Official HD DVD obituary a matter of days, not weeks

On Friday, rumor spread fast that Toshiba was about to bail on HD DVD, following a string of unhappy news for the HD DVD camp, beginning with Netflix and Best Buy's decisions to throw their weight behind Blu-ray earlier in the week. While a Toshiba marketing exec denied on Friday any definite plans to bail on HD DVD, in the past two days sources have come out of the woodwork to tell Ars Technica and many other publications that the HD DVD machine is grinding quickly to a halt. Yesterday, Reuters reported that a source said that "Toshiba was in the final stages of planning to exit the HD DVD business."

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niall773801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

in only a month HD DVD went from pretty decent to dead format of the decade

mikeslemonade3801d ago

They're done. This a huge step for blu-ray and the PS3. It's clear that Microsoft was funding Toshiba to continue but they're smart to just stop the nonsense and admit to losing.

crunchie1013801d ago

Hurry up Universal, I want King Kong and Bourne on Blu-ray

RJ20003801d ago

Yeah KK would be nice! I was so PO'ed when I heard the Matrix's were HD-DVD. Gotta get those on some Blu Ray!

NEO_X3801d ago

Honestly I expected more people to defend it and say stuff like "It's all rumor I say!!" but honestly when rumors like this start to circulate and no one from Toshiba will deny it for two days the answer is pretty obvious.
If they were going to stick around they would cut this whole thing down because honestly I work at a electronics store and everyone here is already under the impression that hddvd is dead.

lodossrage3801d ago

1- They are just tired of it


2- They finally got past the denial stage and are in acceptance mode

Skerj3801d ago

I feel bad for them, but it was a gamble and most of us knew how it was going to turn out from the beginning.

GlossGreen3801d ago

a winner and a loser. This format, it was Sony's turn to win (since they lost so bad with beta-max). I do feel bad about the people that bought HD-DVDs. It really is a shame that the discs won't work on other systems.

resistance1003801d ago

i only feel sorry for those who invested not knowing the current state of it or those who got them as Xmas presents, 99$ players at Walmat etc

The don't however feel sorry for those who invested in them after knowing that HD DVD was losing and those who backed the format in forums.

moparful993801d ago

Im going to play devils advocate here for a second. Betamax didnt lose as you say, it didnt become the media standard for home videos but betamax has been used for nearly two decades for broadcast and professional taping purposes. Sony lost the average consumer market because of the porno industry backing vhs, mostly because vhs was cheaper. So technically sony didnt completely lose where as hd-dvd will dissapear and toshiba lost alot of money on the format.

Willio3801d ago

hmm Toshiba article to Porn. interesting indeed.

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