The Wii U Launch: Or How If You Find Pleasure in a Console Doing Poorly, Then Get Out of My Hobby.

SuperPhillip Central writes, "The Wii U launched yesterday, and I don't know or care how well the sales are. That isn't the point of this article. The point of this article is to once again shake my head at the reaction and response of so-called gamers, and how so many of them appear to be an embarrassment to this hobby. Take this upcoming rant as a companion piece to my article talking about how if gamers want the video game industry to grow up, they need to grow up first, which funnily enough was another rant. Hopefully this upcoming rant is as welcomed to read as my other. No promises, though. As always, feel free to agree or disagree.

I have been perusing message boards and comment sections (yes, a folly of mine, I know) about the reaction towards the Wii U launch. Let's face it, the launch is one of the worst in recent memory..."

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Akuma-2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

there are a lot of silly fanboys of all sides but there needs to be common sense to reign with peoples gripes.

most of wii u games i would never buy or look at if they were on xbox 360, ps3 or pc so i see no reason to buy a so-called next gen system to play these games. ive played quite of few of the wii u games and they are less than the standards of the quality of hd consoles this gen. ive experienced slow downs, stuttering, degradation in graphics and audio hiccups in a few games with some being ports from games ive already played a while ago on xbox. there shouldnt be any excuses because 7 year old consoles are running the same sort of games with better performance with higher graphics quality.

most playstation fanboys hate nintendo because they make weak and shoddy hardware with low grade tech games and a lot of nintendo fanboys hate playstation because they make powerful cutting edge hardware with technological advance games. nintendo makes a more simplified version of games and a lot of people often praise them for being problem free of issues but drawing a stick figure of the human body isnt as detailed as drawing an actual picture of the human body. gaming is my hobby also so i wont support less than standard quality for a premium. the quality of the wii u and games are lower than todays standards so it should be cheaper than xbox 360 and the games should be cheaper. i dont know how one can justify or apologise for shoddy products that suppose to be next gen but are weaker in all aspects than the gen of products before it.

wii u is suppose to be next gen and its not a handheld console. its not an improvement over current gen and its not even up to this gen judging by games and features. the games would be acceptable in the portable gaming arena where theyd be above or of the same level but in the console arena they are lower than the standard offering

lashes2ashes2015d ago

You seem to have a problem with what is a generation it has nothing to do with power or graphics. Sony could release a system next year with ps1 graphics and it would be considered next gen. Generations are a time span. Plus the devs creating wii u games have only been working on them for at most a year. Kinda of silly to expect the games to right off the bat look like uncharted or anything. Just look at the first ps3 or 360 games they barely looked better than ps2 games

bicfitness2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

If any other company, in any other electronics manufacturing business was to release the sort of hardware cobbled together out of 6-7 year old parts like Nintendo has for two generations now, post-GC era, they would be bankrupt. It is the strength of the Nintendo IPs alone that allows them to act with such impertinence as they do. I don't think that this will work in Nintendo's favour in today's market when the average tablet (Google Nexus 10) can run circles around their device. The specs are leaking out, the teardowns have been done and we're looking at a lower memory bandwidth, gimped CPU, slightly better GPU Xbox 360 with a fancy controller. Period. That is the reality.

Even Apple, finally, started releasing competitive up to snuff hardware. They've even upped their release cycle to every 6 months just because they're starting to feel the heat. Consumers, even if they're not getting wiser, are getting more tech saavy. They can tell the difference between the latest smartphone and a Wii U and they're going to simply ask "why" once the initial rush of Nintendo fans purchase the system.

darthv722015d ago

that those who have been gaming since either the ps1 or ps2 days are the ones that need to be catered to.

Let alone there was a whole world of systems prior to 1995 that mustered up the support of gamers around the globe and did so without this selfish entitlement attitude.

Sorry if Im 'old' but I have been there from the beginning and I know what is and is not the right way to be when you call yourself a gamer. So far, since the ps2 and xbox we have simply perpetuated the idea that gaming isnt for everyone. Oddly enough, going back to the pong and 2600 days, it wasnt kids playing, it was people of all ages and skills. Especially considering the expense of this hobby then as compared to now.

