Should Zelda Go Sci-Fi?

Or perhaps a more pertinent question - what if it already has?

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RmanX10001676d ago

While it would be an interesting concept to make a Sci-Fi LoZ, i say keep LoZ in the fantasy world.

NastyLeftHook01676d ago

yeah i dont think there will be any magic beans and fairys in space anytime soon.

JsonHenry1676d ago

I would prefer steampunk. But I would give Sci-fi a chance too.

Zeixama1676d ago

should go sci-fi, loli, bishoujo, Twilight... also Zelda should beat the crap out of Pokemon. Muahahahahahhaha!!!!

ElectricKaibutsu1676d ago

I've always liked the sci-fi aspects that have worked their way into recent Zeldas. As long as Zelda remains grounded in fantasy then I wouldn't mind even a whole sci-fi based dungeon. Of course Zelda shouldn't go all sci-fi, then it wouldn't be much different from Metroid.

dredgewalker1676d ago

Steampunk would fit a lot more than sci-fi for a zelda game. Though I don't think the fans would welcome any drastic changes as long as they can keep the game fresh.

Moonman1676d ago

Nope...just add better fantasy.

Dovahkiin1676d ago

This. Hate articles like this, the answer is clearly no.

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The story is too old to be commented.