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Assassin's Creed 3 Video Comparison: Wii U vs. Xbox 360

Find out how the Wii U version of Assassin's Creed 3 compares graphically with the Xbox 360 edition. (Assassin's Creed III, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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iamnsuperman  +   679d ago
what is with these terrible comparisons. How can anyone really tell (never mind the comparison you can't really tell if the graphics are even good in general) from such a small screen/low resolution. Also side point but multiplatform games generally look identical across systems
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Daze311  +   679d ago
If you change the settings to 720 you can see some difference. The 360 has better shadows and more detail on some of the character. For example when he is writing the note on the ship. On his forearm you can see the straps a lot clearer. Also the WiiU graphics are much brighter then the 360 but that could be a user setting that they might of changed. It looks good but I would still pick the 360 version over the wiiU.
iamnsuperman  +   679d ago
Your grasping at straws here. The difference is minimum at best which is understandable as it is multi platform
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guitarded77  +   678d ago
Anyone else having a problem going full screen? I can't see any difference without going full screen.
SilentNegotiator  +   678d ago
"If you change the settings to 720 you can see some difference"

Not really. They're still about 1/4 of the resolution of 720p at that point.
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Argil  +   678d ago
At 720p, each video window is about 360p.

You could not possibly distinguish 4k from 480p (the native resolution of the original Wii). Think about that.
Hydrolex  +   678d ago
Nintendo is always one generation behind ! LOL Fanboys wouldn't want to admit, but just wait till 720 and PS4 come out
3GenGames  +   678d ago
Always? You act as if the 7th gen was the 1st. Ever before the Wii, Nintendo was top hardware and software dog. Now they're just software, but still, doesn't excuse ignorantly stupid statement like that.

Can't stand gamers today. I'm going to play SNES and call it done.
Army_of_Darkness  +   678d ago
The 360 version looks slightly better in terms of sharpness, contrast and graphical details.
vulcanproject  +   678d ago
The differences are indeed small but it also seems undeniable to me the 360 version has the edge.

Shadows in game are the most obvious one. This is especially obvious right at the very end when you have gone through the staged sections, and stood on the deck with the crewmans shadow.

In the cut scenes in particular when he talks to the captain then the Wii U version has no specular mapping on his face, while 360 does and it looks a lot better.

360 has better specular mapping on characters and objects to give them greater depth, like a shinyness on such surfaces like the inkpot.

The gap is very small, and most people will not notice. But Wii U is not up to quite the same assets as the 360 version.
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Lior  +   679d ago
This guy is such a damage control wii fanboy u can clearly see the difference nothing more u can say
Daze311  +   679d ago
Well on the WiiU their are some differences but that is just stuff that you have to look at with a close eye. Like for example if the 360 video was not their all I could say is that it looks much brighter then I remembered. Since we have the video you can see the difference. The one thing you have to look at this video is that he cut out the fight scenes. I would like to see that in action then just the in-game videos.
Daze311  +   679d ago
I watch the video again and this time I saw that on the 360 the main character, that guy blinks a lot where as on the wiiU he doesn't really at all. like he is on speed or something lol. But I hate the all of the characters eyes in the PS3 version I am playing they are all glossy and shine soo much it sucks. I want to see them with some more time on the WiiU version of games later on see come comparison videos then. like a 6 to 8 months times maybe.
chukamachine  +   679d ago
Only difference I noticed was the ink pot, 360 was shinny, wii u was not.
1upgamer99  +   679d ago
Who cares what the cut scenes look like. I want to see gameplay compared.
DEEBO  +   679d ago
uuggghhh! this makes me upset,i pickup the ps3 ac3 thinking its the only one that can do 3d,only to find out that the wiiu can do 3d too but with all the new gamepad features to boot.now i have pause or just pull up the menu for the weapon's,to fast travel or just mark something on the map.wwwwhhhhhyyyyy! the gamepad solves all of this and plus i need a third person on the wiiu.nintendo why did u say no 3d games was on the wiiu now im stuck with the ps3 copy.
Neonridr  +   679d ago
Nintendo never said that 3D games wouldn't be on the Wii U. They just said that they weren't planning any 3D games themselves. But they openly said the system would support 3D. And there was an article on here leading up to the release that an Ubisoft Manager stated that the Wii U version would support stereoscopic 3D.

