Nothing But Fighting in 2008

GameTap says that 2008 is loaded with more fisticuffs than a Las Vegas cage fight:

"For the past few years, we've only needed a single hand to count the number of new and interesting fighting games being released each year--especially if we didn't count the near annual re-release of certain vintage titles. This year, however, looks to be drastically different; the planets seem to be aligned and are bringing with them a ton of incredible new games. From Japanese homebrew projects turned arcade superstars to the return of the icon, 2008 is loaded with more fisticuffs than a Las Vegas cage fight."

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Skerj3831d ago

I'm so glad fighting and adventure games are making a comeback. They're two of my favorite and most cerebral genres. Now all we need are for the companies to work with to get us some lag free fights, then I will be in super fighting bliss.

sonarus3831d ago

only fighting i have played online is tekken 5 and its usually lag free. Only experienced lag once or twice. Fighting games i am looking forward to are tekken 6 and soul calibur 4. Just can't pass up the chance to use darth vader

Skerj3831d ago

Yeah I had a lot of success with T5, but when there is lag MAN it lags. It's better now than it was when it started, I'm still at like 6th Kyu or something, don't know my rank sucks.

sonarus3831d ago

hahah yea your rank sucks. I shot up those rankings like crazy. But then again i have been playing tekken since ps1. I havent fought in many matches maybe about 100 but i have 70% wins

Still_Breathing3831d ago

I love Tekken 5 Dr, but I can't stand the lag in online play. I can't pull off the combos I do in Ghost mode. That's why I have Fujin rank in ghost mode, but only 1st dan in online play.

sonarus3831d ago

your connection must be really bad. My connection isnt that great but i hardly experience any lag whenever i play ps3 games. Most laggy game on ps3 would have to be ncaa 08 for me my madden 07 also lagged really bad as well also fight knight in short only ea games seem to lag bad on my ps3 everything else is smooth 99% of the time

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games4fun3831d ago

am glad that they are making fighters its my second most liked genre next to rpg and i hope sometime in the future they remake marvel vs capcom 2 that would be awesome in the mean time i will be playing tekken and soul calibur

roybatty3831d ago

Have been playing them for years. I'm so happy to see a new high res (ps3 only?) King Of The Fighters XII. Killer! SNK PLAYMORE keeping the 2d alive.

Harry1903831d ago

but soulcalibur does look very much like the
previous version.nonetheless,should still be fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.