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Hitman: Absolution Review | About

About: "Stealth fans won't like this, but the streamlining of stealth mechanics in games like Dishonored, Splinter Cell: Conviction, XBLA's Mark of the Ninja and now Hitman: Absolution is the best thing that could have happened to the genre. Appealing to a wider audience is a good thing. Allowing a range of play styles rather than just hardcore stealth is a good thing. Making you feel like an actual stealthy secret agent bad-ass, even if you're overpowered, is a good thing. Hitman: Absolution matches accessible gameplay with fantastic presentation and a ton of content to make a great overall experience that series vets and newbies alike will both be able to enjoy." (Hitman: Absolution, Xbox 360) 4.5/5

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