ZombiU Dev Team Reminds Everyone That It's Survival Horror With In-game Messages

GR writes: "Struggling with ZombiU's grueling difficulty? Maybe it'd help if I reminded you that it's a survival horror game. Oh wait, the developer has already done that."

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knifefight1888d ago

Haha, I love 4th-wall stuff like that! Bravo! XD

dbjj120881888d ago

Same here. Ubisoft just furthered the connection to Demon's/Dark Souls with this hidden message. I wonder what else is out there.

ftwrthtx1888d ago

I love in-game messages like that.

doctorstrange1888d ago

This is seriously the game that makes me want a Wii U, despite the title's silly name.

dbjj120881888d ago

What's with the scores? This game does look really interesting but seems like a 60 average.

JonnyBigBoss1888d ago

I always love when developers do things like this. It makes you feel like they aren't just sitting in some dark room ignoring the fact that thousands of people are playing their work.

SilentNegotiator1888d ago

I wouldn't have guessed otherwise, it hinging on pop-outs for scares.

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