Somewhere in between, we forgot what it was like to just play a game. To just enjoy the passing of time while working to rank up the score. Games became more work than play when goals were introduced. Like rescuing the princess in SMB or collecting the triforce in zelda.

So when the games became more and more complex there was a withdraw of everyone else and what was left were the diehard players. Those who played the games and the systems and didnt bicker about one extra pixel on screen or loading times.

I would imagine that is where the self proclaimed 'core' gamer came from. Core is derived from the term hardcore and to earn that designation you were someone that played pretty much anything. you were so dedicated to the hobby that any game on any system that came had to have.

Such a turn of events these last 15+ years. Now i understand that you dont NEED to have all to be a hardcore gamer but you do NEED to have AND show respect to others who are taking part in this craft. We are all on the same side here and so many just let this so called 'fanboyism' cloud their head to where they just dont have fun anymore.

Nintendo saved this hobby in the 80's and tried to save it again recently with the wii. By save i mean re-establish gaming as an entertainment platform that all kinds of people can play. Maybe that is what has the 'core' so pissed at the state of gaming. That there is so much being done to bring back the fun and not enough to cater to "them" like they feel it should be.

I personally have the experience to say i have seen the good side and have witnessed the dark ugliness progress and now am watching that ugliness turn into something even worse.

Nintendo isnt out to change the world, they just want to give it back what its needed for such a long time. Their foot was in the door with the wii, god forbid they make games fun again with the wii-u.

MsmackyM2015d ago

@darthv72 I couldn't have said it better myself. There have to be risk takers in business and Nintendo has been there since the beginning.

Imalwaysright2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

"Just look at the first ps3 or 360 games they barely looked better than ps2 games" That is a lie. My last PS2 game was GOW2. My 1st PS3 game was Motorstorm and let me tell you right now that graphics wise Motorstorm shits on GoW2 or any PS2/GC/Xbox game. There is no comparison.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (arguably the best looking game on the most powerful console from last gen)

Besides lets cut the crap here PS3 and 360 are SEVEN years old. Tech wise those things are ancient. I personally am going to get a WiiU for Zelda or hopefully a Pokemon RPG but the WiiU could and should be able to easily be able outperform both the 360 and PS3 right out of the box.

chrisarsenalsavart2015d ago

Ps3 launch games looked much better tban anything on ps2
Motorstorm, resistance, heavenly sword....etc

Wiiu is not a revolution but i agree on the controller side of things it s quiet an evolution.

Can you imagine playing zelda and metroid with that pad?
Wiiu will do just fine .

Imalwaysright2015d ago

@ darthv72 Fun is relative from person to person. Personally what makes gaming fun to me its mainly the challenge so obviously im not too fond of every game being dumbed down for everyone to be able to pick up a controller and play any game and why should i be? I started gaming when games used to be challenging and that is what i like. Besides i would argue that the whole industry and not just Nintendo is guilty of that at the rate games are being dumbed down for the sake of the casuals.

When devs had passion for the industry they used to make games for us the hardcore. Now devs/publishers only care about money and for that they have to cater to the casuals that have much less standards than the hardcore. The result was the current gen wich imo is by far the worst gen in pretty much every way possible.

Tapioca Cold2014d ago

No, I disagree. We all know what 'next-gen' means here. Don't start getting technical with your courtroom bullcrap about what a 'next-gen' console is. We already know what it is, and if you don't know, MS and SONY are gonna show you next year. BOO-YA!!!

Kingthrash3602014d ago

Good point, now explain that to all thos vita reviewers who view it as a home console and not a handheld, and please repeat the in its first year statement for them too. Because thos people are lost right now on what to expect from it. Also I felt that the wiiu was a this gen console myself but u have a point, gen is a time period and this is nintendo's next gen console. Well spoken my friend.

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Phil322015d ago

1) Speaking of apologize and justifying, you seem to be trying to justify the sophomoric behavior of gamers. That isn't what the point of the article is about, and justification just makes it seem like it is okay to act like a totally immature person like most people on message boards are acting like. I'm sure this article will not be liked as it calls out the types of people that frequent and comment on N4G. I don't name any particular message board or place, however. It's simply a particular sect of gamers in general I have a problem with, an especially immature group that loves companies failures and not the well being of the industry they are supposed to like.

