6 Reasons Why Xbox Live is Failing 10 Years Later

This past week was the celebration for Xbox Live’s 10 year anniversary. While this is the PlayStation University, congratulations are in store for the service that brought online gaming to the forefront of the console experience first off. Before Xbox Live’s inception on the original Xbox, online interactions were mostly limited to the PC community. PlayStation Network is still much younger than its Microsoft counterpart, but Xbox Live could learn a thing or two from how Sony has been running its online portal.

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jon12341737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

ive seen so much of these damn reason articles.... take your reasons and shove them!

LOGICWINS1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

This would be better titled, "Why PS Plus > XBL"
Thats all it is really. In the end, people will continue to enjoy both.

Donnieboi1737d ago

More butt kissing for bubbles?

LOGICWINS1737d ago


What is it with you and kissing butts?

tehpees31737d ago

Why bother with PS Plus when you can get PSN for free?

I am aware of the constant stream of free games but honestly I'd rather have a free online service. It is robust enough to stand against XBL.

deletingthis346753341737d ago

How the hell is it considered butt kissing when someone actually stated fact?

kreate1736d ago


Cuz he is a stealth troll and he has a mod as a friend so if u speak against him, the mod will bubble him up and bubble u down.

Temporary1736d ago


In other words...he is a loser who thinks he's important because his mod friend wont let him get debubbled.

On Topic:

PS+ is amazing.

alb18991736d ago

It seems I'm the only one happy with xboxlive, I jus don't like psnetwork but I haven't try the plus one.

1736d ago
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Cam9771737d ago

This is true. The model is growing old and needs refreshing.

NeverEnding19891737d ago


That's what the title should be. Instead, Playstation University inappropriately uses the term "fail", a popular term for today's fanboy.

Microsoft, with the help of Xbox Live, is making billions of dollars whereas SONY and PSN are either losing money or struggling to make ends meet.

Great article, PSU

zebramocha1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Yes,because you are a technician working with Sony so you know how much they may or may not be making.

Hicken1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Sorry, but I don't care how much money they're making off it.

I care about what I get out of it. Live is giving me... oh, they're giving me nothing. Hmm...

Plus, on the other hand... well, I don't need to go over that again. By now, you're well aware of what Plus offers for the same price as Live. You know there's no real comparison as far as value is concerned.

"struggling to make ends meet."

You got a source for that? Or are you just another of those people talking out of their asses?

Yeah, I thought so.

Edit: @homer

I haven't stuck my head in the sand. That's stupid. Of course I want Sony to do well. But them making money doesn't mean anything to me if they're not providing the games and services I want.

Sony is in a tough spot, but they're not "failing." They're laying people off as part of a restructure, something people that keep harping on their condition seem to forget.

I'm in gaming, though, for the GAMES. As long as Sony's making the games, they'll be getting my money.(In any case, it's not as if it's the Playstation division that's killing them; it's elsewhere. With that in mind, why does it seem like people take every opportunity to make it seem the opposite is true? That's odd, isn't it?)

If my desire for good gaming and gaming features considered "fantasy land," then I think there aren't enough gamers who are with me.

homer1737d ago

I wish I could stick my head in the sand and ignore Sony's financial woes much like you have. Sony corp is failing. They are laying off employess left and right and their stocks are still falling. Their credit rating is one above crap. I wish I could live in your fantasy land.

Kurt Russell1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

A lot of disagrees for homer, but he is right. Sonys stock is only rated 1 above being trusted at the moment.

violents1736d ago

Actually the gaming devision of sony is making a profit. Its all their other brands that are tanking. And I doubt ms makes all its money from gaming.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

@Never Ending...

How do you get any disagrees for what you said? N4G, that's how. What you said is right. Xbox Live and MS are laughing all the way to the bank. That's why Sony came out with PSN+ They want to make some of that cash from a monthly subscription.

That's the ONLY reason they made that. SDF crack me up on here. Probably because it's mostly like 15-17 year olds.

And great article.... 7 years later, and now xbox live is starting to fail to the playstation site.

