Sony Donates to New Orleans Children's Hospital

An article from the New York Post is featuring a story on the softer side of video games. Sony recently donated eight new systems to the Children's Hospital of New Orleans including PS3s, PS2s and PSPs as well as two HDTVs. They also donated a couple of rolling storage systems so the units could easily be transported throughout the hospital. The systems will mainly be utilized in the "Teen Room" which provides a space where young patients can get away from the hospital setting. It also gives them a place to socialize and take their minds off of the pain they experience on a daily basis. Once again we see how video games and the video game industry are having a positive impact our society despite what certain parties would have you believe.

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The Killer3781d ago

they give humans very reliable hardware with the highest of qualities and they are not evil like some other companies we all know about!

FirstknighT3780d ago

I hope your not trying to insinuate that Microsoft doesn't help this world. You do realize that Bill Gates gives out millions and millions of dollars to third world countries, education, disease research, etc...

LastDance3780d ago

Firstknight is a bit of a ***** sometimes but hes right.

Old mate bills does donate.

deeznuts3780d ago

I do applaud Bill Gates philanthropic efforts. I would like to bring up how it came about though. He started his charity work after much criticism. I won't stand here and declare charity work must be done this way or that way, but he was criticized in the public for not doing enough for charity now. He had a grand plan to give away all his money when he retired, just leaving like $10M each for his kids. The public said, this isn't good enough. Why be so lazy about it and wait until the end, he's the richest guy in the world, he needs to be doing something now.

So it's good that he is doing something. It's great. But don't think he is doing it out of the kindness of his heart 100%, he bowed under public pressure a bit. But he's so driven, what does one expect, it's work work work with him.

The Killer3780d ago

but MS is the devil!!
its funny because he made microsoft!
but my country is very poor so why he is not helping us? maybe because he cant help the whole world, why to which countries he helped? i really hope it was not israel! but any way he is good person at least that how he appears from the outside! who knows how he is from the inside! maybe he was doing this donations to get more popular and more people get sympathy towards him and support MS!!! u know he is clever so its a clever decision it make a good image of him self because it will reflect that on his company that he charges Sooooooooo much for his OS even after 7 years of its release!! all am saying that u never can be certain about a person who make donation and the next day u see it on CNN and all the news in the world!!

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Archaeox3781d ago

Is anybody seeing something here?

[email protected] to help cure cancer...scientists using the cell donating to onto you sony...

but good job!

Surfman3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Way to go Sony. Even if big companies wants money and money an money, its always cool to see that kind of things. It proofs that "some" companies have a heart.

Asurastrike3781d ago

I want to see some anti Sony comments HERE! :)

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