Five Things We Expect to See Out of Halo 5

Geek Binge: Halo 4 was released about two weeks ago, to (mostly) critical acclaim. We ourselves greatly enjoyed the game, and found it to be a surprisingly great re-launch of the franchise. That said, it IS a re-launch—from the start, Microsoft designed this to be the start of a new trilogy, dubbed by development team 343 Industries as “The Reclaimer Trilogy.” And now that the first part of the trio is complete, we can’t help but wonder what 343 has awaiting us with the next entry in the franchise. Here’s five of the things we expect to see out of Halo 5…and beyond.

Warning: From this point forward, this article will delve into the plot of the previous Halo games, including Halo 4. So if you haven’t finished the game yet, be warned that spoilers ARE abound from here on in.

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andibandit2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

An army of haters...

Monstar2190d ago

They can't use the same gameplay formula, has been overused and abused for too long. I would really recommend a totally new system of animations and the addition of iron sites, while of course maintaining that certain weight/feel and pace of halo.

The gameplay formula just needs to evolve and be different, for those who can't accept change or think it wouldn't be halo need to get a clue and just stick with the previous 100 version of the same formula. But srsly....totally reworked and redone.

HaMM4R2190d ago

To be honest, the animations were fine, so I have no idea why you would say it needs a new animation system. Also iron 'sites'? Iron sights would completely brake the halo feel IMO. If you want iron sights, go look elsewhere.

Monstar2190d ago

because the animations are rather stiff, with little to no fluidity or realism to it. Animations can be fine tuned more and overall give a different feel to it.

Mikefizzled2190d ago

Halo 4 is pushing the boundaries on motion capture. The cutscenes and the animations are brilliant. Master Chief was 36 during the events on Requiem and given the enormousness weight of his armour I doubt his movement would be fluid.

QuantumWake2190d ago

I guess I could sort of agree on changing up the gameplay formula a bit, but iron sights? Ehh, not really. I don't see how it could be properly implemented since Halo games rely heavily on strafing, jumping, crouching, etc.. I just don't see it in a Halo game.

CynicalKelly2190d ago

Halo wouldn't work with Iron sites. It's not something that can be done without ruining the game. It compliments the style and it's something that millions of people love about the game. That is same as saying it needs to allow you to go prone. We don't want a CoD clone. We want our own game that feels different.

I have seen quite a few people that don't understand video games and their mechanics who keep talking about Iron Sites in Halo. They need to stop.

I would argue that the games have changed. The changes between each Halo's Multiplayer is large enough to be different but not enough to stray from the game we love. Do not try to fix something, that is not broken

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CynicalKelly2190d ago

They should bring Kelly, Linda and Fred into the game. Let us finally see a Spartan II team in action. Have an entire section of a campaign dedicated to showing how awesome they are.

They should go full action. I want to see a huge awesome space battle, show the infinity kicking ass, show the Orbital defence platforms in action. Dual wielding, scarabs and more mammoths!

They should meet Halsey and the Spartan II's should defend her, I am dying to see the Spartan II's show their loyalty to her before the UNSC and throw down with the new bargain bin Spartan IV's.

This game should be all about the Covenant - UNSC, I want to see the Elites homeworld, I want to see the Civil War and see the Arbiter again, they could finish the civil war and work together to defeat this new Storm covenant faction.

Cortana shouldn't be brought back until Halo 6, I would prefer it if we heard nothing about her apart from MasterChief obviously not coping without her, and then at the end, a sudden surprise where she sends a transmission warning them of a Forerunner fleet or weapon, warning them the Didact is coming. A good teaser for Halo 6 I think.

Mikefizzled2190d ago

Aren't Kelly and Fred the 2 Spartan II's that Lasky, Sully and April meet in the Pelican at the very end of Forward Unto Dawn?

CynicalKelly2190d ago

Yeah, and having them in Forward Unto Dawn is a great way to already have them sort of introduced for Halo 5.

They have so much character and personality, I think Fred is the second in command of the Spartan II's and Kelly is the fastest Spartan.

Munky2190d ago

Yup and Linda is the best sniper out of the SII's. To be honest Blue Team as a whole are all [email protected]

IronFistChinMi2190d ago

Decent article, but 2 of the points probably wouldn't be there if they'd read the books or the wiki.

The Storm faction of the Covenant are a splinter group led by Jul M'Dama, who were not aware of the war against Humans ending and are looking to link with the Didact to wipe out humans for good.

The Flood should return IMO. Whilst I liked the challenge presented by the Prometheans, the Flood present a different challenge altogether. No dodging and staying behind cover, just a relentless assault that made for some hectic encounters. Bring them back!

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