Warcraft IV? Blizzard Entertainment files complaint over

Over the past year, Blizzard Entertainment has made a number of domain acquisitions including, nearly 15 years after the game's first release. The company also registered the name just last month for unknown reasons. Now, Blizzard Entertainment is attempting to acquire the domain, only instead of having to pay what may be a lot of money demanded by its current owner, the company has filed a complaint (Case No. 1470639) with the National Arbitration Forum in hopes of the name being ordered transferred to their control. Will "Heroes of Warcraft" be the title of the next Warcraft?

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rdtravis2013d ago

What so they want to steal the name from the original owner?

taquito2013d ago

please, please, PLEASE make Warcraft 4, do like you did starcraft 2, keep it close to Warcraft 3, update visuals and make multiplayer straight boss!

BitbyDeath2013d ago

Warcraft IV is long overdue.
PC only please, don't want this to be simplified.