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Why the Wii U Doesn't Get It

With the recent release of Nintendo’s Wii U, much has been made of the company’s continued disinterest in the importance of graphics, even this late in the game. The Wii U, while not a particularly underpowered machine, is not a forward-thinking device. Nintendo, perfectly satisfied with releasing dated technology that is supposedly comparable to the aging Xbox 360 and PS3, continuously writes off the fact that graphics matter to gamers. Whether you’re a retro gamer or someone who obsesses over plant tesselation, graphics are an important component of video games that shouldn’t be ignored. (Nintendo, Wii U)

tehpees3  +   513d ago
The irony behind this article is Nintendo used to make some of the most graphically advanced systems.
MegaLagann  +   513d ago
Shh, no one remembers the SNES, N64 and Gamecube.
fossilfern  +   513d ago
THANK YOU! I have been saying this for a while! People have forgotten how powerful the SNES, N64 and GC were.
Moncole  +   513d ago
Many people started gaming this gen and think Nintendo always made weak systems because of the Wii.
Yi-Long  +   513d ago
The SNES was great...
... both in terms of 1st party games as well as 3rd party game.

The problem started ofcourse with the N64 and continued with the Cube and Wii, in that there just wasnt enough quality 3rd party support across all the 'core' genres, so many of these systems lacked a nice library of serious race games, sports games, shooters, etc etc.

Not sure what to make of the WiiU. I had high hopes when Nintendo announced they were aiming to please both the core as well as the casula gamers, but so far I don't feel they delivered on that promise, and most of the recent news has been disappointing, from launch-games being disappointing, to 5GB updates, to system-locked accounts, etc etc.

Not in a hurry to pick it up. I doubt I'll ever will, which is a real shame, cause I'm sure it will have some quality releases.
bothebo  +   513d ago
Maybe you have forgotten that Nintendo completely changed their marketing and development strategy?
guitarded77  +   513d ago
I picked mine up yesterday with about 20 other buyers in line. The interesting thing was all buyers were mid 20's - early 40's core gamers. I think most core gamers own every piece of hardware they can afford, and understand it's all about the gameplay experiences. I'm a computer scientist (glamorous title I know), but I could give two poops about specs... I'm concerned with games. All that said, I do have a few "not likes" about the Wii U after spending 12 straight hours with it yesterday, but the "likes" far outweigh them.
Godmars290  +   513d ago
No they didn't.
They made 8 and 16 bit systems. That is all. That is all there needed to be really.
KenAdamsNSA  +   513d ago
And all of them weren't used to their potential by anyone but Nintendo. That's not their fault necessarily, but it speaks volumes about their timing and the way they view the industry.
DrVosknocker  +   513d ago
Wrong...Actually Rare did, and they always beat Nintendo on technical prowess (although Yoshi's Island was pretty sweet). BTW, I used to be a Nintendo fan, til Wii and Wii U...
DrVosknocker  +   513d ago
The Disagrees are from young or uninformed gamers...donn't forget NES..also for all the disagrees. Go watch old Nintendo ads! They're catch phrase was Nintendo Power! and they always talked about their power.
jmc8888  +   512d ago
"Now you're playing with POWWWWEEERR!!!!"
eagle21  +   513d ago
The sad part about these noob gamers is they don't understand why Nintendo sells so much. They think of Wii Fit and not Link To the Past. pfffft!!!
NYC_Gamer  +   513d ago
Wii-U is only for those who enjoy Nintendo first party software..
Venox2008  +   513d ago
I'll just enjoy all good software :)
Deku-Johnny  +   513d ago
Wii U is for those who enjoy everything gaming has to offer instead of just 'core' titles.
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KenAdamsNSA  +   513d ago
I thought the Wii U was Nintendo's attempt to appeal to those very "core" gamers?
jimmy98   513d ago | Spam
Trago1337  +   513d ago
i usually don't care for console graphics, because i already have a PC, but do Nintendo's art styles REALLY need bleeding edge tech? i mean, sure, third party devs are potentially screwed, but nintendo games end up looking amazing. Look at the Mario galaxy games.

the way i see it, if you only plan on owning a Wii U next gen, may God bless your soul, but if you're really getting hung up on graphics, then get a PC, you'll have the best graphics ALWAYS.

