New Super Mario Bros. U Review (Wii U)- The King of Video Games

Nintendo has finally done it. By combining the greatest parts of Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World, NSMBU gives us the best of both worlds.

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Phil321979d ago

Oh, I thought "The King of Video Games" was the review tagline when I clicked on this article. haha

RmanX10001979d ago

And its still the same 2D platformer we've gotten 3 other times times now.

Samus HD1978d ago

if same = Best... why not

deafdani1978d ago

That's true, for the most part. But it's also the most polished of all 4 NSMB games released, with a superb level design, good difficulty, awesome extra modes that are pretty challenging, the hability to play it without the TV, and it's HD to boot.

So, despite it not being innovative in any meaningful way, it's still a superb game. I wouldn't rate it 10 out of 10, but it's far from mediocre.

hellvaguy1978d ago

Love this quirky game to death. But Im still kinda pist the pro controllers aren't compatible with it.

beerkeg1978d ago

Nintendo are still the experts of platform gaming. No other developer comes close.

MmaFan-Qc1978d ago

look like you will need to play more games.

this game is OK, not GOOD or BAD, its simply ok, wich is barely 6.5-7/10.

and yeah i own the game like all the wii u owners.

beerkeg1978d ago

I've played games since the start of the 80s, which was probably when you were swimming around in your fathers testicles. And Nintendo still make better platform games than anyone else.

I'll make my own opinion of the game thanks, as sadly I don't hold much faith in yours.

Moonman1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

I own the game and it's easily 8.5-9.5 in gameplay quality. Been gaming since 1986. MmaFanmust be joking! I'd score it a 93% overall.

deafdani1978d ago

Well, Ubisoft is giving Nintendo a run for their money with Rayman Origins and the upcoming Rayman Legends. I personally still prefer the platforming mechanics in the NSMB series, but still, Origins is an amazing platforming game.

Also, Super Meat Boy is platforming perfection. Team Meat knows platform gaming.

portugamer1978d ago

No trolling here, but

Graphics simple like these should at least be raytraced and rendered at screen like a pixar movie. Come on, its a basic and static background, with a few mushrooms and bullets on the screen.
The last Rayman had 60 fps 1080p amazing graphics,animations,effects,li ghts,sounds,colors, all this incredibly rendered on 7 years old consoles(x360,ps3).

I don't know how we can give a 10 for graphics like this. Really. People forget we're close to 2013. 2013.

I had some hope regarding the wiiu, but it looks like , excepting a few titles, Mario games and hd Wii shovelware will be the main dish.

I really hope the x720 or ps4 will be huge, and can give us amazing games, with out of this world graphics. About nintendo Wii u, well, I guess I won't even have 5% of the Samaritan demo graphics quality.

Nintendo, instead of making a touch gamepad which costs like 1/3 of the console, you should have put that money on uptodate hardware, with a monster graphic chip and a better CPU.I want to play my game, on my 60"3d sharp tv, and completely forget I'm holding a gamepad. But with yours, I'll need to touch the screen every 10 seconds , and my arms will hurt because that thing is massive.

With much better hardware, we could have something like these artworks, maybe not that good, but at least 10% of that quality. I would be running to the store, and would buy a Wii u, even at 1000$:

But no,all we will get is tons of shovelware, a few good 3rd party titles, and lots of marios in a bigger resolution, with almost no difference.with graphics like the new Mario u, you could have done it at 4k,8k resolution,or even 16k. No changes in quality.

We're in 2013, Nintendo. Stop relying on kids and parents and Zeldas/Marios/metroids/monster s/pokemons. You have one full year to sell your shovelware and marios to fans and kids/parents. Because WHEN the ps4 and x720 will be released, and those moms and dads will see almost pixar-like graphics and games being demoed on every store out there, the same thing will happen, like with the Wii: it will be a dust-collector piece of sh-it, under the tv, that even kids don't give a damn anymore, and sales will almost stop. and while 80% of buyers: parents, bought the first Wii and realized games were shitty, and kids lost all the interest, but it still sold really well in 2-4 years, this time it might end being a bit different : parents won't be trapped once again(still today, their wii is untouched, with dust, kids played the first months, and stopped), and with a higher price, a huge and heavy touch gamepad, with a bright screen that may hurt kids eyes, I honestly think they won't be running to the stores, to pick one Wii u. Times are tough, people wait, select, and invest on future proof stuff, that they may still use, in 4 or 5 years. Will the Wii u last 5 years? I personally don't think so. There are, like me, 160 million ps3/x360 users who will wait for the next installments. Only a few will buy the new Wii u, because : its really NOT a next gen console, and, most Wii u games will be released on both ps3/x360 (excepting Nintendo games), with at least the same quality.
I/we already have a hard time trying to buy the best games for our money, on 1 console, or 2. We won't take the risk of buying a wii u, for a couple of games.

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