Leave Wii U alone, it's a great console launch

Stephen Heller: I challenge you to find a better launch line-up than what Nintendo has conjured for their first foray into the HD world.

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dedicatedtogamers1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

If it's such a great launch, then why are people so iffy on it? Why are people feeling leery about the just-now-revealed limitations on the hardware? Why are people feeling baited-and-switched on a lot of the WiiU's promised features that won't be available until a later time? Why are people downloading a 5 gig patch already? Why are people having to cope with ridiculously long load times in the WiiU's software? Why are people have wi-fi connection issues? Why are "definitive" versions of multiplats like Mass Effect 3 not going to include certain DLCs on WiiU that will be available on other platforms?

I remember the Wii's launch. Everyone was excited. EVERYone. Even the so-called "hardcore" gamers were excited, if only to see what the heck Nintendo was attempting to do. With the WiiU, there's no excitement. There's no passion.

Zynga1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Blah blah blah blah. All I understood from you was mommy and daddy didn't get me a wii u. So now im gonna troll on every related article.

1677d ago
Y_51501677d ago

You are so misinformed...

PirateThom1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I'm not excited or interested in the Wii U because I bought a Wii at launch.

When you look at the sheer difference in knowledge that Sony and Microsoft vs Nintendo gained last gen, it's night and day.

Nintendo are playing catch up with their network and hardware and, outside of bugs which are fixable, the whole system seems like a half assed excuse to lure back a demographic they abandoned in favour of people who just as quickly went to get a Kinect with the mentality of "DS WAS POPULAR, LET'S MAKE OUR HOME CONSOLE A DS!" and "LET'S GET PORTS OF YEAR OLD GAMES, BECAUSE SURELY CORE GAMERS WANT THAT!" It all feels so... false, like the console has no identity and, as such, it's back to square 1... Nintendo franchises stagnanting, third parties getting nowhere.

neogeo1677d ago

can't afford one huh:(

PirateThom1677d ago

Yes, because it's all abour cash.... :-/

rainslacker1677d ago

I've been enjoying my purchase so far, but I will concede that this is a terrible launch of a system. I was, and am, excited by the system and it's possibilities, I do wish more of those possibilities showed their presence in the launch though. I don't really care about the power of the system, which seems to be the biggest complaint, but I want to know that by buying my first Nintendo system since the N64, that they will at least try to be relevant and get their act together.

stragomccloud1677d ago

Because "gamers" today are horribly jaded and deeply cynical. That's why.

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wiiulee1677d ago

its just a bunch of haters trying to be negative so the wiiu dont win the next generation...but it will happen...a firmware is not a ring of death and that system still came in second place last generation , so the wiiu will still win next generation and the games on the system are a plus titles and will keep coming

Pudge881677d ago

Not hating on the Wii U, I would get 1 myself a year from now but to say that that the Wii U will win the Next-Gen Console war is just plain Dumb and ignorant. The next Playstation or Xbox will blow through the Wii U with the outdated Specs.

darthv721677d ago

Maybe to some its only the specs. To me its the games. No doubt each platform will deliver what is most important.

Trunkz Jr1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Just like how the Vita blew the 3DS out of the water with specs right? Oh wait whats that the 3DS is destroying the Vita with it's outdated specs? That cant be?! It's outdated specs!

Grow up people, it's about the games. The PC blows away any console out right now, yet Black Ops II isn't that much different from the console verison, so even if PS4/720 blows the Wii U away in specs, it's up to developers to deliver the games, only standalones will shine and everything else will be ported for all 3 systems.

n4f1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

well saying next playstation or xbox will blow it out of water is not smarter

stragomccloud1677d ago

I don't think you can make that argument because...
-The Wii and the DS blew the competition away with outdated specs.
-The 3DS is blowing the Vita away with outdated specs.
-The PS2 blew away the Gamecube/Xbox with outdated specs.
-The PS1 blew the N64 away with outdated specs.

That said... I guess you are one of the folks who is actually expecting a generational leap in tech a la PS2 to PS3. That jump will not exist for some time.

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shackdaddy1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Internet for some reason went to flame mode and blew small things out of proportion. Especially here on N4G. Lot of random hate blowing about.

Probably because everyone who's enjoying their new console is playing it right now...

Wolfbiker1677d ago

I own a Wii U and love it, and thats all that matters.

The_Infected1677d ago

Same here! I love it. Also with the Wiiverse community which exist for every game on Wii U. I want be reading game reviews anymore because now you can see how good the games are from the actual gamers themselves right within the community. Like ZombieU most Wii U owners really like it so yea I trust them over review sites.

The gamepad works very good. It's amazingly fun and Nintendo eShop is great. The developers set the game prices, control their game sells, and most important they never pay to patch their games. I'm very happy with the Wii U.

darthv721677d ago

You aren't allowed to like something that goes against the majority on this site.

If you prepared for the disagree squad to make their rounds.

n4f1677d ago

i wish i had a wiiu.
it seems the internet is going world war console 2

KwietStorm1677d ago

I don't think most of the complaints have anything to do with the game lineup

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