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Submitted by GreenRanger 1176d ago | opinion piece

Xbox 720 Upgradeable Design The Solution To PS4 No matter what you think about the Wii U you have to admire the way Nintendo are trying to innovate with their so-called next-generation console, so when it comes to the Xbox 720 and PS4 we hope that something truly innovative is delivered when we finally see the release date for these expected powerhouses. One way this can be done with the Xbox 720 is by making it upgradeable, and it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard this, although as we move closer to a launch it seems more possible considering the speed at which PC hardware is advancing and also looking back at Microsoft patents. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Sony, Xbox 360)

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1176d ago
pc gaming for everyone!

Actually this would be better than pc imo if they offered say 3 tires of upgrades kits over time. Maybe every 3 1/2 years they would offer upgrade kits over the course of 11 years. That would give you more power and they could still do console optimization.

also this is not gonna happen.
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Welshy  +   1176d ago
This idea totally defeats the purpose of console gaming in my opinion.

When i bought my 360 and PS3, i bought in the knowledge that from that day on. every single game released would perform as intended and equally with everyone else for the next 4-6 years.

If consoles start to to hardware upgrades, they would be nothing more than restricted PC's.

With a PC, you can upgrade anything, anytime you want, why would i shell out £300-400 on something knowing that not all games in the future will run fully? Or having to wait for Sony or Microsoft to tell me when and what i can upgrade.

If consoles become upgradable, they will have completely lost their purpose and identity not to mention a whole lot of sales (excluding uninformed buyers).
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nukeitall  +   1176d ago
There is a big difference between this approach and PC. The main one is the PC path is riddled with nasty incompatibilities and pretty poor overall user experience.

There is no reason this upgradeable console can't have games that are still backwards compatible with the Xbox you bought and at the same time compatible with the upgraded part.

That means the developers only have to test and optimize the game with two versions of the hardware as opposed to gazillion with PC.

Retain all the benefits of console, yet make it current with the times. Sounds like a winner for me.
hellvaguy  +   1176d ago
"This idea totally defeats the purpose of console gaming in my opinion."

I kinda see your point, but if done right, I do like the idea behind it. I mean nothing can stay the same forever. Have to evolve or the competition will do it for you and take over.
DeadlyFire  +   1176d ago
Don't worry this doesn't mean anything about upgrades.

This is the specsheet layout of the Xbox 720. Nothing about upgrades at all.

Communication fabric = ARM CPU? Sounds so similar to this?

Other CPU/GPUs. 1 CPU/GPU each for Kinect 2/projector room, X360 compatibility, and X720 game design.

Yes? or No?
SilentNegotiator  +   1175d ago
"There is a big difference between this approach and PC. The main one is the PC path is riddled with nasty incompatibilities and pretty poor overall user experience"

Better, but it would STILL cause fissures in compatibility and the community.

Upgradeable consoles absolutely defeat the purpose of consoles.
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ShabbaRanks  +   1175d ago
Remember the N64 .... :)

I don't think its a bad Idea, but anyways RAM is so cheap now that next gen will most likely have 4gbs minimum. If not MS and Sony are retarded... The only thing missing will be the SSD that I will definitely get at the same time xP
Oh_Yeah  +   1176d ago
The name xbox infinite would actually make sense if it's upgradeable.. Hopefully it is. Every 4 years or so just release an upgrade kit instead of a whole new console...same case, different would save everyone including the companies a bunch of money.
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thawind  +   1176d ago
Jazz4108  +   1176d ago
Not to seem uneducated but please tell me what Tires has to do with this? I must be missing something Shutup?
JamieL  +   1175d ago
I think he meant tiers.
Mike134nl  +   1175d ago
Either way in some sense a new xbox720 or whatever will be upgradable to some extent with hard-drives and maybe some new face plates I assume .

Leaving a slot open for possible future ram upgrades like the n64 is possible. In Microsoft case I would guess any upgrade kits to the system would only influence the media and apps functions of the box and not the specifications needed to play games.

An additional processor might be included in kinect(2),but this is not a upgrade to the box.
chukamachine  +   1176d ago
PS3/360 already have upgradeable parts.


As for anything else, just no.

Already got a pc, don't need another one.

All console games must run the same.
PtRoLLFacE  +   1176d ago
it sounds good but is going to have a big impact on the design, in a consoles every component is glued to the motherboard reducing the size of the machine, the only way i see it, is having gpu, cpu and ram cramped to a different board with is own cooling system, and then make attachable to the motherboard just like pc graphic cards, if everything is separate like normal pc it needs a different cooling system for each piece, increasing the size of the console, and don't forget the power supply, i don't know how that will play out, but the idea it self is not bad as long as they don't make upgrades every six months lol
AAACE5  +   1176d ago
Believe it or not consoles used to be made with upgrades in mind. The n64 had the ram upgrade and an under slot for the disc drive that only released in japan. The sega genesis had so many addons it was sickening.

It wouldnt be hard to design a console that has slots to upgrade ram and gpu. But the cpu would probably have to stay in place.

It would be cool if we were able to swap out disc drives since those die out.
Bathyj  +   1176d ago
The RAM expansion only came out after they realised Perfect Dark was going to run like crap without it and it was a big game for Nintendo with alot of anticipation for it. It never would have released if not for that game.

And it was horribly under utilised by other games that came after that.

I can only surmise that the fact there was a slot even built for it that Nintendo knew the N64 was going to be lacking in this area from the start.
cee773  +   1176d ago
then why was it a slot for ram genius
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Bathyj  +   1176d ago
At least I can read
THC CELL  +   1176d ago
Sony owns a patent to upgradable consoles
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konnerbllb  +   1176d ago
They own a patent to do a very specific thing with their own console. They don't own a patent on upgradable consoles, that's ridiculous. Notice how Sony patented their own kinect technology earlier this year and didn't get sued into the ground by Microsoft? The same idea can be patented for different applications using different means of achieving what is patented.
ALLWRONG  +   1176d ago
@THC CELL Why the hell did you post that?
GraveLord  +   1176d ago
Never going to happen. The whole point of consoles is that you don't to worry about any sort of settings/requirements. Just pop in and play.

Why would someone buy an upgrade-able console when they can just buy a PC which would give you a much wider range of options.
Indo  +   1176d ago
Exactly. Everyone buys a console for the simplicity factor. If you want an upgradable system invest in a Gaming PC.
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BitbyDeath  +   1176d ago
Story Quality = WTF?

Consoles are popular because you don't have to upgrade.
Aside from Software you literally plug and play.

Why nerd it up?
Bathyj  +   1176d ago
So you would either have a console you could upgrade that no devs would take advantage of because it has to be able to run on the lowest spec machine,

or you would get games that take advantage of those specs, but everyone with the lower machine would be out of luck.

I really doubt devs are going to make games scalable for different hardware configurations. The whole point of consoles is to have an even playing field so the dev knows exactly what hes dealing with and then can get the most out of it.

And even if they did, it would only be slightly cosmetic differences. Theres no point to it.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1176d ago
I remember Jay Allard (if I got his name right) when he was still with MS he mentioned the possibility of them doing this with the 360 back before it came out!
Hicken  +   1176d ago
Not gonna happen.

The End.
3-4-5  +   1176d ago
2014 Xbox 720 launch = regular model

2016 xbox 720 upgrade = increased Ram or something else.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1176d ago
No PS4 dev kits yet, just sorceless anonymous rumors. I really wish we knew more about this system. The anticipation is driving me crazy. Maybe e3?
Npugz7  +   1176d ago
I doubt this will happen!
josephayal  +   1175d ago
PC Gaming will be Extermineta

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