Regardless, looking at the above video, not much can be seen at all. They look virtually identical, just one is a little brighter than the other.
Qrphe  +   678d ago
At least you got that extra AC3 content.
WeskerChildReborned  +   678d ago
Wii U looks brighter but pretty much look identical to me.
lilbroRx  +   678d ago
Is it me or did the Wii U version have effects that aren't in the 360 version? I didn't see as much fog around the ship in the 360 version. The ship itself seems to have better shadow effects on the 360 though though.

The textures on the face during the conversation are clearly higher resolution on the Wii U. You can hardly even see his eyes on the 360 or the crevices in his face because the lighting detail isn't as good.
ape007  +   678d ago
where is lens of truth when you need em
shackdaddy  +   678d ago
God I love that opening ship scene...

Anyways, the only big difference I can see is at 2:56. The face looks really weird on the 360 version for some reason. Also, the wiiu version looks a bit brighter in some parts while darker in others. That's about it though...
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jay2  +   678d ago
360's colours look better, shadows are more realistic, sorry Wii u's no next gen console here.
TemplarDante  +   678d ago
It doesnt matter how these comparisons look, to the grandma's, soccer moms and casual gamers, the Wii U version looks slightly better than The Matrix.
Argil  +   678d ago
The video is downscaled to to less than half the original resolution, and hence completely worthless.
League_of_Draven  +   678d ago
Looks like PS3 > Wii U > 360
ALLWRONG  +   678d ago
Cocaine is a hell of a drug
3GenGames  +   678d ago
Stupidity is one hell of a drug.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   678d ago
@ 3GenGames

Stupidity is not a drug.

Your attempt at being witty is a very poor attempt.
Thepcz  +   678d ago
the truth about wiiu assassins creed 3
it may look similar, but what you don't see are the hidden details being rendered in the wiiu version.

in the wiiu version, every human character has their entire body anatomy (down to blood cells) rendered in real time. thats every bone, every muscle, every strand of hair, every micro organism rendered in real time. This helps to create a sense of realism in the wiiu version above and beyond the ps3/360 versions.

also, the wiiu version is not just rendering what you see of the environment. the wiiu version takes place in the universe. what you see on the screen is actually taking place in a real time render of the entire universe, galaxy, solar system and earth- in real time.

so, everything in the universe, from entire galaxies, down to grains of sand- all rendered in real time in assassins creed 3, while you play.

The wiiu version simulates every element on the periodic table. so that is a scientifically a accurate model of oxygen that those characters are breathing. the oxygen even circulates through the characters lungs.

there are many other groundbreaking and innovative uses of the wiiu technology in the wiiu version of assassins creed 3, but most cant be seen with the naked eye.

even the plants actually photosynthesize in assassins creed wiiu, and their pollen actually blow around and land in soil to grow new seeds. in real time. they aren't flat pixels that sway, or simple polygon models, they are fully functioning, computer generated plant life.

its suspicious how nobody ever mentions these additions
Studio-YaMi  +   678d ago
You're either being REALLY sarcastic .. or maybe blind u_U ?
MRMagoo123  +   678d ago
If you cant tell thats a very funny joke you are blind, how more obvious can it be that its a joke lol its soooooooooo over the top. Deary me ppl on the internet just get dumber all the time. @thepcz that was very funny lol.
MadMen  +   678d ago
Xbox dominates.
Trekster_Gamer  +   678d ago
Wii U? more like Pee U
sorry just saying
Studio-YaMi  +   678d ago
Umm ... check out the faces of the main character on 2:55

The WiiU version is washed out and with no lightning effect at all !

and when the ship scene was playing(with the song) I swear I can see more lightning effects coming from the sea on the 360 version than on the WiiU one !

