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New PSN Store Updated To Version 1.01

TSA: "The new PlayStation Store has been updated after its launch in October. We originally said that it would get regular updates with new features, and today the Store has started a move towards that with a mandatory 1.01 update." (PS3, Tag Invalid)

DevilRebellion  +   919d ago
I'm not particular fan of the new store. I still have to get used to it :S
iamnsuperman  +   919d ago
I personally never saw what was wrong with the older store except for the search function. I found it quite easy to navigate. New stuff is under new stuff, PSN+ was under PSN+......The new version is all right but like you said I need to get used to it
jaosobno  +   919d ago
I absolutely love the new store. It has sleek, modern look and is much more intuitive than the old one. Old store was a mess, stuff was all over the place. Luckily, store is now much more organized.

Its performance could be better, but that will improve over time.
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crxss  +   919d ago
new store takes FOR-EVER to load
jimbobwahey  +   919d ago
I think the new store is terrible. It's much slower, prone to crashes, harder to find stuff and even harder to buy things now as well thanks to having to click through so much just to purchase something.

The old store was vastly superior.
WalterWJR  +   918d ago
cbange your dns settings to something that works smoother with psn. i use opendns and the store has changed from a lag fest to being quite slick
BigStef71  +   919d ago
I am not a fan as well. Its so much harder to find things. I hate how they got rid of the boxes that were ordered in alphabetical order. That made finding things so easy
HammadTheBeast  +   919d ago
And they broke search.
Pushagree  +   918d ago
What's with all the agrees? The new store is blatently better than the old store. Much more organized and good looking to boot.

Sometimes I wonder about people...
sorceror171  +   918d ago
How do I find stuff available with Playstation Plus? That doesn't seem to have a separate category anymore.
wsoutlaw87  +   918d ago
@sorceror plus is very easy to find. Go to games then the second thing down is playstation plus.
People tend to get all upset any time anything gets a new ui. I find the new store much better. everything is still organized almost exactly the same just looks different. There is no more waiting for all the icons to load up and it looks way better.
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BitbyDeath  +   919d ago
The old store was broken and slow for me.
Often only 10 icons would load on a page before giving up and now everything is fast (once you get in) and i've never had any issues loading store items either.
Zefros  +   919d ago
Agreed, this new store is much faster for me.
ANIALATOR136  +   919d ago
searching through avatars on it is awful
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Ryan_Hay  +   919d ago
I find it easier then ever! Just click sort > older first and i found three awesome avatars from years ago that i never even seen before!
bub16  +   919d ago
bring the old store back, it loaded after a second of pressing X and didnt crash every 10 mins, its slow, the UI is glitchy and it cant seem to pan from box to box without losing some serious frame rates, all the games and trails i have tried to redownload are in weird places or i cant even find them so i have to spend 10 mins scrolling down a 6 year old downloads list. it may look nice. but its far from it!
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KrisButtar  +   919d ago
i found that the search doesnt work all that well, try looking up two worlds. also the whats new should be cut in weekly sections, as scrolling though 200 plus items is dumb when half of them are for rock band.
HateFanboys  +   919d ago
hey guys, dont know if its just me, but it seems faster and therefore smoother to me after the update, check it out and tell me what youse think
Hicken  +   919d ago
I didn't see the need for a new store, but nor am I having problems with this one.

Oh, well..
Tired  +   919d ago
Can you access it via remote play from the vita again? It sucked no longer being able to queue up a load of stuff ready to play when you got home.
Skate-AK  +   919d ago
I don't think so but they did acknowledge that it was a problem they are going to fix.
Tired  +   919d ago
Good news...Thanks!
Zefros  +   919d ago
Thing is everyone is used to the old store, so adapting to this store will take a bit time.
WhatchaTalkinBout  +   919d ago
where's the recommendation tab so i can send links to friends.. i miss that..... grrrrrowlll
fresh2death93  +   919d ago
The new one takes time to load... i had no problem with the previous version
KNero  +   919d ago
Everything else is fine. My only problem is that its too slow to navigate and purchase
garos82  +   919d ago
why don't they just implement move controls.new store looks cleaner but I prefer old store in terms of ease of use.will see how it pans out in future
black911  +   919d ago
It's all about the looks not performance. Not that I agree.
mayberry  +   919d ago
I too liked the "old" store better. The new one has 360 like sound effects(I like 360, just dont lose your identity sony!), hard to find the things "I" like! maybe i'm not used to it yet. my 2¢...
DrCoopz  +   918d ago
Lol me 2 but i finally got the hang of it..... sure u
will too
despair  +   919d ago
I wonder if they fixed navigation with the sony remote. It not a big deal but I use my PS3 for a lot of media so its a bit of a pain when I have to get and power on my controller to navigate the new store instead of using the bravia remote. The old store allowed navigation with it...still not a big deal but would be nice if they fixed that.
mushroomwig  +   918d ago
The new store seems a little unnecessary in my opinion. Back in the day we were forced to use that terrible web-based store until the new one was released and was almost perfect, no need to change it.
etownone  +   918d ago
Remind me of Xbox LIVE
ziggurcat  +   918d ago
yeah, not a terribly huge fan of the new store, but i think once they iron out the kinks, it'll be really nice, and it looks like they're doing that if they're patching.

also, i foresee a river of tears from crybabies whining about these updates, too.
AKS  +   918d ago
Got a bit irritated after not playing my PS3 for awhile that I had to update the firmware and install multiple things, and then when I finally got that out of the way I had to download and install yet another patch to even get into the Store. LOL.

The new Store is not too bad, but I think it takes longer to navigate. Improved aesthetics but slower navigation, at least until I get more accustomed to it.
Adva  +   918d ago
You know, in the PS BLOGCAST they had the PSN Store manager talking about the new Store.
What was revealed? Don't expect the new store to match the old store's speed in booting up. New Store is an app, and just like other apps it will take time to boot up. Old Store was firmware integrated thus faster boot time.

TLDR: New PS Store WILL NEVER boot as fast as the old store.
DrCoopz  +   918d ago
I thought they just updated this, did they do it again?
MYSTERIO360  +   918d ago
I do like the new store but it would of been great if the loading times were reduced and the playstation store logo was removed, when i accessed it to save time.

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