10 Unforgettable Video Game Bosses's Jon Batzios writes,"Clearly, the addition of bosses in games is something that has lasted until the present day, and will most likely continue to prove itself relevant in the video game industry. Given the number of bad guys we gamers have slain over the years, I think it’s safe to say that there a few that stand out more than others, that make us feel nostalgic, that make us cringe, that give us that feeling of accomplishment, and so on. Highlighting them all would be quite the task, but hopefully the following list will resonate with you, as they have done with countless fellow games over the years.

Which of these bosses are on your list? Dial that tube T.V to channel 3 and get ready to press start, because we’re about to find out."

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nassour1947d ago

Funky list, i gotta say some of them were obvious yet others not so much, nice nostalgia!

djslimzz1947d ago

Why is Sephiroth not in this list? He's so F in beast

nassour1947d ago

I find him, Ganon, psycho mantis too cliche to be here

Welshy1946d ago

I'm sorry... but did you just call the Psycho Mantis cliche on any level?

That was one of the most 4th wall breaking, most creative bosses of all time, if not ever.

there is a reason he ends up on these lists time after time and you are allegedly missing it =/

Hicken1946d ago

He was underwhelming, to me. By the time I got to him, all I could see him as was an overpowered mama's boy.

bootycandy1947d ago

This list seems to be biased towards Metal Gear (seriously, 2 of the 10?). like @sexygamer_89 said, Sephiroth definitely should have been on that list. Ridley could have made that list too. I don't necessarily agree with this one.

djslimzz1947d ago

It is a good list, but sometimes...I find that 10 isn't enough

DevilRebellion1947d ago

At first, when I saw Ganondorf from Wind Waker, I had to disagree, because the fight can last a mere 3 minutes. But the author redeemed himself when he included the Puppet Ganon stages of the battle. Yes, THEN it is one of the greatest final confrontations!

nassour1947d ago

well the best confrontation for Ganon has to be the Twilight Princess one

Perjoss1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Gears of War 2 fish boss was really cool!

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The story is too old to be commented.