Thousands Of Scalpers Auction Wii U Only To Break Even

GR writes: "The Wii U may have quickly sold out on its first day, but online auctions show that there's more to the formula than meets the eye."

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dbjj120881796d ago

I wonder what the MOST anyone paid for a Wii U was in this entire pre-release gray market....

lilbroRx1796d ago

To many people had the same idea. Serves them right.

JonnyBigBoss1796d ago

Serves you right! Go Nintendo?

V0LT1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I wonder if no one is buying as many of them or if Nintendo actually made a decent amount of supply? They are in stock pretty well around here.... I went to pick mine up @ Gamestop yesterday @ 11am and no one was around.. It seemed a little weird...

darthv721796d ago

and asked if they were doing amidnight launch for the wii-u. this particular location wasnt doing that. They had all of their preorders notified and were not getting any leftovers so no sense in creating a pandemonium.

Their midnight launch for halo 4 and COD BLOPS2...yeah that was crazy.

V0LT1796d ago

Cool. I'm kind of glad there may be a decent supply out there. I can't stand these resellers snatching them up keeping someone else who loves gaming from buying one without getting ripped off....

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