Star Citizen Ends Funding With $6.2 Million

Having recently ended its funding Star Citizen smashed its goal of $2 million dollars and raised an amazing $6,238,563 USD. Securing Star Citizen as the most successful crowd funded video game to date.

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DaThreats1828d ago

Bet soon there will be another game that will smash this too with more funding

dedicatedtogamers1828d ago

I'm amazed that this game made SO MUCH money. I was a backer, but I figured it would get 2 or 3 million, tops. But I suppose the PC community is really desperate for a good space sim...heck, SO AM I!

The_KELRaTH1827d ago

So according to publishers and media all PC gamers are pirates therefore this works out quite well as we can pirate a game we've paid for in advance :)

I'm also amazed by just how much funding they got. I think it says more about publishers (aka accountants) poor vision and understanding of their industry.

jimmywolf1827d ago

well people said before an i agree make something worth buying an they will