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Submitted by jaggernaut25 1181d ago | opinion piece

6 Reasons Why Xbox Live is Failing 10 Years Later

This past week was the celebration for Xbox Live’s 10 year anniversary. While this is the PlayStation University, congratulations are in store for the service that brought online gaming to the forefront of the console experience first off. Before Xbox Live’s inception on the original Xbox, online interactions were mostly limited to the PC community. PlayStation Network is still much younger than its Microsoft counterpart, but Xbox Live could learn a thing or two from how Sony has been running its online portal. (Microsoft, PS Vita, PS3, Sony, Tag Invalid, Xbox, Xbox 360)

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jon1234  +   1181d ago
ive seen so much of these damn reason articles.... take your reasons and shove them!
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LOGICWINS  +   1181d ago
This would be better titled, "Why PS Plus > XBL"
Thats all it is really. In the end, people will continue to enjoy both.
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Donnieboi  +   1181d ago
More butt kissing for bubbles?
LOGICWINS  +   1181d ago | Funny

What is it with you and kissing butts?
tehpees3  +   1181d ago
Why bother with PS Plus when you can get PSN for free?

I am aware of the constant stream of free games but honestly I'd rather have a free online service. It is robust enough to stand against XBL.
deletingthis34675334  +   1181d ago
How the hell is it considered butt kissing when someone actually stated fact?
kreate  +   1181d ago

Cuz he is a stealth troll and he has a mod as a friend so if u speak against him, the mod will bubble him up and bubble u down.
Temporary  +   1181d ago

In other words...he is a loser who thinks he's important because his mod friend wont let him get debubbled.

On Topic:

PS+ is amazing.
alb1899  +   1180d ago
It seems I'm the only one happy with xboxlive, I jus don't like psnetwork but I haven't try the plus one.
robertajohnson2   1180d ago | Spam
Cam977  +   1181d ago
This is true. The model is growing old and needs refreshing.
NeverEnding1989  +   1181d ago

That's what the title should be. Instead, Playstation University inappropriately uses the term "fail", a popular term for today's fanboy.

Microsoft, with the help of Xbox Live, is making billions of dollars whereas SONY and PSN are either losing money or struggling to make ends meet.

Great article, PSU
zebramocha  +   1181d ago
Yes,because you are a technician working with Sony so you know how much they may or may not be making.
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Hicken  +   1181d ago
Sorry, but I don't care how much money they're making off it.

I care about what I get out of it. Live is giving me... oh, they're giving me nothing. Hmm...

Plus, on the other hand... well, I don't need to go over that again. By now, you're well aware of what Plus offers for the same price as Live. You know there's no real comparison as far as value is concerned.

"struggling to make ends meet."

You got a source for that? Or are you just another of those people talking out of their asses?

Yeah, I thought so.

Edit: @homer

I haven't stuck my head in the sand. That's stupid. Of course I want Sony to do well. But them making money doesn't mean anything to me if they're not providing the games and services I want.

Sony is in a tough spot, but they're not "failing." They're laying people off as part of a restructure, something people that keep harping on their condition seem to forget.

I'm in gaming, though, for the GAMES. As long as Sony's making the games, they'll be getting my money.(In any case, it's not as if it's the Playstation division that's killing them; it's elsewhere. With that in mind, why does it seem like people take every opportunity to make it seem the opposite is true? That's odd, isn't it?)

If my desire for good gaming and gaming features considered "fantasy land," then I think there aren't enough gamers who are with me.
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homer  +   1181d ago
I wish I could stick my head in the sand and ignore Sony's financial woes much like you have. Sony corp is failing. They are laying off employess left and right and their stocks are still falling. Their credit rating is one above crap. I wish I could live in your fantasy land.
Kurt Russell  +   1181d ago
A lot of disagrees for homer, but he is right. Sonys stock is only rated 1 above being trusted at the moment.
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violents  +   1181d ago
Actually the gaming devision of sony is making a profit. Its all their other brands that are tanking. And I doubt ms makes all its money from gaming.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1181d ago
@Never Ending...

How do you get any disagrees for what you said? N4G, that's how. What you said is right. Xbox Live and MS are laughing all the way to the bank. That's why Sony came out with PSN+ They want to make some of that cash from a monthly subscription.

That's the ONLY reason they made that. SDF crack me up on here. Probably because it's mostly like 15-17 year olds.

And great article.... 7 years later, and now xbox live is starting to fail to the playstation site.

Cool Story Brah.

EDIT.. LMAO at the faithful claiming that Live has ever been hacked. :D Ha ha ha ha ha ha... People getting their accounts phished is far FAR from a service getting hacked like PSN was. Brought down to it's knees and crippled.

B-b-b-but xJohnny134X had his account phished that affected nobody but himself... THAT MEANS XBOX LIVE WAS HACKED!!!

Oh brother.
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Temporary  +   1181d ago
I feel bad for these children that dont know the value of the dollar...

Yes...Xbox Live is amazing and a better service than all others. Keep telling yourselves this...