Cool Story Brah.

EDIT.. LMAO at the faithful claiming that Live has ever been hacked. :D Ha ha ha ha ha ha... People getting their accounts phished is far FAR from a service getting hacked like PSN was. Brought down to it's knees and crippled.

B-b-b-but xJohnny134X had his account phished that affected nobody but himself... THAT MEANS XBOX LIVE WAS HACKED!!!

Oh brother.

Temporary1736d ago

I feel bad for these children that dont know the value of the dollar...

Yes...Xbox Live is amazing and a better service than all others. Keep telling yourselves this...

And Midnight right above me ^^^ dont know if you read what you post...but your school system has definitely failed you ... as well as your parenting and anything else that was a factor in developing that pea brain you have.

ILive1736d ago

I am really starting to believe that people are missing parts of their brain. In an article that talks about Sony and Ms respective services, people are bring up the fact that Sony is in a financial woe. Do you people really want Sony fail? What does tha have to do with the article? Do you know what that could seriously mean for gaming? Let Sony worry about Sony because they will be alright.

When asked to list features that makes live online vastly superior to the pen online, a person on this site wrote:

Custom Music
Smart Glass
Party Chat
Skyrim Dlc
Better graphics in multi plats.

Oh brother! One person also stopped using psn entirely because it got hacked once by people who justed wanted to prove something with the hacking rather than steal. Again, oh brother!

I will say it again: when it comes to strictly gaming online, live is in no way superior to pen and that is the truth. That is no fanboy BS. For instance, say Halo 4 came out on both consoles. Would I buy it for the Xbox? No. Because I know that all I have to do is pop it in the PS3 and play. I actually wanted to play Halo 4 online, so I opted to get live for three months. It would have set me back $24. Its not a lot of money, I know. But I just payed $60 for Halo 4 which only lasted me 6 hours on heroic.

NeverEnding19891736d ago


Sony's financial issues are completely relevant when discussing who is failing.

And Halo 4 would be horrible on PS3. Why? The same reasons why Live is better than PSN. Party chat allows you to speak with your friends (no 14yr old kids chatting away like on Killzone 3) and every Xbox owner has a microphone. You wouldn't talk to people on Halo 4 and people couldn't talk to you. You wouldn't enjoy multiplayer because of it. Personally, I've put about 30 hours in the Halo 4 campaign, but I plan on spending 95% of my total Halo 4 on multiplayer. Starting to get the picture?

Let's hope SONY leans from past mistakes this gen and gives Live a run for its money next gen which will force M$ to up their game. All gamers benefit.

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ALLWRONG1737d ago

A service that continues to outshine and outgrow it's competitors is failing? Wake me when PSN gets party chat and doesn't need 100 patches for everything.

PSN = hacked
Live = hack free

skrug1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

The PSV has party chat. ;) No PSN update needed for party chat, it's all in the software on the device.

Outside_ofthe_Box1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I agree that Live isn't "failing," but wake me when I don't I have to pay to play mp online on Live.

Live= Fee
PSN= Fee-Free

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1736d ago

Live has been hacked a few times, just not in the proportion PSN has been because the hackers didn't put their heart into it, therefore M$ never had to release a statement, stop the service, etc...

All 3 console's networks have been hacked in this generation.

atreyu_-1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Yea but after they were hacked i quit using PSN like i used too. a lot of my friends moved on and it was never the same. their free stuff does not matter if no one is on line or talking, the fact they do not even have proper custom music this long into the cycle just shows how much PlayStation sucks. I just bought a PC and I am loving it over my PlayStation. My PlayStation has become my Blue ray player, i still play the occasional game on it, but the fact that they can not give the consumer basic functionality is just plain sad. PSN and PlayStation sucks get over it.

TheSaint1736d ago

But they did get hacked. Both consoles have had their share of hacks. Do you not remember when XBoX accounts got hacked?

Gamer19821736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Indeed Live has been hacked a few times this generation aswell. No service is hack free even the Pentagon gets hacked.

