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Why Didn’t You Buy a Wii U?

Kotaku - Did you get a Wii U over the weekend? Good for you! You go enjoy that. This question is for those, like me, who did not.

I'm curious as to why you didn't go line up and get one at launch. Are you waiting for more games? Better games? A price-drop? Different colours? Or have you decided, in your infinite wisdom, to write off a console on day one, regardless of how amazing its future games and experiences may be? (Wii U)

Lovable  +   960d ago
Not a big fan of Nintendo games ever since. Sure I played Mario back in the days, but it's not just my type of game...I can just buy multiplats.
PraxxtorCruel  +   960d ago
I didn't buy one, because there were none left.
blitz0623  +   960d ago
My reason is - there is no reason to get one atm
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   960d ago
I haven't bought one yet because I'm still waiting for more info to come out for it. I'll get one in the next month or so if I can find one. It won't be a long wait like the one I plan on having when the PS4 hits because I know it'll be a few years before good games start coming out for that console, if history serves me correctly.
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BattleAxe  +   960d ago
My reason is because I'm waiting to see what the PS4 has to offer.
Yi-Long  +   960d ago
Many reasons...
- I haven't really seen any must-have games announced for the system.

- I don't like the storage-issue.

- I don't like the tablet-controller, fearing it will once again lead to a gimmick-based console getting a lot of shovel-ware and only a few great games. Like the Wii.

- I have my doubts about the online.

- I fear the specs aren't good enough to compete with next-gen.

- I fear it won't get proper 3rd party support, like the N64, like the Cube, like the Wii.

- Don't like the system-bound account.

- It's not backwards compatible with Cube games.

- It doesn't boost up the graphics for Wii games, like Dolphin does.

Etc etc.

In short, I'll have to wait and see where the console is going, but so far I'm quite skeptical about it all.

Also, I'm still more than happy with my 360 and PS3, I've got a huge backlog, and in the spring the OUYA comes out which I hope will also have a nice library of games worth playing.
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Pushagree  +   960d ago
Same reason I never bought a wii. Tech is outdated.
PraxxtorCruel  +   960d ago
What tech? Graphics? Buy yourself a gaming pc and leave console gaming then.
Pushagree  +   960d ago
I would, but money won't allow it in the same way that it won't allow me to get a ferrari. I balance my fiances with the best things that I can get. As of now, there are better gaming products to get with my money than the wii u and there will soon be even better things from the competition.
MEsoJD  +   960d ago
I'm highly skeptical of the just about everything the Wii U. For now there's no incentive for me to make the jump. The two biggest concerns for me is third party support(it doesn't seem to enthusiastic right now) and longevity of the system(supposedly it has slower ram speeds than 360 and ps3).
If I ever get one, it'll probably be at discount around the time smash bros comes out.
smashcrashbash  +   960d ago
Agreed. I was a big Nintendo fan back in the day but not anymore.I basically dropped them a while back and they will have to do a lot more to impress me to get me to buy a Wii U and am still skeptical with it. I will probably see what the other shave to offer first before I consider buying one. And before people jump to call me a hater or any other name just know I loved Nintendo more then most fanboys do now. I almost started fights in Sonic and Mario disputes and defended them at every turn and besides the PS2 the SNES was one of my most favorite systems ever. Even when I stopped being a fan I STILL brought every system up to the DS.
Phil32  +   960d ago
Too many problems at launch. Not RRoD-caliber yet, but I refuse to be a beta tester for a system.
Anon1974  +   960d ago
I agree. This current gen (or wait, is the Wii-U now the current gen because it's been released? Can't really call it "next gen" because it's out now) just ended up being a pain in the ass for me. Hardware issues, missing functionality, high price tags, disappointing libraries. Looking back, there really wasn't any reason to get onboard any of the consoles in that first year.

I've got such a backlog of games already I see no reason to jump onboard the next gen train yet, for either the Wii-U or any of the rumored consoles coming in the next couple of years. Maybe 3-4 years from now I'll feel differently once the new consoles are established.
rainslacker  +   960d ago
I think trying to classify the Wii U into a generation would just make your head explode if you try too hard. People have been doing it for months and it's gotten nowhere.

Having bought the system I can't really comment on the article, however I think a lot of people are in the same boat you are. Despite all the people saying this gen has dragged on too long, many just don't see a reason to upgrade right now. Expand that sentiment for the casual crowd and it may be that the Wii U just released a year or two too early.