And Midnight right above me ^^^ dont know if you read what you post...but your school system has definitely failed you ... as well as your parenting and anything else that was a factor in developing that pea brain you have.
ILive  +   1181d ago
I am really starting to believe that people are missing parts of their brain. In an article that talks about Sony and Ms respective services, people are bring up the fact that Sony is in a financial woe. Do you people really want Sony fail? What does tha have to do with the article? Do you know what that could seriously mean for gaming? Let Sony worry about Sony because they will be alright.

When asked to list features that makes live online vastly superior to the pen online, a person on this site wrote:

Custom Music
Smart Glass
Party Chat
Skyrim Dlc
Better graphics in multi plats.

Oh brother! One person also stopped using psn entirely because it got hacked once by people who justed wanted to prove something with the hacking rather than steal. Again, oh brother!

I will say it again: when it comes to strictly gaming online, live is in no way superior to pen and that is the truth. That is no fanboy BS. For instance, say Halo 4 came out on both consoles. Would I buy it for the Xbox? No. Because I know that all I have to do is pop it in the PS3 and play. I actually wanted to play Halo 4 online, so I opted to get live for three months. It would have set me back $24. Its not a lot of money, I know. But I just payed $60 for Halo 4 which only lasted me 6 hours on heroic.
NeverEnding1989  +   1181d ago

Sony's financial issues are completely relevant when discussing who is failing.

And Halo 4 would be horrible on PS3. Why? The same reasons why Live is better than PSN. Party chat allows you to speak with your friends (no 14yr old kids chatting away like on Killzone 3) and every Xbox owner has a microphone. You wouldn't talk to people on Halo 4 and people couldn't talk to you. You wouldn't enjoy multiplayer because of it. Personally, I've put about 30 hours in the Halo 4 campaign, but I plan on spending 95% of my total Halo 4 on multiplayer. Starting to get the picture?

Let's hope SONY leans from past mistakes this gen and gives Live a run for its money next gen which will force M$ to up their game. All gamers benefit.
ALLWRONG  +   1181d ago
A service that continues to outshine and outgrow it's competitors is failing? Wake me when PSN gets party chat and doesn't need 100 patches for everything.

PSN = hacked
Live = hack free
skrug  +   1181d ago
The PSV has party chat. ;) No PSN update needed for party chat, it's all in the software on the device.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1181d ago
I agree that Live isn't "failing," but wake me when I don't I have to pay to play mp online on Live.

Live= Fee
PSN= Fee-Free
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ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   1181d ago
Live has been hacked a few times, just not in the proportion PSN has been because the hackers didn't put their heart into it, therefore M$ never had to release a statement, stop the service, etc...

All 3 console's networks have been hacked in this generation.
atreyu_-  +   1181d ago
Yea but after they were hacked i quit using PSN like i used too. a lot of my friends moved on and it was never the same. their free stuff does not matter if no one is on line or talking, the fact they do not even have proper custom music this long into the cycle just shows how much PlayStation sucks. I just bought a PC and I am loving it over my PlayStation. My PlayStation has become my Blue ray player, i still play the occasional game on it, but the fact that they can not give the consumer basic functionality is just plain sad. PSN and PlayStation sucks get over it.
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TheSaint  +   1181d ago
But they did get hacked. Both consoles have had their share of hacks. Do you not remember when XBoX accounts got hacked?
Gamer1982  +   1181d ago
Indeed Live has been hacked a few times this generation aswell. No service is hack free even the Pentagon gets hacked.
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JasonKCK  +   1181d ago
Xbox Live has never been hacked. There have been PC phishing scams where people give up passwords, but never hacked. Where do you people come up with this crap? How about you provide some proof to back up your claims? Just one link, thats all Im asking.
DigitalRaptor  +   1180d ago
" Wake me when PSN gets party chat and doesn't need 100 patches for everything."

PS Vita = party chat. As for the patches, can't confirm that, but I haven't heard much about that on Vita.

So yeah.. a handheld is offering that. PS4 is around the corner, and by then, purposefully ignorant fanboys like yourself will have to be the ones doing the waking up - or not, and keep paying for a service that is offering you stuff that other services do for free and with similar efforts.

The reason PS3's network doesn't have certain features of XBL is because of RAM and OS footprint limitations, it's not because Sony are inadequate, and the Vita proves it. Do you think Sony are just being lazy or not listening to the HUGE percentage of people who want some of these features?

I honestly hope people like you are ready to take in what you will see when PS4 hits as far as PSN goes, because I think some of you are just hell bent on dragging down Sony because of PS3's system RAM limitations.

And you'd have to be the one to prove to me that you're the closed off fanboy by telling me Xbox Live is hack free? Yep, again, ignoring the evidence and pretending like Xbox's security is so much finer, when if Anonymous wanted to, they could EASILY hack Live. If they've been there, done that with Government(!), I don't think big old Microsoft could stop them. I don't even have to ask you if you think they couldn't, because I know you do already.