2) I was hoping you had more to say than ".." I guess you were editing what you wanted to say fully. Thanks for that.

HarryMasonHerpderp2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

If Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo win guess who else wins? gamers.
People need to realise that the competition helps to make your console of choice a better system.

SuperShyGuy2015d ago

Just want to point out the Nintendo has NOT always made "weak and shoddy hardware" in fact up into Wii they had always been in the middle SNES was stronger than Genesis, N64 was stronger than PS1, GameCube was stronger than PS2.

Also no Nintendo console was shoddyly made those things are pretty much indestructible more so than any Sony console.

With handhelds Nintendo figured out no one will buy it if it's too high no matter how much better it was.
Even if it was a handheld console like the TurboExpress and the Sega Nomad

Summons752015d ago

ummmm is this article serious right now? This guy needs to get out of our hobby

Phil322015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

EDIT: In all seriousness, could you please explain yourself? What do you have a problem with exactly? Thanks.

Summons752015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

how is telling people to stop gaming because of a few MINOR things a system has and people that enjoy the system can over look a few negatives for all the positives....NO launch of ANYTHING has ever gone smoothly. 360 - rrod , Ps3 -ylod, Wii- idiots who don't know how to use a wrist strap. Telling people to stop their hobby because unlike you they actually appreciate the games and the system despite it's flaws is asinine. if YOU don't like a system then don't buy it, play attention to it or even talk about it simple as that. just because YOU seem to think a few MINOR things means the entire system is a failure dose NOT mean that it is.

MattS2015d ago

Haha, @summons75, you should probably try reading a story before commenting on it.

Phil wasn't telling people not to buy the Wii U because of a few flaws. He was telling idiots to stop gloating over the Wii U's flaws.

PraxxtorCruel2015d ago

Have the best of all 3 worlds. Why stoop down so low as to want a rival company to go under?

HarryMasonHerpderp2015d ago

Especially since each console offers something different.

Perjoss2015d ago

"Just buy all 3 consoles"


deletingthis346753342015d ago

Too old for this fanboy s***. I am 24 not 11 so no I don't find pleasure in a console doing poorly. Whether or not I will buy a Wii U is undecided. Right now there is no Wii U game I am interested in playing. I would like a Zelda game, but I want Nintendo to deliver more than just focus on their common franchises which pretty much boils down to Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Super Smash Bros., and I am hoping third parties will support it as much as Nintendo wanted.

XB1_PS42015d ago

I agree, Wii U is undecided for me for now. What happened to the magic of Nintendo creating new franchises that last lifetimes? I need something like that.

Except, unlike you, I'm still in the prime of life at the meer age of 22.

n4f2014d ago

so its seems that at 24y-o you get old and unpleasent

The_Klank2015d ago

I remember as a kid having a NES and a friend having a Genesis, there was always simple jokes between us of Mario vs Sonic or Nintendo vs Sega, it was all harmless fun because at the end of the day I'd give him my Nes and he'd give me his Genesis and we had the best of both worlds.

Nowadays with this new craze called the Internet people are more then happy to go further then simple jokes to flat out insults with no remorse or fear of 'real life' actions. Like a wedgie.

Its sad but I think we are past the point of trying to make this industry grow up. With the new generations of gamers comes with them the flaws of current ones.

rainslacker2014d ago

I've often said the same thing about the good ol' days. The major difference there though was that that guy was still your friend, and that friendship was more important than brand loyalty. I do miss those days though, because with the internet it seems people don't want to be friends anymore.

The_Klank2014d ago

I should clarify, we became friends because of our love of gaming. Still are today. But I totally get what you are saying, I miss those days to.

rainslacker2014d ago

You must be a young'in then. Only game out when I met my friend at the time was Pong, and a few color computers from Tandy and Commodore.:) Had a TRS-80 myself. Then the golden age of pitfall on the Atari 2600. Good times.

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