Interview: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

The Spoiler Alert blog on posted a Q&A with Criterion Games about Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The developer talked about creating the game and the relentless artificial intelligence of the game's cops.

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Rob Hornecker2009d ago

This story has NOTHING to do with "need for speed"!

caseh2009d ago

Ahh it does but when I clicked the link first time around it was some crap about cyberbullying. CLosed and clicked again and its an interview as mentioned in the title.

Dodgy website....

MilkMan2008d ago

Game is stupid. It was an abortion right at inception. This and Paradise are mistakes. Arcade racers are about roads, starts and finishes. Not roaming around looking for stuff to do. This isn't GTA meets Burnout.
What a dumb idea.