PlayStation Plus Update: Instant Game Collection Comes to PS Vita

Posted by Morgan Haro // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms -

This is the week we’ve been waiting for as PS Vita officially joins the PlayStation Plus membership with the Instant Game Collection, which now delivers six PS Vita titles in addition to the lineup of 12 PS3 Games. Don’t forget that in addition to the free games that come with your membership, PS Plus also delivers PS Vita benefits such as discounts, online storage for game saves, Automatic Updates, and auto Trophy sync!

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Baylex2039d ago

I already have all those games.. so... no ps+ for now!!

Neo Nugget2039d ago

PS+ on Vita doesn't *just* give you free games, ya know.

Baylex2039d ago

Yeah I now... but if you have or if you're going to get ps+, it's not because of the free games? Yes it is! So I repeat,no ps+ for now until I see that it brings me good stuff.

guitarded772039d ago

Man, if someone doesn't have a Vita, this is the week to get one with the $200 Vita/game bundles and PS+ giving away some awesome games. I almost wish I had waited... but the Vita has saved me so much boredom when I have to wait at meetings, work, school, etc.

FunAndGun2039d ago


I'm getting one on black friday for sure.

ABizzel12039d ago


Then download the games and sale your copies. Win-win.


I know, I wish I had waited as well, maybe I can get my money back. Still have the receipt from February :D

2038d ago
andibandit2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )


Not only games, it also does EMail.

2038d ago
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LOGICWINS2039d ago

Credit to Laticspieman. For all you PS Plus members, I have it on good authority that we’ll be getting Uncharted 3 next month along with Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Limbo, Star Wars Force Unleashed, God of War Origins, BLOPS 1, Journey, Deathspank, Burnout chase, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier , SOCOM 4, RE4, Code Veronica X, and Mortal Kombat some time in the near future!

Check out the short PS Plus montage after 1:25. It clearly shows games that have already been on PS Plus(RDR, Borderlands, Scott Pilgrim, Starhawk etc.). The montage is clearly an indicator of the free games that will eventually make it to the service.

Btw, I highly recommend any PS Plus members to download Payday: The Heist. Awesome AWESOME game!

HammadTheBeast2038d ago

IF this is true. Then I almost feel bad for taking this much stuff for only $50 A YEAR!!! Makes it seem like XBL owners are getting robbed blind.

jrbeerman112038d ago

Im now sold on black friday vita bundle and plus membership.

Hicken2039d ago

Do you have all the discounts, too? And the automatic updates, and the cloud saves.

No, probably not.

xursz2039d ago

cloud saves are going to be a blessing for sure.

Shikoro2039d ago

Yes, everything is there just like for the PS3. The Vita automatic update is just perfect since I almost always have it on standby so it doesn't even need to turn itself on. Can't wait for the firmware to hit in a few hours. :D

Baylex2039d ago

All those disagrees are because you people doesnt have all those games ahah I have so suck it up!!

Aceman182038d ago

i think they r disagreeing because if u have PS+ on ur PS3 you'll automatically have it on the vita, so ur comment was kinda useless in a way.

its great that its coming to vita with all the benefits the PS3 gets.

showtimefolks2039d ago

Everyone is starting to realize how much value there is with psn:plus. Next gen ms better have something special otherwise if psn stays free and psn:plus offers great content from day one on ps4 than xblive will get a run for ts money

When I signed up for psn:p,us around e3 I got more than $100 worth of free stuff within first month for a service that costs $5 a month

People who hate on psn:p,us are the same ones who don't mind paying for xblive

for we are many2039d ago

Same here, I have all those games, besides, I already have PS3 Plus

LOLOLLOLLOLLOLOL on the disagrees Baylex got, he merely said HE will not get Plus FOR NOW, because he already HAVE those games, and some of you disagree-rs may not have Vita or PS3 Plus in the first place. Damn, those people just WORSHIP Sony !!

violents2039d ago

If you have plus on yur ps3 already than you have it on the vita too. Your premium membership is connected to your login not the device.

for we are many2039d ago

@ Violents: I know this, and I didn't say that Plus is a bad service espicially if you do NOT have a vast game collection already purchased, I was just expressing my amusement over the counter-common-sense disagrees Baylex got and how it reflects the rabid responses from Sony fanboys which plague this website.

IRetrouk2038d ago

You think its only sony fanboys on this site? How long have you used n4g for? I didnt hit disagree but i do disagree because ps plus is a brill service thats worth every penny. If you have the games sell them and then download them. Simple really

violents2038d ago

I wasn't disagreeing i was just adding my two cents. PS plus is awsome My vita games just doubled!

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Blastoise2039d ago

Dungeon defenders is a pretty cool game, hopefully this will mean more people are online

sashimi2039d ago

I have most of those games but music unlimited and sorcery seems like deals i should pick up. Hopefully ppl are willing to take the plunge with psn plus & Ps vita combo.

LOGICWINS2039d ago

Sorcery will most likely be free on PS Plus a couple months down the line. Even at $12, I wouldn't get Music Unlimited personally. If I wanna listen to music I'll just use my free Pandora/Youtube apps.

Peppy la Moca2039d ago

Newegg has Sorcery for $10

sashimi2039d ago

^^thanks for the heads up, i just got Sorcery off newegg. Hopefully it'll arrive b4 thanksgiving so me and my friends can chill and have fun with it.

Also i know i could always listen to music on youtube or Pandora but i like its offline feature and depending on its Asian catalog i might just pick it up.

LOGICWINS2039d ago

Yeah, for offline, Music Unlimited just might be for you :)

1Victor2038d ago

link please.
we plus members are been spoiled compared to other services

blusoops2039d ago

$12 for music unlimited seems like a steal.
I'll definitely try it. Plus u can store songs on the vita for playback while not on a network. Too good to pass up...