Anyway, Xbox Live is bloody great as an overall service, but my main gripe with Microsoft is that they charge you for the basic right to access online games. They hold for ransom your right to access a VERY simple feature such as connecting to other players to play games, something which has been a free standard for god knows how long.

Forget all the other features, they might be worth it for a lot of people, but charging for basic access is unacceptable in my opinion. Charge for the ADVANCED features, and leave the basics for free. In fact you people need to do what PC gamers did and say "NO!" because otherwise they'll keep charging for things they don't need to and disrespect you as consumers i.e. Netflix subscription within subscription.

Besides, when you can see a service like Steam does everything XBL does and for free with MORE flexibility and MORE value, and the fact that PS+ exists, it's not hard to see who's getting short changed here.
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TheXgamerLive  +   1181d ago
I knew from the title a sad sony site was responsible.
Ha Ha! Lemme see for less than $4.99 a month we get the very best online experience hands down on Xbox Live.

MS/XBOX continues to proctect and improve our experience all the time and is currently miles ahead of anything sony has to offer. Sony video game division lost hundreds of millions if not over a billion since the ps3.
They have learned a lesson and have adopted the psn plus and soon that will be their norm otherwise they will keep falling farther and farther behind.

Nobody is going to go to psn from XBL. why would they want to go backwards to something less than.

I love my Xbox XBL and the weight of a butt hurt sony website wont change that.

PSN tries to copy and never leads. Thats reality.
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Pillsbury1  +   1181d ago
Xbl is miles ahead of psn? Please elaborate and list all the features that psn doesn't also do. I had an Xbox and sold it because I was tired of being raped for cash by m$. Other than party chat which is a system limitation I can connect with friends and play online the same way. Please explain you're reason for wasting money to just play online when ps3, pc and Nintendo do not charge.
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atreyu_-  +   1181d ago
Feature list-
Custom Music
Party Chat
Smart Glass
Better Graphics in Multy platforms
Skyrim DLC

Just a few things you should have on ps3 but do not. Like i said my PC is my Favorite now. I had now idea how great playing your own music in a FPS could be, till now. Sony sucks, my pc even does 3D better.
forevercloud3000  +   1181d ago
what? half of those things have nothing to do with live service but the console's hardware. xbox live offers ability to play online and cross chat, thats about it.

ps offers online play standard, some games have custome soundtracks, and a few games being marginally better on 360 doesnt change the fact they r multiplat titles who r largely the same. ps3 gets exclusive content too u kno, ala aciii. ps3 also has more exclusive games that blow most of what is available multiplat or on 360 out the water...period.

plus offers instant games collections, auto update features, 1st beta entries, free addon deals, discounts galore on popular games, cloud service.
Nes_Daze  +   1180d ago
You are seriously a deluded sad little boy. Only reason Live is an inch better than PSN is because of party chat, which, by the way, is exaggerated as the best thing ever, when in fact, it's not. I've gotten about 6-7 free games for $50.00, and you just got party chat for the same price and th ability to actually play online....Yes, Live is way beyond PSN....-_-
DiRtY  +   1181d ago
Why is an article from "Playstation university" approved. They even write "Micro$oft" or "M$". This is not better than a random forum-post on N4G and N4G is known for the most retarded community in the web.
Knight_Crawler  +   1181d ago
Playstation bias here -_-

Trust me, if Sony could charge for to PSN they would but the truth is Sony can NOT and had no option but to make it fre. Sony loss a large amount of fan base to MS and Nintendo becuase of the ridiculus price of $600 for a PS3, the fact that were acting all arogant with statements like Nexr Gen does not start until we say so and get two jobs to afford a PS3 did not help either.

Sony has put there self in a hard place becuse they marketed the PS3 as free online and if they start chargeing for the PS4 the fans will revolt, also PSN is playing catchup to XBL so if Sony starts chargeing for PSN they will have to offer something better than XBL.
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otherZinc  +   1180d ago
Again, Ridiculous!

$10Million, 10,000,000! Is what it cost M$ to make Forward Unto Dawn. We saw it for FREE! Those that purchased Halo 4 Collectors received another version as part of the package.

That is one of the added amenities among many you get from XBOX Live, a great film that follows the #1 exclusive on the console!

There are several comments on this thread that state many factual reasons for Live's Dominance. I need not reiterate such obvious facts, Live needs no patches for new games 99% of the damn time.

"You get what you pay for".
braydox21  +   1179d ago
I watched forward unto dawn for free as well but it didn't cost me anything and i didn't need an xbox to see it. and if what i hear is true its coming out on disk, which means ill be able to watch it on my playstation.
Sony360  +   1180d ago
Failing = losing money.

Are the falling behind with Xbox Live, or are they still making too much money from it?

My problem with Xbox Live is that they charge you to play online. I hate it, they suck for making everyone pay to use their own internet connection.

Does that mean the service is failing?



