Sony Sending Out Emails for Early Access to [email protected]

Remember [email protected], the augmented reality game that lets you tag locations with graffiti? Sony is currently sending out 'early access' vouchers to download the game.

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Tired2009d ago

Downloaded mine but the servers are down, so nothing in the app works.....yet!

Vitalogy2009d ago

Got mine too, first time I opened the app I was able to access the "manual" but now not even that, all icons are blocked.

NukaCola2009d ago

They showed the trailer over a year ago. I thought this only works with the 3G models.

Cam9772009d ago

I got one, don't want it.

Baylex2009d ago

I want. Give it to me then!

Hicken2009d ago

I don't have one.. yet. Hope I get one, though.

Tired2009d ago

Check twitter, wi-fi only users are tweeting their unwanted codes.

2009d ago