it's like console gamers care about graphics, but don't care at the same time. if you're gonna have all the systems, or at least two systems next gen, and you know you're not getting multiplats on the Wii U when the others come out, why do you care in the first place?

i'd like to know please.
Venox2008  +   513d ago
my next gen will be with PC & Wii U and maybe PS4 if the games will be good on it.. but Wii U & PC in the first place

I'm not a graphics maniac, thats good.. I always laugh when I see comments, that on x console are better shaders, on y console better shadows.. but mostly game looks the same on each.. for me Wii U graphics will be enough, for me actually PS2 graphics level is alright, I even love retro games.. but mostly I am a console gamer, not PC, but I love indie games on PC :) I hope I answered your question.. or maybe not :D cheers :)

btw Nintendo games..yea, for me even there are better looking games on Wii than on HD consoles, they are soo colorful, art style, music and everything else.. I hope Wii U will get lots of exclusives from 1st, 2nd & 3rd parties great games.. plus I wish luck to Sony (not Microsoft) :D
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Trago1337  +   513d ago
yeah, i plan on owning all the systems next gen. i'll get the majority of my multiplats on PC, not unless there's exclusive content on one of the console version, like AC3. I'll have all the exclusive games on each of the consoles, it's a win win situation.

and yeah, even if you don't game on PC, most people who visit this site will own multiple consoles, so it's still a win win situation. even if the Wii U had better tech in it than it does now, i STILL wouldn't care, i rarely buy multiplats on nintendo platforms anyhow.
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Venox2008  +   511d ago
edit to my comment :)

I wish luck to PC, console and handhelds, but not to smartphone gaming, because it is killing proper gaming
dark-hollow  +   513d ago
Nintendo cannot afford to get into a pissing fight with giants like Microsoft and Sony.

Gaming is their bread and butter and if they sold a mega powerful expensive console at a loss and nobody bought it they are in deep shit. Not like Sony or ms who can rely on their other departments to ease the loss and push the console till it breaks even.

They know what they are doing and they know people buy their systems for their exclusives. There is a reason why they still in the hardware business for more than anyone else while Atari and Sega failed miserably.
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Captain Qwark 9  +   513d ago
well to be fair at the moment sony cant even afford to piss in a bathroom because they can barely afford the rent and yet they are making it work
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Kalowest  +   513d ago

Captain Qwark 9 is right about Sony. Nintendo is worth more than them right now. If Apple or MS felt like buying out Sony they could sadly.
KenAdamsNSA  +   513d ago
I don't think Nintendo is in as bad a financial crisis as you think... :/
Deku-Johnny  +   513d ago
All of Sony's departments are in big trouble, if their gaming department goes down they can't rely on other departments in fact even if Sony's gaming department is successful next gen there probably won't be a PS5/6. Nintendo could afford to make huge losses for the next few generations and still be able to make consoles.
Npugz7  +   513d ago
With nintendo not giving a crap about graphics its gonna bite them in the ass next year when the 720 and PS4 showup. Yes go ahead nintendo fanboys disagree with me all you want but that's the reality of it!
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Deku-Johnny  +   513d ago
Yeah because lack of graphics bit them in the ass with the Wii didn't it?
StraightedgeSES  +   513d ago
If this turns out like the Wii 3rd patry support situation Nintendo should do what Sony is doing and create more new IP's.

@zeldatriforceofpow But the Wii didn't get all the major games that the ps3/360 had. So if the same thing happens to the Wii U and they created New IP's like Sony at least the New ip's would be able to make up for the lack of 3rd party support.
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zeldatriforceofpow   513d ago | Spam
Captain Qwark 9  +   513d ago
this articale is dumb. the wii u doesnt cut it for a few reasons so far but graphics arent one of them. while important they can be given a pass, tech all of us console gamers give graphics a pass everyday by not having bleeding edge pcs.

wii u doesnt cut it for me because its online network is completely behind the times. its network would be acceptable if this was 2006 still but its not. they have watched the competition constantly evolve their networks into the two beast they are today and even though i still dont like psn's UI you have to give major props to sony for trying their hardest ( despite annoying updates practically monthly ) to catch up to ms and in some ways they passed, in others they are still behind. nintendo drops a new console and they are still behind, at least playstation has the excuse of working hard on two networks ( ps3's and ps4s ) at the same time so if it were to come out as aged as wii u's i could almost understand but nintendo barely did anything with the wii and apparently they barely did anything with wii u either.

