Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse Trophy List

Complete trophy list for Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse.

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Double_Oh_Snap1977d ago

Sorry to report I have this, and it's terrible. There's no way around it. I mean I wasn't expecting anything great, but the one thing the game had going for it was maybe it was funny.

Well it wasn't 90% of all the writing here is pulled straight from the show nothing original at all. Then what is original is really poor. In the end the game was a 4 hour mediocre tps action game with no style or substance. Really disappointing, just a cash grab on the name imo.

ziggurcat1976d ago

why anyone would buy this game is beyond me... family guy, the show, is ****ing terrible, i can't imagine the game being any better.

S-T-F-U1976d ago

You forgot the 'in my opinion' part. In my opinion Family Guy is brilliant! The game will most likely suck though, they always do :(

MasterD9191976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Family Guy never had good games. The Simpsons games seem better off than this...and then of course there is a decent-looking South Park game in the works as well.

Out of all of them, I would never reach for the Family Guy game and this is coming from a huge Family Guy fan. The show is brilliant, the games truly are crap. I'd be curious to think about what Seth Macfarlane thinks about these games...

Oh yeah, and the graphics look terrible. Why not just animate the game?