JasonKCK1736d ago

Xbox Live has never been hacked. There have been PC phishing scams where people give up passwords, but never hacked. Where do you people come up with this crap? How about you provide some proof to back up your claims? Just one link, thats all Im asking.

DigitalRaptor1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

" Wake me when PSN gets party chat and doesn't need 100 patches for everything."

PS Vita = party chat. As for the patches, can't confirm that, but I haven't heard much about that on Vita.

So yeah.. a handheld is offering that. PS4 is around the corner, and by then, purposefully ignorant fanboys like yourself will have to be the ones doing the waking up - or not, and keep paying for a service that is offering you stuff that other services do for free and with similar efforts.

The reason PS3's network doesn't have certain features of XBL is because of RAM and OS footprint limitations, it's not because Sony are inadequate, and the Vita proves it. Do you think Sony are just being lazy or not listening to the HUGE percentage of people who want some of these features?

I honestly hope people like you are ready to take in what you will see when PS4 hits as far as PSN goes, because I think some of you are just hell bent on dragging down Sony because of PS3's system RAM limitations.

And you'd have to be the one to prove to me that you're the closed off fanboy by telling me Xbox Live is hack free? Yep, again, ignoring the evidence and pretending like Xbox's security is so much finer, when if Anonymous wanted to, they could EASILY hack Live. If they've been there, done that with Government(!), I don't think big old Microsoft could stop them. I don't even have to ask you if you think they couldn't, because I know you do already.

Anyway, Xbox Live is bloody great as an overall service, but my main gripe with Microsoft is that they charge you for the basic right to access online games. They hold for ransom your right to access a VERY simple feature such as connecting to other players to play games, something which has been a free standard for god knows how long.

Forget all the other features, they might be worth it for a lot of people, but charging for basic access is unacceptable in my opinion. Charge for the ADVANCED features, and leave the basics for free. In fact you people need to do what PC gamers did and say "NO!" because otherwise they'll keep charging for things they don't need to and disrespect you as consumers i.e. Netflix subscription within subscription.

Besides, when you can see a service like Steam does everything XBL does and for free with MORE flexibility and MORE value, and the fact that PS+ exists, it's not hard to see who's getting short changed here.

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TheXgamerLive1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Ha Ha! Lemme see for less than $4.99 a month we get the very best online experience hands down on Xbox Live.

MS/XBOX continues to proctect and improve our experience all the time and is currently miles ahead of anything sony has to offer. Sony video game division lost hundreds of millions if not over a billion since the ps3.
They have learned a lesson and have adopted the psn plus and soon that will be their norm otherwise they will keep falling farther and farther behind.

Nobody is going to go to psn from XBL. why would they want to go backwards to something less than.

I love my Xbox XBL and the weight of a butt hurt sony website wont change that.

PSN tries to copy and never leads. Thats reality.

Pillsbury11736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Xbl is miles ahead of psn? Please elaborate and list all the features that psn doesn't also do. I had an Xbox and sold it because I was tired of being raped for cash by m$. Other than party chat which is a system limitation I can connect with friends and play online the same way. Please explain you're reason for wasting money to just play online when ps3, pc and Nintendo do not charge.

atreyu_-1736d ago

Feature list-
Custom Music
Party Chat
Smart Glass
Better Graphics in Multy platforms
Skyrim DLC

Just a few things you should have on ps3 but do not. Like i said my PC is my Favorite now. I had now idea how great playing your own music in a FPS could be, till now. Sony sucks, my pc even does 3D better.

forevercloud30001736d ago

what? half of those things have nothing to do with live service but the console's hardware. xbox live offers ability to play online and cross chat, thats about it.

ps offers online play standard, some games have custome soundtracks, and a few games being marginally better on 360 doesnt change the fact they r multiplat titles who r largely the same. ps3 gets exclusive content too u kno, ala aciii. ps3 also has more exclusive games that blow most of what is available multiplat or on 360 out the water...period.

plus offers instant games collections, auto update features, 1st beta entries, free addon deals, discounts galore on popular games, cloud service.