(Note the source, Playstation University)
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stragomccloud  +   1181d ago
Because more people are adopting PCs and PSN is FREE!!!! That, and the paid PSN service is actually really great in the value it provides to the consumer.
LOGICWINS  +   1181d ago
Even though it won't happen, this is why I would like the PS4 to come out before the 720. In 2005, the 360 came out, and misinformed consumers were led to believe that paying to play online was the norm. If the PS4 comes out first, consumers will flock to it and slowly understand that when you buy a gaming platform, the ability to play online should come with it.
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stragomccloud  +   1181d ago
I agree completely. The issue now is that so many people are on XBOX Live that they have a community that is hard to break away from. I've been trying to talk more people into joining PSN instead. Once people come to expect free as the norm, then Microsoft might be forced to lower or eliminate mandatory costs for online play in order to become competitive. Since I've been a PC gamer for years, the idea of actually paying for something like multiplayer is just a completely foreign idea.
KwietStorm  +   1181d ago
I said the same thing about when XBL was new, but I never looked at PS4/PSN in the way you just put it. That would be interesting, if not pathetic, in seeing how easy it is for the average person to be led down a path. I wouldn't be surprised if a percentage of people saw PS4 come out first, boasting free online connectivity, and were blown away by the money saved.
kneon  +   1181d ago
And don't underestimate the power of the gamer score. There are plenty of people that are unwilling to move because they will be starting at 0 on another platform.

Yes I know that is totally lame but unfortunately such people exist.
ILive  +   1181d ago
If Ms would just stop charging for online, all this fanboy BS would stop. If people would just stop paying to play their games online, all this fanbou BS would stop. I just don't understand the logic behind paying for the service. For instance: I can access YouTube freely on the psn but cant on live unless I pay for it. What?
Blacktric  +   1181d ago
Exactly. What have we got after paying to play online for 10 years? Barely anything that would give the money's worth. Only thing people are saying to prove it's worth paying is; the system is "secure" and never hacked (which is not true of course and it also had its share of serious problems). XBL never deserved the money people've been paying for it and still doesn't. Especially when playing online on PC and PS3 is free and when you get free games each month when you decide to pay the same amount in PSN's case. But of course, that never stopped people from claiming that PSN is an inferior service due to being free.
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KMCROC  +   1181d ago
Don't know about hack proof or secure, it just comes down to the system i mostly game on,where my friends , peers & family game while socializing with one another. it come down to preference.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1180d ago
But This title makes no sense? How has Live failed 10 years later what does that mean? If Live was "failing" 10 years now 5 years ago MS would of pulled the plug on it? If Live is "failing" then why has the service gotten better year after year?

If Live was "failing" why have they provided AAA Arcade games and releasing F2P games. If Live was "failing" why do they continue patch, update, improve, secure, moderate its service?

Now the biggest one. If Live is failing then why do people continue to pay for the subscriptions and new users boom every holiday?

Yeah who ever submitted this needs to take this down its fanboy feeder. Btw those reasons hold no wait and are subjective.
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Xenial  +   1181d ago
Agreed strago.
#2.3 (Edited 1181d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
dubt72  +   1181d ago
Cam977  +   1181d ago
In terms of value for money, that is completely true. I can only see fanboys disagree in that statement.
LOGICWINS  +   1181d ago
YUP, unless social media features like X-game chat take priority over a steady stream of great games each month for only $50 a year. If thats the case, your not a gamer.
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KMCROC  +   1181d ago
So by having no issue with paying for live & looking forward to doing so , would that be considered a diagree or a prefernce in choice.
LOGICWINS  +   1181d ago
If PS Plus gains mass popularity, people will eventually see that they are getting ripped off by Microsoft. Thus Microsoft will be forced to make XBL free and/or offer more value to the service...thereby directly benefiting YOU.

Assuming your a rational/prudent human being, wouldn't u rather spend $0 on XBL than $50?
rainslacker  +   1181d ago
Your probably the only person I know that looks forward to paying a bill. I mean I love PS+ and find it worth the money, but still don't look forward to renewing it just because I have to spend money.

Other than that, yeah if you find value in paying for live it doesn't matter what someone else says. It's your money and your free to spend it the way you like.
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WeAreLegion  +   1181d ago
Live is a wonderful service, but Steam has every Live feature and then some...yet, it's free. I'd say the PSN is on-par with Live, at this point. That doesn't even include Plus, which sometimes makes me feel like I'm getting away with murder!
Donnyskillz  +   1181d ago
once again ill say it, people are only UPSET with live costing because its where they really want to be. i never see any xbox live lovers (fanboys) or whatever you chose to call them bringing up the psn network, because they simply coud care less, but i constantly hear about how live cost...why does it worry people, if you did t want it, it should be an after thought, but the truth is if xbox live were free...thats where all the crying people would be...ON XBOX LIVE...HAHAHAHAHAHA
BlackTar187  +   1181d ago
well for instance if the practice is backed over and over it will be come the norm thus affecting the entire industry of consumers.
rainslacker  +   1181d ago
I see plenty of xbox fanboys bring up the PSN network. The whole "renting games" argument and such. It's their justification as to why PS+ isn't worth it and xbox is. Some insecurity on both sides of the fence, and truly outside the vocal fanboy base, most people couldn't care less.
braydox21  +   1179d ago
i don't know why they say that stuff i get to keep the games that i get from ps+ even after the subscripton has expired.
rainslacker  +   1179d ago
The free games you can't play after your subscription ends unless you renew. The ones you purchase you get to keep though. I believe there were one or two free ones that continued to work, but I don't recall what they were.
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SOULJER  +   1181d ago
READY. Psn fan boys, and Live fan boys. FIGHT!
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1181d ago
Lol Don't forget live fanboys have to pay just to get in the ring for their own fight.
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Nes_Daze  +   1180d ago
LOL, Well said.
rpd123  +   1181d ago
Except that it's not. Also, giving away free consoles has absolutely nothing to do with Xbox Live itself. Automatic updates are not essential at all, there are rarely updates to Xbox Live to begin with.