I'm personally not disappointed in my purchase (outside of there being no wired internet connection) but so far the tablet implementations have left me wondering "what's the point". I'm going to remain optimistic though that future software will make it worthwhile.
Blackdeath_663  +   960d ago
lol RRoD has to be the most outrageous cock up by a company in the gaming industry i can remember. i would be pretty impressed if nintendo manage to mess up harder than microsoft did. i'm gonna wait for ps4/new xbox before mindlessly making a decision. chances are though that i would have gotten a PC before that in which case i won't buy a console until one platform provides a decent number of good quality exclusives that i'm interested otherwise there is no point. this gen i was impressed by many ps3 exclusives so here hoping there more to come.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   960d ago
Launch issues are going to happen for all consoles. Early adopters better be prepared for them.
Gr81  +   960d ago
Because I've
Never bought a console at launch. I like to give the manufacture time to work out hardware kinks, as well as seeing software library becoming more fleshed out.
cuz ps4 is coming soon.
bigfish  +   960d ago
Well i decided to hold out after the erratic reviews of ZombiU, helped in no part by the now infamous 'Cricket Bat' used to kill zombies in the game. I feel that the Wii U has developed a bit of a stigma coz of the Cricket Bat incident..... i don't want to be labelled as 'the guy with the Cricket Bat console' so I've decided to hold out and wait till the Cricket Bat 'dust' has settled, may purchase next year.
MrAnderson  +   960d ago
Because I will buy a ps4/720 when they are out (hopefully a year or two at most) until then, I have a top of the range gaming PC, which I will also continue to use along side a new ps4/720.
GreenRanger  +   960d ago
I was short 2 cent.
rezzah  +   960d ago
lol, here have a penny =p
negroguy  +   960d ago
No money, but if they announce a new smash brothers tomorrow i'd go take a loan.
Donnieboi  +   958d ago
That lady in your avatar is yummy!
HeavenlySnipes  +   960d ago
Didn't know it was out until today lol. I'll consciously avoid buying one from now on now that I know it's out though.
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Conzul  +   960d ago
I didn't buy one because I'm not interested in buying a console which will have fewer than 5 of the types of games I like to play over the course of its lifetime.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   960d ago
So far nintendo as covered every single genres that exist in videogames and all that at launch.
Shooter, platform, racer, football, rts, rpg, family, puzzles...
You name it, wiiu got it.
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Conzul  +   960d ago
No, they don't.
Imalwaysright  +   960d ago
No Zelda, no WiiU for me.
Shinuz  +   960d ago
Because since the SNES era I haven't really been interested in a nintendo console and because nowadays I mostly play games on my pc.
GraveLord  +   960d ago
1. Price is way too high for what you're getting.
2. The console is severely underpowered for a next-gen console. At the moment, it can't even keep up with PS3/360.
3. Launch games are messy ports. So all we're really left with is Mario and Nintendo Land. Which isn't my thing.
4. Speaking of launch games, I can get all those games on my PS3 and they run/look better.
5. Nintendo's online offerings are primitive.
6. It's sold out in my retailers of choice.
7. I'd rather wait for PS4.
8. Slow-ass operating system.
9. Huge Day 1 firmware update.
10. Missing major features such as Nintendo TVii.(which are advertised on the box)
tbon3man  +   960d ago
No need to go backwards, waiting to upgrade my PS3 and XBOX 360. Welcome to HD Wii U.
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RivetCityGhoul  +   960d ago
No Star Fox, No Buy. Simple, i'm sick of nintendo giving me freaking mario all the damn time, screw mario.
WhatchaTalkinBout  +   960d ago
myself id rather see significant jump to next gen tech.. than a minor one.. so ill wait and see what sony and microsoft has in its plans for there next round of consoles..
MorbidPorpoise  +   960d ago
Didnt really want to travel 8000+ miles (includes home journey), to queue outside a shop.. Then find out they have none left.
Y_5150  +   960d ago
I really want to. But I have a PS3 and 3DS so I'm getting a good fix on gaming right now. I will make the decision when I find out what Sony is doing next gen.
BitbyDeath  +   960d ago
I usually only get 1 console as i don't have time for more so I choose whichever has the most gaming support & variety. So i'll be going with Playstation again until things change.
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wiiulee  +   960d ago
the only reason is if you're a crybaby hater, hoping that wiiu doesnt win next generation after the beating the wii gave to your favorite system...the wiiu is a phenomenal system , with great games at launch and more to come and the potential are endless....so what a firmware update...its not a ring of death and that system still came in second this generation
Donnieboi  +   958d ago
Why would anyone hope it wouldn't win? That's stupid. Instead, people may have a HUNCH that Wii U wont win. And that's a feeling a person cant ignore until proven otherwise.
The_Con-Sept  +   960d ago
Because PlayStation All Stars was two days away and I'm currently distracted by its awesomeness.
Reaper9937  +   960d ago
Simple, no games worth getting.
r21  +   960d ago
No offense but Im not getting a Wii U anytime soon, there are games to buy this year and next year. Cant afford another console. Although the console does look intriguing and ZombiU looks cool.
strigoi814  +   960d ago
Only 2 games interest me..and my girlfriend was a wii owner and she is not playing it and just collecting dust..said that wii-u doesnt seem to be attractive kudos to the HD but for parents at that price and most of the games that comes along with it is rated 18 and up shooting and more violent games..she really think its not worth buying for now
mananimal  +   959d ago
Why didnt I buy a Wii U?

Cause Nintendo Sux thats why. Casual Gaming Sux.
MsmackyM  +   959d ago
Because I already bought one, and aside from connecting it to my router issues it's alot of fun.
Donnieboi  +   958d ago
Is it true it that it has no ethernet port? Wth?
MsmackyM  +   958d ago
no ethernet port, but if you want you can use a USB adapter. It is pretty dumb it doesn't come standard,but the good news is that it's N band compatible.

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