Black Ops 2 Wii U graphics analyzed vs rivals

If you are now the proud owner of a brand spanking new Nintendo Wii U console, we have a feeling that one of your launch games purchased was Black Ops 2. It’s now available to play on Nintendo’s new system for the first time and we already have a fantastic video for you to watch, giving you an initial look at how those ‘next gen’ Wii U graphics compare vs the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

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Neonridr1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Something positive at least to be said about the system for a change. I can see it now, the fanboys will come out and say "So what, it's only CoD". But if that is the case, then it's insulting that the current systems look poorer when running something as simple as CoD.

But this is what happens when a developer takes their time and doesn't rush stuff. Bare minimum they achieve parity, but in a case like this, the graphics seem to have a slight bump. It doesn't 1up the competition, but it's at least good to know that the visuals "look to be" slightly enhanced.

My only question is - What version of the game was it being compared to. Because we all know that the 360 and PS3 versions have been compared and there are differences between the two of them. But in this comparison, they are lumped together like they are the same visually, which isn't necessarily the case.

StanSmith1738d ago

It's the PS3 version that it is being compared to. You can see the button prompts show up during the video.

s8anicslayer1738d ago

Let us understand that this is a game not built to utilize the Wii u hardware but to run on current gen systems.

aquamala1737d ago

this can't be the PS3 version because I don't see freezes in the video

guitarded771737d ago

Let me start by saying the Wii U version looks great, but the comparison says PC/XBOX/PS3 that it's being compared against, but it's really just being compared to the PS3 version... that's kinda stupid to generalize the other versions when they are in fact a bit different visually too. Kinda biased.

SilentNegotiator1737d ago

It runs favorably to the worst version of the game. Whoopee!

I'll bet it compares to the 360 version like the 360 version compares to the ps3 version.

Frankly, I smell agenda. Why would you say "PC version and 360 version" when you're using the worst version as the example?

extermin8or1737d ago

thing is is that with the texture etc instal because im pretty certain when installed it looks better than when not installed- infact i'd pretty sure when I play it with textures installed both games loo the same minute the ps3's slight because of the native AA on the ps3 that often affects the colours slightly in screenshots anyway; less so when the game in motion though.

BattleAxe1737d ago

Wake me up when they show me something that actually matters, and where the developer has said that they have optimized a game to take advantage of the full capability of the WiiU hardware. Either way, the Wiiu is a current generation console, next generation starts when Sony says.

1737d ago
SolidStoner1737d ago

how can PC version be with x box and ps3... isnt PC more powerfull than any console... weird..

I didnt see any difference, maybe that small window was the case..

ThanatosDMC1737d ago

For a second, i thought it was hiphopgamer... remember those videos?

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vulcanproject1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Yep, it depends what version it has been compared to. With the blur on the textures too we are seeing the PS3 version with the QAA blurring patch.

However that still means that it does look crisper than the PS3 at least. Slightly better alpha textures like the smoke/fire especially with the helicopter landing and the trucks burning as well. I suspect that it won't beat the 360 version very much and that they will look very similar. But generally it seems quite crisp and stable framerate wise.

Its not very in depth this analysis but its one of the earliest comparison videos I could find.

I am sure later we'll see a bunch of professional in depth comparisons.

DA_SHREDDER1738d ago

I think the fact you can even compare the WiiU version to the ps3 version is something that most people would have never thought that could happen. I'm happy with this gen's current graphics, i don't need games to look like real life. Games like that are sure to cost alot, and also the man power it takes to make a game look close to reality is probably time consuming and cost alot

tubers1737d ago

yeah it was a little hard to notice but I saw sharper geometry (higher res) and sharper textures on the Wii U.

DoomeDx1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Its the PS3 version. Which is the worse looking version of them all because of lazy development.

In order in terms of graphics:

PC > Xbox > WiiU > PS3

EDIT: Im probally getting disagreed by PS3 Fanboys.. Just admit that Treyarch fucked up with the PS3 version

Blastoise1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

PC > Wii U/Xbox > PS3

In all fairness, the differences between all of them are quite small. Nobody's stopping to to think "damn, that grass looks a bit blurry, I wish it looked sharper" on the PS3 version.

I can't see any difference really between the Wii U version on this video, or the Xbox version from Eurogamers 360 vs PS3 video.

It's a small difference to me, it's CoD. Nobody has ever cared about the graphics. It's a noticeable difference, but nothing that's gonna stop me from enjoying the game.

THIS is a big difference

Computersaysno1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Well if Wii U has as good a framerate as Xbox 360 but runs at a higher native resolution which we might find out soon for sure, then Wii U has the best console graphics for this game.

Does look higher rez. Could still be 880 x 720 tho like 360 and ps3 and be claimed by activision as 'native 720p' cos well...they are sneaky like that.

DoomeDx1738d ago

@ Blastoise..

The diffrence in Black Ops 2 for the PS3 is NOT a small diffrence..

Its horrible. Blurry, resolution is way lower, and the textures are alot blurrier too.

MadMax1737d ago

Lmao, what grade are you in kid?

insomnium21737d ago

Thanks blastoise. That pic brought back a lot of great memories with the only truly great COD game on the planet IMO. I was soo addicted to the online in MW1.....sigh....

The_KELRaTH1737d ago

It didn't help that with PS3 patch 1.02 things went from reasonably crisp to blurvision due to turning on x2aa which really isn't anti-aliasing at all.
This should have been made a selectable option as in BF3.

The Wii U version looks very clean and playable much closer to a mid/low range PC (Dual core + NV5800GTS).

