played or not, the game was great, and after messing around with the 360 and Wii versions (called Bully: Scholarship Edition) due out March 4, we're happy to say will be as good as the original and maybe even better with the new content.

Story mode is as robust as ever. Every character looks unique and thanks to all-new recorded voice tracks, they sound even more scornful of your clothes, your face and just about everything else. That gave us an excuse to try out the fighting. The Wii-mote and Nunchuk function as your left and right fist and you can string combos together by jabbing them in the right order. After beating up a bully and a couple nerds we set off on our first mission.

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