i would have gladly accepted the wii u as more or less a 360/ps3 with a tablet controller. in fact thats what i had hoped and that would have been next gen despite being graphically inferior to the xbox 3/ps4. but that being said, its still behind the current gen systems in terms of online, apps, graphics ( which will pass them soon though im sure ), and features. all it brought new to the table was the tablet......

as of now, im disappointed and waiting. its launch games did look solid though. i hope in time they add cross game chat, transferable accounts, achievements/trophies, the rest of the apps promised, etc
zeldatriforceofpow   513d ago | Spam
zeldatriforceofpow   513d ago | Spam
DeadPixel  +   513d ago
I like comment that the mainstream are uninterested or unaware of the Wii u launch, I guess that means that the news is lying and it didn't sell out in a day nearly everywhere in the US and gamestop also must be lying about its record pre order and sales lol WHAT A GIANT BELL END!!!
BananaEatingSquid  +   513d ago
The Wii U may not have the most amazing graphics in the world, but that doesn't mean it's not fun! I've been having a good time with mine since I bought it yesterday :)

I played Ocarina of Time for the first time a few weeks ago and didn't care at all that the graphics weren't realistic... still had a blast with it. I'm sure when the game was launched the graphics were freaking amazing for its time though.
bitboi  +   513d ago
It's the games that sell. Not the graphics. Look at the Uncharted series for example or even Killzone (both on ps3). Those are some of the most graphically intense games put out this generation, yet they didn't move systems or sold no where near the level that they should have. Especially based on this articles assumption that the graphic fidelity of a game sells it.
Sizzon  +   513d ago
the Uncharted series is selling good and is selling units, Killzone? not so much.
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   513d ago
Uncharted started on PS3.
Mario started way back so it has more fans and has nostalgic feel because we all played it as children.

btw. Uncharted 2 was game of the year and it had great reviews. I would say that proves it's great game.
" As of December 2011, over 5 million copies of the game had been sold "

do I need to say anything else ?
i don't think i'll ever have as much fun with a game as i did Uncharted 2
coolman229  +   513d ago
While I do hate Uncharted for a number of reasons, the games do sell. I'm sure that the series has moved some systems at least.
SegaKnuckles86  +   513d ago
Graphics is the least of my concerns in a video game. I want a good game. But most games I like to play are from third party developers and this is something Nintendo failed with on every console after the SNES. Look at the Wii, people that still play that console only play it for Nintendo's franchises which a number of their common franchises amounts to a small handful. Sure, developers like BioWare are starting to port their games to a Nintendo console, but that is only because the Wii failed to enter the ball park with the 360 and PS3 and finally released a console that can play those games.
MsmackyM  +   513d ago
The Wii U will outsell the the next generation xbox and playstation. They will also have great 3rd party support. True graphic hounds will always have the PC,which the playstation or xbox can't compete with. As far as resolution goes most households already upgraded to 1080 HD displays and I doubt they are willing to upgrade again so soon. With the economy spiraling Nintendo positioned themselves well for the next gen race.
mrbojingles  +   513d ago
How is 2GB of RAM comparable to 512MB? In that it's MORE than that?
MariaHelFutura  +   512d ago
It`s slower.
ylwzx3  +   513d ago
The title of this article should be "Why N4G doesn't get it"
here's my logic...
you can buy a wii u once you own a ps3/xbox360/gaming pc

if you don't have any of those yet then why are you buying a wii u?-if you buy a ps3 then you get a whole generation's worth of games cheap. If you buy a wii u then in the end of it's console generation it might, and probably won't have as many amazing games as ps3 had. Or on the other hand it actually does and you have to pay 60$ for every game and wait for them to have to come out.

Bottom line: if you haven't beaten any of these games then i wouldn't suggest buying a wii u-(excluding multi-plats)Journey, Metal Gear Solid 4, Halo 4, Shadow of the colossus, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and Clank a crack in time, Starhawk mp... and many many more

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