Advertisements are not even a problem. I don't even spend time on the dashboard. It may seem odd to some, but I actually use my console to play games instead of staring at the dashboard and fuming about ads. Most of them aren't even ads, they're just showing stuff that is new to Xbox Live. I agree with trials v. demos though.

And, I'm sorry, I like PS+ but the argument that you get free games is completely invalid. First, you're paying for the service. Paying in no way equals free. Second, it's only yours if you keep subscribing. So it's a paid rental, not a free game you can keep.
ToxicTaco  +   1181d ago
Well said. Guess a biased article is to be expected from PlayStation University.
kayoss  +   1181d ago
" I like PS+ but the argument that you get free games is completely invalid. First, you're paying for the service. Paying in no way equals free. Second, it's only yours if you keep subscribing. So it's a paid rental, not a free game you can keep. "
How is it invalid... That's the main drawing point of PSN+ is the free games and discounts... If you make that invalid than what is there to compare it with Live? Yes you keep that game as long as you subscribe... but I will pay $50 a year to get up to 7-8 free games a year to play versus $50 a year just to access multiplayer and no free games. More often than not, i will finish each games in less then 2 months and get new ones to play.
rpd123  +   1181d ago
It's invalid because they aren't free. Do you pay for them? Yes. Then they aren't free. I agree, I would pay for PS+ and get a nice instant game library to play, as well as discounts, any day. That doesn't make it free.
kayoss  +   1181d ago
I know you dont have more bubbles so im going use one to reply to you. You are right its not free, but Its a better offering and better incentives than xbox live. Dont get me wrong I have Live right now to play Halo 4, however the problem here is that im not into multiplayer gaming but I still have my netflix and Hulu account. Why do i need to have live to play single player and to access other media apps that I've already paid for? Why do i have to pay double to access Netflix? for me i have two console so i can use my PS3 for those but those who only have the xbox they are pretty much getting cheated.
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edonus   1181d ago | Spam
Animal Mutha 76  +   1180d ago
@ Edonus

That's probably the most sensible and unbiased comment I've read on here today - agree mate.
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lionelbodestrung  +   1181d ago
I agree that it is a paid rental service like netflix and the like and you do lose the games if you stop subscribing. However what if people stop subscribing to Live? They lose online gaming, any of the apps eg. youtube and any other thing they are subscribed to like Netflix. So really the whole "not free games" is completley irrelevent
DonMingos  +   1181d ago
"Automatic updates are not essential at all, there are rarely updates to Xbox Live to begin with."

It's not about the OS updates, it's about automatic updates for everything, like games, patches, etc.
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ILive  +   1181d ago
They are talking about the value of what you are getting out of the psn as opposed to live, when paying the same amount for both. Free games definitely add value. I also believe you get to keep these games.
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rapidturtle  +   1181d ago
When PSN started getting on par with Live a few years back, what does MS do? They raise the price another $10 a year. The best part is, people still pay. I can't really fault Microsoft. If anyone wants to send me $60 a year for nothing, I would take it also.
blackout  +   1181d ago
What is this for? Don't buy it if you don't like it. Shit everything the psn has done is biting off live. There just putting there own spin on it. Sony has to do what there doing to compete with live. Loosing money is not good for business, something that sony will never get through there heads.
kayoss  +   1181d ago
So you logic is that Sony copy Live... how bout this then Nintendo copied the atari when home console first released, Sony then copied Nintendo with the PS1, then Microsoft copied Sony. Most product out in the world today are copies of each other, its just what kind of different innovation and uniqueness you can add to it. I agree losing money is not good, in that sense you are losing $60 a year to microsoft so that you can access live where as PSN is free to access so I wont be losing money at all...
Tetsujin  +   1181d ago
"What is this for? Don't buy it if you don't like it."

Then explain how to play online if Xbox is all you have for gaming needs; and the argument "not my fault people can only afford one console" doesn't work here.

"Shit everything the psn has done is biting off live. There just putting there own spin on it. Sony has to do what there doing to compete with live."

