Attack of the Noobs

Gaming Console Network's Aaron Espinoza talks about the growing problems of new and annoying gamers playing online on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.

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permutated3780d ago

Though most of you disagree, I think that you should have to put in a Drivers License number to verify your age so that young kids can't play M games (at least on XBL).

This would take care of a huge majority of idiots on XBL.

thisguywithhair3780d ago

Like that would do anything. I know forty year olds who act younger than I am (23). This is especially true when they play games because they know that no one will do anything about it when they are called on it except to leave the game.

okcomputer3780d ago

I dont know about that. The vast majority of the idiots I've encountered online on both live and psn were obviously underage based on their voices and language. It wouldn't get rid of all of them, but I'd say about 80% of the problem with respect to morons acting up online is the fact that they're just dumb immature kids. pc gaming isn't like this, and I think thats because online pc gamers tend to be older.

antoinetm3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

maybe those underaged freaks are the real 1337 of the gaming world and all the 20+ years old have become the n00bs...

They probably spend more time refining their trash talking skills online because most of us have to work and stuffs.

ambientFLIER3780d ago

What's going to stop from parents putting in their license numbers for their kids, just like they do now with credit cards?

ravinash3780d ago

Hay, I'm 31 and not a noob....and I don't have a drivers licence....not for the UK anyway.
No point in having a car when you live in the middle of London.

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thisguywithhair3780d ago

The only way to get rid of NOOBs would be to force people to play the offline game and beat it first. That way you would have some experiance at playing and would take it more seriously while playing it.

ASSASSYN 36o3780d ago

So where does that logic fit in with online only games?

thisguywithhair3780d ago

there are exceptions to every rule...thats all I can think of

killer_trap3780d ago

good come back. although there will be a lot of exceptions to your rule.

ravinash3780d ago

Whenever you start playing a new level in COD4, there is a bit of a learning curve.
I remember when i first played hardcore there was a number of times I ran round a corner and shoot one of my own guys by mistake.
Takes a little time to check your target when your used to the other levels when you used to not killing your team when you shoot them.

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thisguywithhair3780d ago

Your the exact person this article is talking about.

ASSASSYN 36o3780d ago

Thats why he is offended by the article. It is about him.

Rocko3780d ago

Thanks buddy, now if I see you I can annoy the sh*t outta you.

bozobucketeer3780d ago

Well I'm not sure you'd actually be an annoyance, because you can answer a few of his questions. Like, why would you kill someone only to wait longer and longer each time. Or why do you whistle in your mic.

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The story is too old to be commented.