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1738d ago

The only real difference is the resolution from what I can see. Other than that it seems carbon copy. But the fact that a port can look better than the original in any aspect is telling. When devs really start to dig into what the wii u can do I'm sure the visual gap will widen. But the ps4 and nextbox will be out by then.

andibandit1737d ago

and the fact that each time the direction is changed on the PS3, everything become totally blurred.

Trunkz Jr1737d ago

If they don't make the PC look amazing compared to the consoles, why do ppl think the Wii U is gonna look any much better then a PS3 or 360.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Rick Ross looks a lil better on wiiU.

It's Cod so who cares. Now if BF3 was for wiiU that would be a game to see compared to ps3 & 360.

Also is this video saying wiiU is better than pc verson? They must sell nintendo crack in nintendo land.

If I liked cod I would still get the 360 version since it's bound the most stable.

eagle211737d ago

Looks much better on WiiU. Why are you guys afraid to just say it. :)


Does not the grass looks dark and not green on the U plus the colors do look darker even the helicopter and the big tree looks dark

Linsolv1737d ago

Textures are worse on WiiU.

Compare the gun skin (simpler on WiiU), scope reflection.

Of course the video's not exactly very high-res since they're using exactly 1/4 of my screen for each video feed. There's no wait to get a better comparison.

imdaboss11737d ago

its black ops graphics will always be crappy lol

ATi_Elite1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )


1. That's not the PC version! Looks like the PS3 version!
2. It's just call of Duty. Don't expect great graphics!
3. COD is meant to look the same on all platforms cause frame rate is important!
4. the PC version however is capable of looking better thanks to the capabilities of the PC
5. Wake me up when a second generation Nintendo WiiU game gets released.
6. No first generation game on new consoles really look all that great anyway!
7. Can the Wiiu Run Crysis PC? We don't know cause Ninty has been so secretive about the GPU specs! Give me an article on that instead of a stupid comparison!
8. Hows the WiiU COD MP online capabilities? are they as good as the other platforms!
9. WiiU vs. PS3/x360 = Graphics Challenge and comparisons but....... PS3/X360 vs. PC = "Oh graphics don't matter", why is that lol?
10. Laughs at another half arse article about a generic shooter.....then goes back to playing Chivalry: Medieval Combat

1upgamer991737d ago

Yes Crysis can run on Wii U. In fact "beautiful" on Wii U.

fr0sty1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Nothing to write home about. I think I noticed a bit of lens flare that was not in the ps3 version... What I want to see is a more detailed analysis that shows native res, FPS, etc.

To those saying "this isn't a game made to take advantage of the Wii U", of course it isn't. If it was it wouldn't be running on the other systems also, as any multiplatform title has to cater to the lowest common denominator in order to ensure that it can run on every system that it is made for. It is possible to add higher res textures or something like that, but it's rare that developers will take the extra time (and therefore money) to add features to one console that the others will not get, especially for a console with a small install base like Wii U currently has when compared to the other 2. The fact remains that, because Wii U is launching at the tail end of the current generation, it's going to have current gen ports for at least another year. So, such comparisons are valid, for now. However, this person completely ignored what resolution or frame rate the game is running at, and that can make all the difference in the world when the PS3/360 version are running at sub HD natively (then upscaling to 720p @30fps, as many COD games are well known for) and the Wii version is hitting 1080p60 (not saying this is the case, but these things need to be pointed out when making a comparison). You can't really pick out native resolution from a heavily compressed "1080p" youtube video running at just over 3.5mbps. For those of you that don't know much about video encoding, blu-ray 1080p runs at between 16-40mbps (and even that is heavily compressed from uncompressed 1080p, which clocks in at just over 186MBps). That's a LOT of quality loss going on, and not good for comparison.

Wake me when the Wii U/Orbis/Durango comparisons start coming out.

This video lost all credibility when it included PC in the mix (especially without even showing the PC version)... A top of the line gaming PC today would EASILY smoke anything Wii U could do... without even breaking a sweat.

metroid321737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

The gamplay is smoother an faster plus it rendering a 720p image and a 480p image not to mention 2 gamepad support is around the corner and Nintendo has only allowed 50% of power to devs for first wave of games this was said around E3 so when that 50% is maxed out expect Battlefield4/Aliens/Project cars and Beyonetta2 to show you whats what but yeah Treyarch have stated wiiu has best textures/lighting/resolution ect so no need to compare in my eyes Fifa13 has l2/3 times the textures resolution in crowd/pitch/players so comparing is quite stupid fair enough with AC3/Batman/ect but most ports are superior in every way and this is on games tht have been optimized for 7 years on ps3/360.

Gamer19821737d ago

Why have they lumped PC with PS3 and 360? Sure the PC version isn't great thanks to being a port but still looks 10X better than console version thanks to PC hardware and still blows the WiiU version out the water.. These guys obviously are out to try and prove something and ignore the obvious facts.

profgerbik1737d ago

I had to explain this to everyone with the Batman comparisons, it's pretty dumb that I do.

It's completely moronic people don't understand that a game that has more time to be developed of course is going to look marginally better.

It is pathetic they are even comparing anything as of now really.

Like I said when games are released on all systems all at the same time, then I will care to see a comparison of the Wii U. If they keep ending up like this and Wii U always has longer development times then no wonder why those versions of those ports will look better, they have been updated to look better simply because they had more time to improve the games from past versions.

It honestly doesn't have crap to do with the Wii U and for sure is not any proof that it's graphics are better than it's competitors at this time.

Not like I care that much about graphics or like I buying one but still these comparisons are crap and I would like to see better ones in the future.