Beyond Good and Evil and Wii U are a good fit - Michel Ancel

Ubisoft's Michel Ancel has told Official Nintendo Magazine that Beyond Good and Evil and Wii U are a good fit.

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for we are many2008d ago

Excellent news, Mr. Ancel is a master game developer.

I am exploring my Wii U right now and I can see how exciting brain storming and coming up with ideas to utilize the unique GamePad is and will be, and can easily see many uses especially benefiting the Zelda style, action adventure and RPG games through using the touch screen and dual screen setup for interfacing with puzzles, QTE and action sequences, which can also be said on the gyro for accurate movement and camera control as seen in navigating the Plaza in Nintendo Land, which I found to be very accurate and fresh.

wiiulee2008d ago

nice...bring all the triple a games out for the wiiu and let sony and microsoft fanboys cry about it