What gives ..? :|
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Npugz7  +   678d ago
Wiiu is a joke for any hardcore gamer!
eagle21  +   678d ago
You aren't hardcore then. Ooops! :p
Nevers0ft  +   678d ago
It's very 50/50 is you ask me. Considering how low resolution the respective windows were it's hard to compare but personally I think the 360 had richer colours but the Wii U was better contrasted. The 360 had an extra reflection here and there, the Wii U didn't make that guys face look like it was polished.

Taking all into consideration, they both look pretty damned good any if you think one of those is actually "better" than the other then you're looking too close and need to step back from the Redbull.
chronoforce  +   678d ago
looks similar, i heard Ubisoft are going cross develop games for the old and next gen when for at least 2 years. The next gen version's will probably have better lighting, run at 60 FPS, higher Res and more detailed textures. It might not be as big of a difference we might have hoped for. This is only Ubisoft though, I wonder who else might adopt this strategy, we might not see a real a next gen game for a while.

the link just in case anyone thinks I pulled the Ubisoft thing out of my arse

Braid  +   678d ago
Watch Dogs. Yeah, I hope they do this for Watch Dogs. No way it's going to run as good as they showed on a current gen console.

On the topic: stop comparing game versions with low-res flash videos. That's just not going to work.
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claud3  +   678d ago
It's just an attack
Deku-Johnny  +   678d ago
You can hardly tell but the Wii U version is ever so slightly better, you have to pause it every so often to pick out the differences but they're there. The Wii U version has slightly better textures and lighting. I think the main part you can see the differences is between 50 seconds and 1 minute, when the boat is sailing into the distance, if you pause you can see the 360 version starts to go blurry and you can't see any of the detail whereas on the Wii U version you can almost perfectly see all the details of the back of the ship, another main point where the differences are clear as day is when they first enter the cabin, at about 2:53, just before the guy in the brown coat leaves the shot you can see his hair has much better colouring and detail and then a few seconds later it cuts to a close up of Haytham, the 360 version looks pretty bad and you can see the Wii U version is tons better at that point mainly notcie there that you can see his pupils on the Wii U, the 360 version's eyes look like black balls of death. It's looks to be only as much better than the 360 version as the Wii U version of Black Ops 2 is better than the PS3/360 versions respectively. It's very clear that Ubisoft care about this console with this and ZombiU.
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pedroyamato  +   678d ago
Look pretty the same, xbox got some better light effects but the wii u is a port so...
anyway, both are superior than the ps3 version
josephayal  +   678d ago
nintendo What happen?
ThatsGaming  +   678d ago
Wow, 360 really is holding up well! Year 7 almost complete and it is being compared to a 2012 console.

Yes, the Wii U looks better, but these comparisons make 360 look good because it is still decent in comparison.

I haven't bought Wii U and this does not convince me at all to buy it. If anything it justifies my wait and see approach.
Smokingunz  +   678d ago
Stupid comparison. The wii u in some scenes have just a tiny bit more detail. They both look the same.
XINTSUAI  +   678d ago
The diference is that X360 has RGB gama complete and the WiiU limited.
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Getowned  +   678d ago
Looks better on Xbox360, I like how the xbox version looks over all compared to the wii u.
cyhm3112  +   678d ago
wii u version is worse, lacking frame rates, details
mochachino  +   678d ago
Well at for the first time in years, PS3 and 360 fanboys have ceased attacking each other...their contempt for Wii U has united them judging from the comments over the last few days.

It's possible that peace between the 2 console Kings will last all the way up until an official next gen console reveal.
shempo  +   678d ago
when nabs nintendo fangirls even dare to compare a 7 year old console against a 2012 one, then ofc they all bashing the mario kids.

We will see once the ps4 is out how the weakU fangirls will do once they see AAA sony studios exclusives games putting the weakU games to shame
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