Gamestop Black Friday 2012: Official Ads Include More Deals After Leak (Full Version)

Techtorial: Here's the full version of Gamestop Black Friday deals for this year showing several items not included from the leak last week.

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black9111616d ago

Where are the Xbox Live Cards?

thaaceman1616d ago

So basically they have...........nothing compared to other stores as usual.

Tr10wn1616d ago

"XBOX 360 250GB Holiday System Bundle with 3 Free Games (Skyrim, Forza 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2) – $249.99" Holy shit dude if thats nothing....

Agent_00_Revan1615d ago

That is the one and Only 'Deal' I see. I find it amazing that the largest retailer for games never has a decent sale on Black Friday.

At least they have the decency to hold Buy 2 Get 1 Free on used games. But thats the best they can do.

Mounce1615d ago

Good deal or not....Sooo, what of the people who already have an Xbox 360? Lol.

eferreira1616d ago

Hope Canada gets some deals

dan-goes-forth1616d ago

I wish UK had a 'Black Friday' PS3 250GB with a total of 5 85-95 meta games for $199, ridiculous price.