One can argue "Sony is proving you don't have to rip off customers to get the same experience free elsewhere." I had live twice (Once on Xbox and once on 360) and I saw no value in paying for something that I can get better elsewhere; whether its PS2/3 or pc even without the racism and trash talking kids.
Dsanders34  +   1181d ago
Two gamers (one ps gamer and one Xbox gamer) goes to the video game store to buy the same game at the exact same time. The both arrive to their homes at the exact same time and pop in their game disc in their respective systems at the same time. Who's drinking a beer, smoking a blunt gaming first?? The Xbox gamer. We all know this, nobody can deny it.
Hacks? I've been on Xbox live 9-10 years and have never had my account hacked. Phished maybe but never hacked and the phishing didn't get me cut off live for anywhere near a week, let alone a month.
Look guys, especially ps3 whiners (please please fellow gamer, get on ps3!! Please!!, it's on par with Xbox live --NO IT'S NOT!! Stop saying that bullcrap!!) it's my money and I'm gonna do what I want with it, and if I don't want to give it to Sony, so phucking be it!! Quit your whinning and go play your damn game!! Geez!! It's like the dude above said, you don't really want to be in the ps network, you're actually wanting to be on Xbox live. Otherwise you'd happily be sucking your thumbs, masturbating while you wait on your game to finish installing on that lame azz system (psn) of yours. But noo...Xbox, Xbox, Xbox is all you's thinking of. Lol end rant
Tetsujin  +   1180d ago

"Hacks? I've been on Xbox live 9-10 years and have never had my account hacked. Phished maybe but never hacked and the phishing didn't get me cut off live for anywhere near a week, let alone a month."

I've known people (myself included) who was hacked from Live; called customer service, and all we received was a "sorry," called a second time and someone who you can tell didn't speak fluent English answered and still acted like they couldn't do anything; and this was 3 weeks after purchasing Live; And If you want to take it further, it was an email I had back when I was in high school (1999). For the PSN hack, yes it was frustrating however I had plenty of offline games at the time I played, completed, and when PSN was back up again yes I did go back online; but what happened Xmas of 2007 on live again?

"It's like the dude above said, you don't really want to be in the ps network, you're actually wanting to be on Xbox live."

If I wanted to be on Xbox Live, I'd pay and be on Live, not PSN. When I was on Live if I wasn't judged for my nationality I was a target for mouthy teens and kids who cursed when their parents weren't around. I refuse to pay to be talked down upon when I can go outside and get that for free.

"it's my money and I'm gonna do what I want with it, and if I don't want to give it to Sony, so phucking be it!! Quit your whinning and go play your damn game!! Geez!!"

Exactly, it's "my" money and I chose to spend it on something I like and feel comfortable with - PS3.

"Otherwise you'd happily be sucking your thumbs, masturbating while you wait on your game to finish installing on that lame azz system (psn) of yours. But noo...Xbox, Xbox, Xbox is all you's thinking of."

Is that what you're doing right now instead of gaming on your 360? I'm waiting in line to purchase something and your the one going on about how you favor Live over PSN; from your rant it seems your trying to make up for something - especially with an account that was made less than 20 days ago. Your attitude is a big reason why I'm glad I left Live alone after Microsoft refused to help.
KillerPwned  +   1181d ago
The one thing that always pissed me off about Xbox Live is for a lot of demos you have to have Gold in order to play them. They are demos and should be completely free to everyone! Along with the online play, I am not innocent, as I used to be big into Xbox Live since it first started on xbox and then went a little into the 360. But when I got a PS3 that changed everything and the introduction of PS+ just completely destroyed the idea for me to ever have live again even at that time I did not have it anyway.
SJPFTL  +   1181d ago
lol your stupid you can play any demo for free with a silver xbox live account
KillerPwned  +   1181d ago
Must of changed it then, I haven't had a xbox in a long time either way don't care.
Bigpappy  +   1181d ago
XBL is failing?! I had no idea this was the case. Who was this conclusion reached?
I do understand that some do not like the idea of M$ profiting from a service they think should be offered for "Free". But I don't understand what is meant by "failing" if the membership continues to grow along with the profits. PSN+ is here because XBL is so successful.
MasterD919  +   1181d ago
After 5 years of tenure, I'm growing tired of paying for Live. Still amazed that people disagree and say that I should be paying for Live...

Don't get me wrong, I love it and think the service is great, but at the end of the day I know I'm being charged for features I never use. They need to go down to a plan-level of services to offer. If I want all the Live extra stuff, then I ought to pay for it...If I just want to download occasional games and demos + play online then it ought to be free. It's that simple.

I expect a hell of a lot more regarding next gen's Xbox Live successor...the value better be there or it needs to be free. It's costing gamers a bit more than it should. And a 2 day pass included in some games is a slap in the face when I've seen 2 week passes included as well.

Get with it MS!
Zha1tan  +   1181d ago
The biggest problem for me with xbox live was how they charge you for it then they dont provide servers for their games.

Instead they focus on getting all this non gaming crap onto the console like twitter, facebook etc etc

When really most people have computers and or phones that do these jobs better you have to ask yourself why are you trying so hard to make a gaming machine something it is not MS?


