Microsoft discusses hardware shortages, fuels GTA IV fire

During an interview with, Microsoft's David Dennis answered some questions about the company's recent problems with hardware shortages.

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sonarus3779d ago

msoft needs to restock heavily for gta4. GTA4 is expected to drive serious console sales plus there is a rumored price cut. It would bite for a consumer to want to buy a 360 for GTA4 and its sold out then the sales person recommends you can buy it on ps3.

Anything but Cute3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

understand that. Sony will put commercials about it, just like Microsoft. And that's all the mainstream will see.

power of Green 3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Still going to be differences in what the two companies will be able to boast.

The differences will be in every TV ad, in every shop, on the more than likely bundles boxes, on shop windows.

It will get the same amount of hype as the game releasing on day one for 360 too.

sonarus3779d ago

GTA4 is multiplatform but msoft has arguably more riding on GTA4 than sony does. It will sell well on both systems and will push game sales on both systems but msoft will be pushing it harder than sony will. After GTA4 what major game can msoft put weight behind considering their weak exclusive line up. Multiplatform line up this yr is very strong so msoft went be too hurt but both companies can't afford to drop the ball. they need to keep fighting for my dollars

power of Green 3779d ago

You mean not as hyped up exclusive lineup.

sonarus3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

well however you want to call it i personally dnt think ps3's line up is that hyped only mgs4, killzone 2 and resistance 2 are hyped right now underneath you still have infamous, gt5, socom, tekken 6, white knight chronicles, LBP and a host of other exclusives that arent so hyped. I dnt mean to count but as far as 360 games expected for 08 and ps3 games expected for 08 i think ps3 not only leads in quantity but in quality. But it will always be a matter of opinion. Hype isnt something that companies build up its sumthin gamers build up. If 360 games arent getting hype its because of general lack of interest by the gaming media and general gamers. Don't make it seem like its someone's fault that 360 games arent hyped.

Blankman3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

@power of green with your numerous accounts. X360 line up is weak thats why it is lacking hype. What games are you looking forward to on 360. I bet you are looking forward to all of them because there are so few to choose from.

shine13963779d ago

insightful. V. insightful.
Bubbles are coming your way....

wageslave3779d ago


"sony will advertise GTAIV"

I cant imagine you are correct. I believe that the Publisher and Developer is responsible for marketing.

What makes you think otherwise? Sony doesnt pay to advertise 3rd party titles. The industry just doesnt work that way.

When you see that series of "exploding black consoles" the ones with that garrish rock music, what titles do they advertise? That's right, its all first party titles.

I dont know what makes you think otherwise. SHeesh.

3779d ago
rhood0223779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Except when those same commercials advertised: MGS4 (third party), Burnout (third party) and Madden (third Party)

But thats what you meant, right?

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niall773779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

on the spot.

both systems should stock up for the GTA4 release.

360s will sell LOADS for the extra DLC which you know MS will advertise like crazy

PS3s will sell LOADS for the GTA4+MGS4 summer of goodness which you know sony will advertize like crazy

for once the summer system sales will be decent

sonarus3779d ago

obviously both systems need to stock up but 360 is the one with the supply issues. PS3 cannot afford to be sellin out nothing more irritating to want to buy a ps3 and its sold out. PS3 needs all the momentum it can get

eagle213779d ago

And they know it too. The exclusive "GTA 7" will be released on PS3. If you visit amazon worldwide charts, Playstation brand is the ONLY brand STILL moving the older GTA game units worldwide. The PSP GTA's moved 3.5+ million each. The spin-offs of those games on ps2 sold over 3 million each! The GTA IV + Metal Gear Solid 4 combo will be hard to top! And there are 6 more HOT games plus HOME and the Blu-ray official win that will happen May/June 2008. GTA will no doubt sell millions of copies on 360, but the hardware winner worldwide will be PS3. And in the long term GTA IV will sell more on PS3.

Willio3778d ago

i have a PS3 and i dont care about "GT7." Thats way too far in the future and off-topic to how it will affect March-April console sales. In my honest opinion, i don't think it will push much hardware sales as people believe, because the consumers who loved the GTA series are most likely to already own a ps3 or xbox.

hotshot1273779d ago

are ONLY on the ps3 and then drop the price to 299.99 also presenting the fact that bluray is the ONLY HIGHDEFPLAYER OUT ON THE MARKET.

niall773779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

all the good press they have got over Blu Ray and with the 360 having a shortage I would be shocked to see the ps3 outsell the 360 again this month in the USA since MS are still talking about these shortages