Capcom Director Bails Out

Sources claim that Antoine Seux left from the company without giving a motive. How this will affect the company has yet to be seen, but Capcom France superiors claim that no negative repercussions are expected from his departure.

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bootycandy1793d ago

This news does not affect me in the slightest. I can't say I'm a big fan of Capcom, their single contribution to my life was their involvement with Zelda. Apart from that, it's like a fart that goes unsmelled; doesn't affect me.

nassour1793d ago

ya seriously specially after all the debacles they've had the past few years!

Yi-Long1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

... but lately it's been all about GREED, not about quality.

Which is pretty sad.

Captain Qwark 91793d ago

they used to be one of my fav devs!!! imagine being in my spot lol, oh how the mighty have fallen.

nassour1793d ago

It's absolutely true, during the PS2 era things were flying for Capcom, look at them now

Tdmd1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Capcom has done one good thing this entire generation imo. Ironically, it was a game most people didn't care about: dragon's dogma. The last time I was really excited about a capcom project was years ago with the dreamcast release of code veronica! They used to be my fave game company in the marked back then...

Tetsujin1793d ago

I actually liked Dragons Dogma despite it's a walking simulator - but still a fun game, I was almost done with second play through when I started getting into Kingdoms of Amluar (sp) and never found the time to revisit.

Back in the 90's, you mention Capcom and a game sold just on that name alone; and the arcades had about 80% of their games (outside just Street Fighter), however now it's games that have on-disc content and having to pay twice for what you should already be entitled to in the first place.

SaiyanFury1793d ago

I loved Dragon's Dogma. For me they've only done TWO good things this generation. The other would be the recent and fabulous HD remake of Okami, one of last gen's best games. I don't have any other Capcom games other than those two. They did some great stuff on the PS2, and even more on the PSOne. Man, I miss Breath of Fire...

djslimzz1793d ago

Too many important people from the industry are bouncing out...shame

tehpees31793d ago

So many big wigs exiting Capcom these days. Eventually they will hire the mods up at Unity as employees because all their Public Relations people left and nobody else will do damage control for them.

KrisButtar1793d ago

Crapcom, who cares, maybe back in the day they were good, but not now along with EA

MasterD9191793d ago

I'm not sure how much of a role Capcom France had in any of the franchises that I enjoy, but if this guy had anything to do with any portion of the DLC-model they use, good riddance!

Capcom could easily be redeemed if they were set on a course for the right direction, instead of profits (that they miss out on anyway).

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