They take my money and use it for useless crap while they could improve the gaming experience which is what the xbox is at its core.
ItsTrue  +   1181d ago
"They take my money and use it for useless crap"

Useless? Tell me what has no use.
Zha1tan  +   1181d ago
Facebook, twitter, youtube, sky player, sports channels, news channels, BBCi player etc etc etc

It goes on and on when people already have multiple devices which can provide for all these things in a far superior formatt.
ItsTrue  +   1181d ago
Oh I see, you're one of those people who doesn't socialise online or watch youtube videos.
josephayal  +   1181d ago
I'm happy playing Xbl with my friends
i love xbox live and I gladly pay my $60 every year
deletingthis34675334  +   1181d ago
As long as people bend over to MS's cash grab, XBL won't fail, and believe me MS is a pro at making tons of people think it is a good idea to pay for something that is free everywhere else.
Jazz4108  +   1181d ago
So next gen when sony makes ps plus mandatory than I suppose the thinking is its ms fault. Screw off ps and ps uni i will do what i want and will with my own money and make my own decisions and dont need some biased site to shove there religion down my throat.
vlonjati77  +   1181d ago
To people that say PS+ its a rental service-well techically it is.But I judge it this way,when I subscribed I think -Ok,im paying $50 for lets say LBP2 & Infamous2 and the rest of the games for the whole year are FREE.Its been 6 years I live in Canada & boy I see so many brainwashed people here that bend over.People If you wanna save money there are many ways enough using the brain.
There is difference between spending money(PS PLUS) & wasting money (LIVE) My Opinion.
ALLWRONG  +   1181d ago
Failing? maybe on planet NO.
Profexxion  +   1181d ago
Last time I checked, I paid $59+ for the entire game, not access to the single player with additional fees or codes needed to access online play. PS+ > Live
Max-Zorin  +   1181d ago
PSN-Good service
XBOX Live-Good service

Their fans-A bunch of misguided extremists
#20 (Edited 1181d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Tetsujin  +   1181d ago
Some of the arguments about PSN and Live seem "bandwagoned" and not from actual experiences, or the majority over dramatize a non existent situation. When (if) I post something about PSN or Live it's from a personal standpoint and I also try not to downplay something outside something negative I had to deal with - in this case Live with the racist kids and people half my age talking trash. Yes I do favor PSN over Live however I'm not going to the extreme some do just to prove my decision.

However I blame the authors more for these kind of stories than the people replying because they get some kick out of starting flame wars over the same garbage weekly.
SpinalRemains138  +   1181d ago
Face it, guys.

Love Live all ya want. The fact is that if you're playing Live Gold account, you're paying to use your internet twice and you're a sucker.
sdplisken  +   1181d ago
i have never and will never PAY to play online

microsoft sure is good at brainwashing
Pillsbury1  +   1181d ago
They have a pretty good racket, stealing 50$ a year. Pimps of the console business.
mochachino  +   1181d ago
Playstation offers a great free online service but Live is vastly superior in terms of functionality, presentation and most multimedia functions albeit way WAY overpriced.

Playststion Plus is an amazing concept but lacks the online MP features I want to warrant a purchase. Free games and savings are great but most of them I have no interest in. I want better voice chat, faster messaging, faster updates/downloads, and appealing presentation and navigation.

I find I'm often annoyed communicating on PSN, everything is slow and/or the voices are low quality, just responding to a message and getting back to games requires around 6-7 steps with loading, on Live its 3 and instant. Also, too many games on PSN have voice chat problem requiring patches that arrive months later if ever.

IMO as an owner of both consoles and a previous Plus member and current Gold member.
#23 (Edited 1181d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
kayoss  +   1181d ago
isnt faster download/upload dependant on you internet speed? I agree with you, Live functionality is better than PSN, however it is not that much better. Free games are free games regardless of if you like them or already have them. For people like me I own a lot of the games that they offered for free but guess what? its not all about me. There are 70 million people with PS3 and I bet there's a very high percentage of those do not have all the games that the PSN+ gave away. Sony also gave away games that I would never thought about ever buying, a good example is Lara Croft Guardian of Light. I cant believe this game was out there and I never even heard about it.
baodeus  +   1180d ago
So PS+ experience vary then from person to person? So would you say that PS+ has more value for new adopter of ps3? what about the Hardcore fan who buys a lot games new since ps1, PS+ actually doesn't provide any real value?

It seems to me that this site has a lot of PS hardcore fans, and they always tout about getting free games like infamouse, LBP, or RDR from Ps+ for example. So I was wondering, why didn't they buy those games new on release? Wouldnt that be more profitable for Sony rather than waiting for Sony to put them on PS+ for "free"?

Now about functionality. If you use psn and live every day, wouldnt you want a service with better, convenient, efficient, more informative, integrated functionalities? the better functionality service would feel even better over time as you use it every day right?

what people do don't really reflect what they claimed on here now do they?
#23.1.1 (Edited 1180d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
mochachino  +   1180d ago
In regards the Internet connection, both of my systems use the same one, connected via ethernet...

