You should have played… Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

CalmDownTom says, "Dark Souls is a jungle filled with man eating plants wrapped around a desert of stinging scorpions atop a mountain of razor-sharp cliffs and dragons. Not literally. Look, what I’m trying to say is Dark Souls is hard."

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NastyLeftHook02009d ago

played it on my ps3 a long time ago.

Xristo2008d ago

I got it for the PC. After a couple of mods (none game changing), it's great! Highly recommend this game. I have to hand it to the console side, I would be missing out if it had never made it to the PC.

camel_toad2008d ago

I played n loved the ps3 pre-dlc/prepare to die version but would like to play the pc version soon.

About the mods, any graphical enhancement mods available?

MrAnderson2008d ago

I did play it you dangus

JellyJelly2008d ago

Still playing it. Can't get past that damn Crossbreed Priscilla boss though. Wish I just left her alone. :)

brish2008d ago

If you get stuck you can go to a wiki and get strategies that can help:


No FanS Land2008d ago

Storm the shit out of her with great chaos fierstorm the moment she becomes invisible, (it will hurl 17 meteors, most of the time it hurts her enough to make her visible again), then she's a joke to fight.

pandehz2008d ago

Heard a lot about this game. What is it about?
Isnt this the one where the more you die the more fun you have?

Psychonaughty2007d ago

I'd honestly put it up there with Ocarina it's that good, yeah it's very hard but I'm not that good at games and I managed to finish it, you just need to be patient.

The game just feels fresh and has an excellent atmosphere, I'm sure I will replay it at some point which is amazing for me as I hardly ever replay games.

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