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Has THQ Sent out Saints Row: The Third Surveys in Preparation for Saints Row 4?

Fans of the Saints Row series that are signed up to receive their news letters were recently asked to participate in a Saints Row: The Third related survey in exchange for an exclusive wallpaper. The survey is conducted around the Initiation Station; where players were able to create in-game characters and share them via the Saints Row website. This was something that gave players early access to the create a character portion of the game before Saints Row: The Third was released and preceded through the release as a quick way to make a character without booting up the entire game. It is great to see the company reaching out to the fans about the game so any mistakes that were made can be learned from. There would be no other reason to be conducting such a survey unless they were putting thought into what to add to the next installment to the franchise, Saints Row 4. (PC, PS3, Saints Row 4, Saints Row: The Third, Xbox 360)

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TheSuperior  +   981d ago
Hopefully if lots of people give their input, it will help make Saints Row 4 as good as Saints Row 2 was...
animegamingnerd  +   981d ago
agree we need saints row 4 to be like saints row 2 i like saints row the third but they took away a lot of things from 2
Decaf_PIxel_Kat  +   981d ago
I loved Saints Row The Third! From everything that I have read online, it would seem that the fourth game will be even more over-the-top. Can't wait!
TheGrimBunny  +   981d ago
This would be nice, I think THQ is a great company they just need to produce what they know is good and stick with that, I would have like to see more of an expansion with Darksiders II as that could have been taken places, but Saints Row 4 would be amazing!
Jinkies  +   981d ago
Hopefully they can tone it down abit, bring <spoilers> Johnny back and get rid of this over the top crap...theres too much which spoilt the game a little bit

Oh and with GTAV having such a massive map, they need to work on that for the next game. SR3 was tiny compared to SR2

They seriously need to wait untill next gen before they make SR4. It's way too soon...they are killing this franchise.
cee773  +   980d ago
They can't afford it next gen
Janitor  +   981d ago
Here's hoping it's a real sequel to SR2, the third was almost like a totally different franchise. Biggest letdown this year IMO.
Hazmat13  +   981d ago
ya SR3 was fun but needs more cool cinematic cutscenes like in SR2, cuz my character is sexy a hell! lol
aliengmr  +   981d ago
While SR3 was good SR2 had more game. They just need to look at SR2 and go from there.
MasterD919  +   980d ago
SR2 all the way...I didnt put in nearly the amount of time I did in SR3 as I did in SR2.

SR2 was just the better game. The world in SR3 somehow felt less lively...and with GTA raising the bar next year, I sure hope SR4 shows us something we haven't seen before + brings back that SR2 nostalgia.

And take note that SR3 DLC was pretty shotty.

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