Not sure if 360s are smaller files but every system update/game update, demo down load, etc take significantly longer on PS3 (Movies rentals are faster, browser is better, etc on Live) That's not even my main issue with it, PSN is just slower and more cumbersome in every regard especially when communicating with friends online.

I think overall PSN a great free service, just that you do get superior sevice with Live...not $60 better though. To me Live is worth 30 bucks a year, in that I'd pay 30 bucks a year to have a regular PSN identical to Live. Live is just so much more polished, you can tell a lot of thought and money has gone into it.
#23.1.2 (Edited 1180d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Pillsbury1  +   1181d ago
Can't wait for ps4 with cross game chat then m$ will have no reason to justify raping people of money to just access multiplayer.

Ps for all the people wondering why Sony doesn't add it is because it's a system ram limitation.
#24 (Edited 1181d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1180d ago
Yeah but when PS4 has X Game Chat That doesn't mean Next gen Xbox Live be will exactly the same as now? You need to get off this fanboy stuff man its old.

PS4 will offer even greater value with PSN+ come next gen along with improved everything interface navigation and overall speed we no that and thats know brainer.

MS learned allot this gen therefor can offer up something that possibly won't be seen on other consoles come next gen like they have this gen and before it. You can't sit there and expect MS next gen offerings to stay the same come...well...probably holiday 2013.
#24.1 (Edited 1180d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Pillsbury1  +   1180d ago
Speculation, do not talk about anything you know absolutely nothing about next gen. We are talking psn vs live here, stick to the topic.
mochachino  +   1180d ago
Sony would be stupid not to charge for online next gen. I'm sure they'll have a two tiered paid subscription model and one version will be much cheaper than Live but still cost money.

Really, it's just 100s of millions of dollars in revenues that they're not capitalizing on. The only reason they haven't charged this gen is because PSN at launch was frankly terrible, and PS3 struggled for the first 2 years. Charging later would have upset existing users too much.

But with a new gen everything kind of resets in terms of expectations.
#24.2 (Edited 1180d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
tommygunzII  +   1181d ago
I love how the only string to hang on to for Xbox fans is cross game chat. If I really want to chat it up with my buddy who is on another game like a teenage girl would I will use the cell phone.

$50 a year to talk to someone? M$ has you in the palm of their hand.
baodeus  +   1180d ago
So u would prefer racking up your phone bill instead? There are better ways to do it, but your way isn't one of them.

why can't people allow to do what they want with their money is beyondme. If they like it, so be it. It doesn't affect you in anyway.
Bowzabub  +   1181d ago
The ONLY reason I don't own an X-Box is the fees to play online. In fact, I have everything but a 360. If they ever get their heads out of their asses I'll gladly jump in.
shempo  +   1181d ago
its no news that ps+ is in every single way better than live except the ingame chat that is

only the fanboys dont agree
chuckyj1  +   1181d ago
Define failing?

Is failing Xbox Live generating billions of dollars for MS...Is that failing?

While Sony is yet to turn a profit on the PSN?

Okay...then I guess it's failing.

Sony is jealous of MS, because they went with the popular free gaming service, but is paying the price w/ red ink.

While MS took a less popular approach and went with a subscription model, and are reaping the benefits with black ink...

Red ink= Kills a company
Black ink= Lets a company stay in business and grow.

Sometimes the best choice isn't the most popular, but for survival it is a must.

Sony has had a lot of finance problems lately... Maybe they could use a few more customers switch to their Playstation plus model? Oh wait that's a pay service right? That will eventually phase out the free service probably next gen...
Imalwaysright  +   1180d ago
"Is failing Xbox Live generating billions of dollars for MS...Is that failing?" Oh Live is serving its porpuse alright. Deepen MS pockets by taking advantage of 360 owners that have no choice but to pay to play online. I dont play games to give any company money. I play games because its my hobbie and I refuse to pay to play online. I dont give 2 shits about Sony, MS or Nintendo financials. Fuck'em and fuck this industry that is constanly trying to take advantage of me!

/end rant.
#28.1 (Edited 1180d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Profexxion  +   1180d ago
Yes. Its failing the consumer. Stop speaking as if the money deepening their pockets benefits you.

For survival it is a must? 360 was outselling ps3. Thus more games purchased. Plus PC title sales. What survival do you speak of? Seems Microsoft is just continuing to pad their pockets at your expense.
Picnic  +   1181d ago
People used to say and still say that Xbox Live is better. But it should be if it's chargeable. And is it really anyway?
Sony redeemed any accusations of overpricing their console this generation with free online play. That's lucky because Move was in danger of making Sony look like half hearted latecomers to motion gaming even though they have the Eyecamera which launched back on the PS2. A console with Uncharted on its books didn't have to try so hard to be just like a souped up version of the Wii.
KingKevo  +   1181d ago
Both services are good imho. PSN is better than XBL in many ways, so is XBL better than PSN in other ways. I don't even have an Xbox, but I envy them for a few things, but so do they I guess. It only helps to improve every online service if there's competition, both companies are trying to have the best online service and we can all profit from that, someone should write an article about that!
#30 (Edited 1181d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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